We Are Here…19 Weeks

Thursday, April 25, 2013
Another week gone…which means time for the weekly check in. These weekly posts go by so fast. I still can't believe were about halfway there!

19 Weeks, 5 Days


I've been having a really good food week. I have been successful in cutting wheat products/gluten out completely and I feel pretty great! I haven't had any bloating discomfort at all! Kinda feels like the Paleo days.
I've also started eating eggs, other than hard boiled, again. Actually, to be honest…I've had a spinach and feta omelet, every single morning for the past 5 days. I'll probably have one tomorrow morning too. And every day for the rest of my life. Jk. Not really.


I'm so proud of myself because I've gotten 2 strength training session in this week, in addition to my runs. And I have one more scheduled for tomorrow! Not bad for someone who loathes strength training. I've also started squeezing numerous sets of a variation of push ups in, throughout the day.
Last year, any time I was watching tv, I would do different durations of planks during commercials. Now I've changed it up, and every time I go to the bathroom…which let's face it…is about 17 times a day, I do a set of 10 push ups up against the sink. Eventually I'll alternate between push ups and triceps dips, but right now I'm just doing push ups. It might sound silly, but if I'm peeing 17 times a day…thats 170 push ups I'm doing. Pregnancy will not get the best of these arms!

I'm not feeling any balance issues yet, with my growing belly. I still feel pretty centered while I run, and relatively quick. We will see for sure on May 11th…my next race. Speaking of…I've already almost grown out of the shirt I wore during my last race…so it's back to the drawing board.


I may have had a mini breakdown on Monday, about my changing body. Like I said last week, overall I am starting to feel that "beautiful and pregnant" feeling women always talk about.
Then there are those other days where I can't connect with this new body, and I feel overwhelmed with negative feelings. It's also tough on those days, when people unintentionally say things that are on the insensitive side, about your body.
Monday I happened to be feeling particularly not positive, and was dealing with one of those "things" someone had said to me. When my sister asked me an innocent question about finding a dress for my dad's wedding, I totally broke down…like a crazy person.

There was that…then yesterday I felt pregnant and proud again! Gotta love those hormones.

The one part of my body I can say that I'm totally uncomfortable with all the time, is my boobs. Blah. I miss my flat chest from before! I can't wait to get rid of these beasts. They make me feel all voluptuous and breast-y. I preferred having the figure of a Salvadorian boy.

Pounds Gained: Still no idea. I'll find out on Monday, at my appointment.

Cravings: Spinach and Feta Omelets, Lemonade, Oranges, Yogurt, Coffee (I've been drinking decaf)

Aversions: Fish, Broccoli, The smell of fried foods

Symptoms: Headaches OMG!!!!, Acid reflux, Heartburn

Gender Feelings: No idea! Can't wait until Monday to find out!!!

Names: Yes we have names. We will reveal it when we find out the gender and make our final decision.

Number of strangers to rub my stomach and "bless" it: 1

Things I'm looking forward to: Monday's appointment, May's races, and actual warm weather!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!

We Are Here…18 Weeks

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Another week down and the baby is getting it's grow on!

18 weeks, 5 days


I'm finally off the chocolate milk kick. It just stopped! I'm still all about some regular milk, but the desperation for chocolate milk has ceased. I've taken a turn back towards Primal eating. Now that I've settled  into the second trimester, I'm not craving wheat products as much as I was previously, which makes it easier. But when I do…I make something like I did last night…Almond Flour Crust Pizza!

Totally wheat free…and delicious!!!! 


Aw yea! I had a great weekend racing in Brian's Beachside Boogie!!! I was very pleased with how it went. Yes, I was slower than normal, but I was much faster than I anticipated at almost 5 months pregnant!!! On top of that…I had a blast! I loved being out there with our little one on board! It felt like I had a little companion through the race. The fact that I felt so good while I was out there was very reassuring, as well. I felt like the baby was radiating a huge smile…and planning his/her first race. 

