Random Friday Facts

Friday, January 6, 2012

1. We still have our Christmas Tree up. Were soooo on top of things…I know.

2. In the morning, my dog and cat follow me into the bathroom and just sit there. It's very weird.

3. I love running at night but rarely do it.

4. I just figured out how to put a reply button on my comment section. Boomshakalaka! Replies for all!

5. I cooked Kale for the first time this week and it was awesome.

6. I cooked quinoa for the first time this week too. Also awesome. You can put it in/on anything.

7. A friend randomly started asking me questions about sociopaths last night. Made me a little nervous…

8. I haven't been able to run outside this week because of a lingering throat, cough, chest thing. I'm afraid to make it worse or irritate it any further. So I've been logging all of my miles inside. Boring!

9. I've had a small pox vaccine (back when I was in the Coast Guard). I named the scar Paco.

10. I plan to start a garden this spring, to try to grow veggies and herbs.

11. I have no idea how to even go about starting said garden.

12. A few days ago I received a text with the best autocorrect ever. I asked a coworker to text me when payroll would be finished for this week. This was what I got:

"Your sex check won't be here until tomorrow. The office was closed yesterday"

Haha. Classic. I worked for every penny of that sex check.

13. I don't really like going to the movies.

14. I have no problem getting rid of things.

15. I never check voicemails. You're better off texting me.

16. I also hate talking on the phone. You're better off texting me.

17. Yesterday one of the kids I work with said "I'm so proud of you. You got dressed today". Gotta love teenagers.

18. I like things with little skulls on them. Makes me feel just a little bit cooler.

Pajama pants!

Btw, if anyone has any info on arm warmers with skulls on them…please send it my way!!! I cannot find the Sugoi skull arm warmers in anything other than a large!!!

19. I should be doing the Miami to Key West Ragnar today, but when I committed all of my money and my first born registered for Ironman, I had to take it off the schedule.

20. I wear Toms shoes pretty much every day.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

And feel free to send a random fact about you!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Your sex check is in the mail!

  3. my dog also watches me pee in the morning.

    my favorite way to eat quinoa is at oatmeal in the morning with a little bit of milk, peanut butter, honey and a banana. mmmm.

  4. #12: be prepared for a LOT of page hits from weirdo's looking for sex checks!

  5. @Lauren
    OMG! That sounds awesome!!!!! I want to eat that!!!!!

    Our animals are peeping toms.

  6. @Jon
    All part of my plan. Muahahahahahah.

  7. Um so we still have our tree up too, lol! Looks like 2012 is going to be a great year for you!

  8. I love running at night! But I never do it. I'm mostly afraid of murderers lurking in the bushes waiting for runners.

  9. @Rena
    Yea, that's my main concern too. Haha.



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