We Are Here…14 Weeks

Thursday, March 21, 2013
Hello Thursday! Another week on the books!

Anyone else have chocolate milk for breakfast? That stuff is totally running my life.

I've had a really good week of training so far.

Sunday I banged out a 4 mile run in the morning, then took Harper for another 2 miles afterwards. Harper can't quite hang for the whole thing. Being only 5 months old, her attention span is only about 2 miles…on a good day.

On Monday Coach Aubrey came down to visit. We hit the Y for a swim session.

Holy crap!

She said she was just being a good coach, but I'm pretty sure she was trying to kill me. We did a bangin swim workout, which totally got me all fired up. I thought my arms were going to fall off. 
I've been dragging ass in the pool lately, and having a really tough time getting back into swim shape.
The workouts I have been designing are boring and monotonous. Aubrey kicked my butt into gear and it hurt so bad…but felt so good. I miss her weekly ass kickings.

After swimming, these two rockin ladies went to lunch.

Yes, this is a picture from last summer. I was too busy shivering after we got out of the pool to take one Monday.

During lunch we talked about all the things we have in common. Such as…we both have brown hair, we both love swimming, biking and running, we both prefer stretchy pants to regular pants, we both love crepes….oh yea…and that were both pregnant and due the exact same day! What are the odds!

Tuesday and Wednesday I banged out 2 more morning runs…and all was well in the world.

Now on to the weekly check in…

14 weeks and 5 days


Like I was babbling about before…training is fantastic this week. I'm feeling great and following my schedule nicely. I haven't been timing my runs lately because I can feel that I'm running slower than usual. If I start timing them, I'll get all pace crazy, which is not something I need when I'm working out two cardiovascular systems at a time.


I am hungry. Luckily I've maintained a healthy diet for most of my adult life, so nutritious foods are something I really love. No, I haven't totally kicked the grains, like I wanted.
I made some homemade tortillas on Sunday night, which were extremely delicious. And yesterday I smeared some jalapeno hummus on a plain flatbread, and topped it with spinach and red peppers. They were both delicious and I don't even feel bad about it.

Since becoming pregnant I do want treats more often than I did prior. Prior to getting pregnant, the thought of sweets made me want to die. I just didn't like them. Now I let myself have a little sweet deliciousness every now and again.


Daily my clothes are getting tighter and tighter…yet I'm not fitting into the maternity tanks I bought. Now that I'm back into a normal training routine, and because my poking belly is taking a little bit of a shape, the self conscious feeling that I had been battling with, is dwindling away.

Things I'm looking forward to:

Getting past this awkward stage where nothing fits. Also, getting back into swim shape.

Pounds Gained: Still 6

Cravings: All the milk.

Aversions: Still fish

Things I need to get off my chest: I ate a smore on Monday morning before my workout. And a cupcake my sister made on Tuesday morning.

Symptoms: The peeing is killing me. When you are pregnant you pee often because of the pressure your uterus puts on your bladder, but also because of one of the pregnancy hormones. I get up about 6 times a night. And during runs…after about 3 miles I have to take a bathroom break. It's maddening. I can't imagine how much worse this is going to get.

Feelings on delivery: I don't have any yet.

Things I'm excited about: Aubrey and I being two pregnant ladies racing together.

Things I'm nervous about: I keep waking up on my stomach. I don't think you're supposed to do that after the first trimester.

Happy Thursday Everyone.

Random Friday Facts

Friday, March 15, 2013
1. I can't get into audio books. I listened to part of one, once, on a 17 mile run. Since then I just can't bring myself to listen to them.

2. I've been daydreaming about the beach. Last summer I was in the peak of IM training, so any time I wasn't at work, I was sleeping or training. I didn't go to the beach once.

3. I've been plowing through Horizons Organic Strawberry Milk, at an incredible rate.

4. My new show is Pitbulls and Parolee's.

5. I feel like I've been complaining a lot about being tired lately. I'm going to try to make a point not to do that anymore.

6. My favorite type of sushi is the spicy tuna hand roll.

7. I'm bummed Google reader is going away in July.

8. I'm not afraid of spiders, heights, mice, bugs....anything like that.

9. I am afraid of humans lurking in the dark.

10. When I was a kid I had pet worms. I kept them in a cup in my room.

11. I know what you're thinking...but worms actually make good pets. They're low maintenance.

12. I don't like Chinese food.

13. I went to the mall on a Friday night, for the first time in years, last Friday. It was frightening.

14. I got my first job at 15 and have been working ever since.

15. I don't collect anything.

16. Some kids keep stealing garden lantern things from houses on our street, including ours. I've been researching some pranks to play on those little punks. (If you have any ideas...send them over! The more creative, the better)

17. Whenever I'm folding laundry and I come across a fitted sheet...for a split second I think about how I could go about folding it neatly.
Ultimately I always come to the conclusion "Ain't nobody got time for that shit".