I did realize one huge difference in racing this year. The pregnant body does not recover like the non pregnant body! A race that I would normally have recovered from later that day, took me 2 days to bounce back from. 
My legs felt great. It was my mid section that needed recovery time. My muscles under my uterus were sore, my back hurt, and my hips were hurting. I worked on Monday, and tried to run across the first floor to answer an endless ringing phone, and the discomfort caused me to yelp. 

I took 2 days to fully rest and finally got back out there yesterday. I did an easy 3 miler, and I felt great again! 

My next race is May 11th. It's another duathlon, where I'm doing the runs. They are the same distance, so I'm basically going to continue on my same running schedule, but I'm going to add in some more strength training. I'll also be getting in a weekly interval run, to help maintain as much speed as possible. Which…I'm not even sure what to expect with that…now that my belly is growing steadily. 


I've started to feel uncomfortable sleeping in certain ways. Laying on my back for too long makes my lower back hurt and my legs cramp. Laying on my stomach is out of the question. It makes me queasy. 

I've finally gotten through the breaking out stage!!! I am infinitely happy about that. I don't think I've ever broken out that much before. My skin was over producing oil and felt very gross. 

I'm starting to feel pregnant lady beautiful. My belly has become more conspicuous and I'm filling out my maternity clothes. I find myself rubbing it and touching it more, without meaning to. I feel like a new version of myself. I'm still a crazy-girl athlete, that loves to push myself further than I even think is possible. But I'm also housing this little human, taking him/her on my adventures with me. Caring for him/her, and preparing him/her to take on the world!

Pounds Gained: My scale broke. I have no idea. Well, either it broke, or I lost 20 pounds in the past week. I'll get weighed again at the doctor on the 29th. 

Cravings: Cottage cheese, oranges, tea, yogurt, chicken wings…omg!

Aversions: Broccoli, soups, any hot liquid foods.

Symptoms: Discomfort in certain positions. For example when I slouch on the sofa, I get a crampy, uncomfortable feeling on the right side. 

Feelings on Delivery: Natural, no drugs

Baby Class: We haven't taken a class…but I'm considering it. I at least need to learn how to do that burrito wrap. 

Seriously though. I was watching an episode of Pregnant in Heels and she was asking the couple a series of baby questions…like how old does your baby have to be for tummy time, how hot can the bath water be, can you give a bath to a baby with their umbilical cord still attached?

I didn't know any of the answers…so that's peaked an interest in a class. Or at least a book. 

Gender feelings: Now that were getting close to finding out…my signals are getting crossed. I'm not sure anymore. Ugh!!! The anticipation!!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Adventures in Pregnant Racing

Monday, April 15, 2013
I had my first pregnant race of the season, on Sunday. It was a sprint Duathlon, at Hammonasset Beach in Connecticut…2 mile run/10 mile bike/2 mile run.

I teamed up with a friend of mine to do it as a relay, another first for me. I don't want to chance having a bike crash, while carrying a mini human, so I'm not doing any of the bike legs, in races this year.

It was a small field of 88 racers, and a lot of people seemed know each other, which was a fun feeling. Since it was my first year, I didn't think I'd know anyone. As I stood there gearing up with my sister, Pj and team mate Alfredo, a few of the people from the bike shop where I picked up my packet, came by to chat. That felt incredibly welcoming!

Pre race felt exactly like a normal race…I was nervous and excited, with a slight sick feeling in my stomach. I wasn't expecting that. In thinking about racing pregnant, one thing I was really looking forward to was not feeling any of the pressure to perform, that I usually feel before a race. I thought I'd just feel satisfied with myself, for making it to the start line, with an extra person in tow.
Turns out competitiveness, doesn't cease.

On the other hand, I had made peace with the fact that there was a chance I may be bringing it up the rear, happily seated in last place.

The whole group took off into the brisk, windy, beach air. I set a comfortable pace, which did feel faster than I thought I would. Then we hit the grass portion of the run. Ugh! I didn't train on grass at all! I felt myself slowing, which was disappointing. I tried to keep pace, and surprisingly, I was passing people left and right. I felt good, the baby felt good, and I didn't feel that I was straining to keep pace.

I have to admit, passing people wearing a shirt that said "Baby on Board" was extra satisfying.

I came in from the first run, still on a full tank. For as good as I felt, I was hoping/predicting that my pregnant ass ran somewhere between a 16 - 18 minute total first leg. I clocked in at 15:20. What. Up.

In my training runs (which I do alone), I've felt so slow, so seeing that I kept a 7:40 pace for the first run, I was so pumped!!!

Alfredo headed out on the bike, and I hung out with PJ and my sister. It was so cold, and I was worried that my muscles were going to tighten up.

Alfredo described the course as a combination of gravel, dirt and sand. He came in right around 45 minutes…which was fantastic for his very first race ever!!!

I headed out on the second run, which was the same 2 mile loop. Again, I felt good. It did take me a few minutes to warm up, because I had been standing in the cold for 45 minutes.

I didn't have a watch on, so I had no idea what I was pacing. I was having a blast though. The spectators were really fun. They were all through the course, cheering and bouncing around. I love cheering back at spectators. It's kind of like my way of saying thanks for the support!

I felt a lot of energy during the second run. The grass was still a pain in the butt, but I should have trained for it…so it was my own fault!

Still, I swear I must have been smiling the whole time. I was happily stuck in that moment of every race, where you feel the familiar feeling of exhilarating freedom, that is screaming..."This is why I do this!"

It's addicting. Hell, it might be love.

I came in from the second run at 15:50, feeling excited and giddy, because I had just rocked  my first pregnant lady race.

I know my pace won't always be speedy during pregnancy, but while it is, I'm going to feel pretty darn good about it! Especially because at almost 5 months pregnant, I brought in the 24th fastest run time out everyone. Yay hulk baby!

After the race, Team Brown Town, spent the necessary time trying to get the perfect team picture…

We are oh so photogenic!

Congrats to Alfredo for kicking butt in his first ever race! And a shout out to hulk baby for pushing me through the miles!

Ps. Hulk baby, if you are a girl…I apologize for the unfortunate nick name…but you seriously rock!

We Are Here…17 Weeks

Thursday, April 11, 2013
This week I've been working on something exciting. I have been busy trying to get a running group chapter for MRTT, that I am starting in Milford, off the ground. It is still in the beginning stages, so I won't be going totally public yet. I want to iron out some details first.

I am really excited to get this started though!

On the baby front, things are going great.

17 weeks, 5 days


Nothing has really changed with the food. I'm consistently eating a normal amount of food. Like last week, the only time it ramps up, is after a workout. It comes on fast and angry.

I did start supplementing my diet with fresh juice this week. Before I was pregnant I would have a juice in place of a small meal (I eat like 5 - 6 small meals a day), to keep calories down while getting a super dose of vitamins and minerals. Now, I have juice as one of my afternoon snacks, rather than in place of a small meal. The baby needs it's meals.


Running while pregnant is hard! Every run is a challenge. But, some are more challenging than others. If you are a glutton for punishment, like me, you may like the challenge. But man, sometimes it suuuuckkkkssss.

Well...I had two of the worst runs I've ever had in my life, this past week.
During my Sunday and Monday runs I felt uncomfortable, tired, extremely slow, sucked of energy and my hips were killing me afterwards.

I listened to my body, and spent both afternoons and evenings after my runs, full on resting. I thought my body was trying to send me a heartbreaking message. I started to get worried that maybe my body was turning the "stop working out so much" corner that I hear so much about, but my stubborn ass doesn't believe will exist for me. Denial is a very powerful thing.

After all of that, I woke up Tuesday and my bump had doubled in size!

I took Tuesday as a rest day, and Wednesday I was feeling normal again. So I headed out on an easy 3 miler, a little nervous about how it would feel. I didn't want to have to turn around and hobble home, mid-run. To my surprise, I felt fantastic! I felt strong and fast
Well, fast for someone working for 2 people. Either way…I felt much better.

I think Sunday and Monday, my body was telling me to chill out, so this baby could do some growing.