18. Getting back into shape in the pool is very similar to getting back into running shape. It sucks.

19. I need new running shoes...and new compression socks...but I also needed surprise new brakes on my car last week.

20. And now I have to go, because I'm being summoned to play "Just Dance Hip Hop" with the teenagers I work with.

Happy Friday!!!

We Are Here

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Good morning everyone! I've decided to make Thursday my "weekly check in" day, to give you guys a run down of what's going on with me and this gestating human.

Here is how things were  looking at 13 weeks, 4 days (yesterday)…

It may not look like a huge change to the untrained eye. But it's a big one for me. I wish I had taken pictures from the previous weeks, but I didn't feel like much was going on.
For a frame of reference….you can see my hip bone on the lower side of my pelvis there. Normally (when not pregnant), my hip bones stick out further than my stomach and my giant rib cage sticks out further than my stomach. Basically everything is just sort of pushing it's way outward right now.

Here's a picture from a race a few months ago. It's a front pic, but you can get a little bit of an idea of the changes that are going on in my midsection.

Training -

This week I'm mostly on track. I did miss Tuesday morning's run. I must have gotten up 7 times Monday night, to use the bathroom, so I was exhausted Tuesday morning. I didn't wake up until 7:30am, which gave me enough time just to get ready and get to work. All was not lost though. It was only a 3 mile run, so I just tacked it onto Wednesdays workout. So Wednesday I did my swim and followed it up with the run.

Food -

If you remember…PJ and I did Paleo for a month. One of the big reasons we stopped was because at the end of that month nausea hit me hard. There were days where I couldn't stomach anything but plain crackers and lemon water. Additionally, I was having aversions to almost all meat and fish…and eggs. It got very difficult to maintain. So we eased up for a while.

This past week we've moved our way back into eating "Primal". Primal is basically the same premise as Paleo - natural foods, no grains, nothing processed. The big difference is dairy. My body has been craving dairy more than anything else. It's interesting because I'm actually lactose intolerant.
No, I'm not bathing in queso dip and pasteurized processed cheese food. I've been sticking to organic nonfat milk and a variety of cheeses.

The Hard Stuff - 

Aside from the physical discomfort of weeks 5 - 10, the hardest part for me has actually was the initial changes in my body.

As an athlete, I'm very particular about what I put into my body and how it affects my body, to keep it performing at it's best. I'm also very particular about maintaining muscle, fitness and keeping it healthy. And since were being honest here, I am particular about how it looks.
Since becoming pregnant it feels like things are changing daily. My boobs, which didn't exist as of 14 weeks ago, are big, and my tummy sticks out more.

I also have tons of pregnancy hormones pumping through my body, so I can never tell if what I am feeling is a legitimate feeling or if it is crazy emotions.

When you get pregnant, for the first trimester, you somehow gain weight only in your lower belly area. So it basically looks like you have a beer gut, for a good 6 weeks. You aren't quite large enough for maternity clothes, and normal clothes don't fit so well anymore.

Just as I was getting used to the "Is she getting fatter, or is she pregnant" looks, this past week my belly has started to take more of a shape. I know it's not "the baby" yet, since it's still so small. It's more my guts moving outward and shifting around to accommodate my growing uterus. But, the change has really made me feel much more comfortable.

Rather than suffering through the growing, like I was a few weeks ago…I'm starting to like it.

Things I'm Looking Forward to: 

Racing pregnant. I think it's going to be great to peel off my wetsuit in transition, to have a giant belly looking back at me. And toeing the start line with an additional racer in there.

I'm also really looking forward to proving people wrong (one of my favorite past times). I'm getting some flack here and there about my level of activity and being pregnant. My favorite are the looks of disapproval and comments "Just how far in to your pregnancy do you think you will be able to exercise? Trust me, not far" "You know, you're going to hurt the baby by shaking it around like that".

Yes, I've had to slow it down a bit, which I was happy to do. I listen to my body and give it what it needs. Guess what it needs to exercise.

I'm pregnant, not sick, people!

My doctor and midwife both approved all of my races, and my level of activity. They both said it's important for me to keep up my previous level of training, for myself and the baby.

Speaking of…it's time for me to head out for a run.

Have a great day everyone!

How far along: 13 weeks and 5 days

Pounds gained: 6

Cravings: All of the dairy! Chocolate milk, strawberry milk, regular milk, cottage cheese, oranges

Aversions: Fish

Symptoms: I'm not needing naps anymore. But I am ready for bed by 8:30pm. Also, my emotions are getting a little out of hand. I cried watching Pit Bulls and Parolees the other day. 

Gender: I still feel like it's a boy. I also feel like if it's a boy, he will be gigantic. 

Fascinating Fact: I recently found out that your rib cage get's bigger when you are pregnant. It grows to accommodate the movement of all of your other organs. No wonder I've started looking like I was shoved into a sausage casing, in my normal sports bras.

Asparagus and Training Plans

Monday, March 11, 2013
I kind of feel bad for asparagus. It get's such a bad rep. 

I made a salad bar for dinner last night with spinach, kale, sauteed asparagus, eggs, avocado, tomato's, fresh corn, feta and cheddar. 

My favorite part…the asparagus. PJ's favorite part…not the asparagus. 

He swears that even one piece of asparagus makes his pee smell. I've heard people say this before, but I've never experienced it. I could eat asparagus every day. I never notice any change in the odor of me pee. 

I read that it depends on how your body metabolizes the sulfuric compounds in the asparagus, on how it affects the aroma of your urine. I also read that some people just can't smell the change. 

I have a supersonic nose, so I'm going to go ahead and claim that I'm smelly pee free. 

Now that we've cleared that up.

I started today with some eggs and kale.

I've been out of sorts with eggs for about 6 weeks, due to the human I'm growing. Today I hard boiled a bunch for PJ and suddenly wanted to eat one. So I ate four. 

While I ate, Boston and Harper had silent play time….my favorite kind.

This video is very anticlimactic…but it's still cute puppies playing. 


I ended up revamping my very boring training plan. The half marathon I'm looking to run is 12 weeks out, so I researched some half marathon training plans. Then I added in 2 - 3 swims per week, depending on the week, and one day of cycling. This has me training 6 days per week, with 1 rest day, to start. 

This is a whole other topic for another day, but I'm not going to be on my bike for any races this year, which is why I only have one training day on the bike. In short, the reason I'm not participating in the bike legs, is because of the risk of falling. I had 3 falls/crashes during training last season, and obviously none of them were intentional. Crashing while pregnant could potentially be very bad. This season all of my bike training is indoor, on the trainer. 

Speaking of training plans. I always find it interesting when people don't have training plans for their races. I'm such a structure/plan person, that schedules make me comfortable and happy. I like having my plan mapped out, being able to track my progress on paper, and knowing what's coming next. I've learned that in training and racing, there are a lot of aspects that you can't predict…so I like having some control on the things that I can. 

PJ on the other hand, doesn't do training plans. He runs when he feels like it, as far as he feels like. And he performs in his races. 

I can definitely appreciate that approach, when you aren't racing. I just can't wrap my head around it while training for your season. It makes me feel itchy.

I'm headed to the pool. Happy Monday. 

What about you? Do you like training plans? Or do you prefer to fly by the seat of your pants?

How about asparagus? Does it make your pee smell? Or are you smell free?

Time to Come Clean

Monday, March 4, 2013
Alright…it's time to come clean. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but things have been a little weird around here...

A month ago I mentioned wanting to run the Savin Rock Half Marathon in March, but not having enough time to get into half marathon shape.  Since when does extra hard work stop me from doing a race?

Lately in my posts I've talked about how I'm longing for Ironman training and how I feel like everything else just feels boring and short.  You've probably been saying... Well why dont' you stop whining about it and do another Ironman, Tami.

I've been talking about this "fluid" race schedule.  What does that even mean?

I also mentioned how I wasn't feeling that great for a few weeks, and I was having trouble getting started on my new training plan.  Mmmhhhmmmm.

And yesterday I mentioned how I have all of these "needs" which I am working on developing my schedule around.

There is a reason for all of this weirdness….

Surprise! My body has been busy making a human.

I've been dying to tell everyone, but we wanted to wait until we were clear of the first trimester. I'm at the beginning of my 13th week, and this mini triathlete is due September 15th.

For about 5 weeks, right in the middle of which I had planned to start this seasons training plan, I was in bad shape. I was sleeping most of the time (12 hours a night + naps)  and the nausea I had was awful and ever lasting. I felt like I had a 5 week hangover from hell. I have a very high tolerance for discomfort, but this was like no energy suck I've ever felt before! My workouts took a hit during that time, and I felt absolutely nothing like myself…which is why I had such a hard time hitting my numbers and getting my training in.

Then once I hit week 10, I bounced back with a vengeance. I started to feel great and ready to work hard. My nausea was gone and my energy returned.

Today we had a genetic screening, everything is looking great.

It was pretty cool to see the baby moving around. At one point it looked like he/she was running in place. You know what that means…

As far as training goes…everything I said about feeling the fire, double sessions, race shopping and being excited…it's all true. I do have a number of races on the books for this season. I plan to race through my second trimester. I'll be doing a few running races (5k's, a 10k, and one half marathon) and a few multi sport races (1 triathlon, 1 duathlon, and 1 biathlon). Of coarse I'm keeping my options "open" just in case I have to change something around.

My blog won't become totally about pregnancy. Obviously since I'm pregnant, yes I'll talk about it more than I would if I wasn't pregnant. But, I'm still a training machine and I'll still be talking about workouts, racing and all the fun that comes with it.

How far along: 13th week

Pounds gained: 6

Cravings: Cheese, Green and Red Peppers, Fresh Juice, Oranges, Cottage Cheese

Aversions: Eggs, Fish

Symptoms: Neeeeed sleeeeep

Gender: I feel like it's a boy

Enjoy your Monday runs everyone!!!
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