My normal clothes no longer fit.
Which means, my wardrobe has significantly decreased. For a while, my closet was very decieving. It was full of my all of my favorite stuff. Every time I looked in, it would feel like I had so many options…when the truth of the matter was…I had like 3 options. I ended up packing up all stuff I could no longer wear, and put it away in the basement.

I have good days and bad days dealing with the changes in my body. Some days I feel beautiful and super awesome…because I'm growing a human…and that's pretty bad ass. Other days I feel fat and out of sorts, because each day I grow out of something else.

Pounds Gained: 6 lbs

Cravings: Chocolate milk, peanut butter and banana together, oranges, hummus, feta

Aversions: Eggs, all seafood, broccoli

Symptoms: Still breaking out. Blah!

Feelings on Delivery: Natural birth, no drugs

Gender: I still feel like it's a boy. But we will find out for sure on April 29th!

Things I'm excited about: This weekend is my first pregnant race! I'm doing the run portions of a duathlon, with a friend of mine. I'll run, he will bike, and I'll run again. This is going to be a whole different experience than any of the racing I've ever done.

Have a great Thursday!

Weekend Recap

Monday, April 8, 2013
Good morning. It's going to be an AWESOME Monday over here…mostly because the weather is calling for 66 degrees and sunny!

This weekend started out scary, but ended in a more calm place…with zombies.

Friday Harper went back to the Animal Hospital for the entire day. She was worse than she was on Thursday. She still didn't have control over her bodily functions, and she was laying on the floor, not doing anything. She hadn't eaten or drank anything in days.

Thursday they discovered the intestinal parasite giardia. When she didn't make any progress overnight, they recommitted her for some more tests.

Friday they discovered that she also had an intestinal block from some pieces of toys she ate. Her colon and intestines were swollen like balloons. The x-rays looked crazy. The vet went in to help relieve some of the pressure. They were able to get her to a place where they could release her to us.

Friday night Harper was still not doing well, and she needed constant care. We were feeding her water through a straw. It was so sad. At that point we were staring down the barrel of surgery.

Saturday morning she still wasn't looking very good…so we went back to the Animal Hospital, to see our Vet.

She spent a half day there getting fluids and having pressure released.

Finally yesterday she started eating and drinking on her own, and she is starting to act more like herself. The doctor said we aren't totally out of the woods yet…but were getting there.

Boston laid with her the entire time she was down and out. Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Send good vibes to Ms. Harper!!!

Since I spent most of the weekend caring for a 50 pound baby, I didn't get out much. I did head out on a 6 mile run yesterday, which was absolute crap. I've had plenty of bad runs in my life…but for some reason bad runs now are so much crappier.

Yesterday, something must have been going on inside my abdomen.

My 6 mile run, felt like 12. I was so slow it made me want to scream. After the run, my hips were so uncomfortable that walking up the stairs was tough. My hips are due to begin expanding soon, so since this hip pain was out of the blue, I'm thinking yesterday they may have been experiencing some movement.

You know, since I'm a doctor and all.

The remainder of the evening I was ridiculously uncomfortable. It just felt like something was happening... and I couldnt' sit in a comfortable position. My entire abdomen was achy and sore. My friend made a joke that the baby was ripping through my abdominal muscles. I laughed... but then the more I thought about it…I think she was right.

Crazy hulk baby.

At least we had 5 episodes of Walking Dead to catch up on…so energy exertion was minimal.

Michonne is so cool. She makes me want a sword.

Well, My hips and midsection feel much better today, so I'm heading back out to redo yesterdays run. With a sword. Wish me luck!

Happy Monday.

Random Friday Facts

Friday, April 5, 2013
1. There was a severed chicken head resting at the bottom of the back porch stairs, at work, a few days ago.

2. Then, I woke up this morning and this was at the bottom of the same set of stairs:

3. It's a brownie wrapper, perfectly placed, as some sort of voo doo offering...obviously.

4. Yes that picture was taken from inside. There's no way I'm getting involved in this chicken head, brownie black magic curse, thankyouverymuch!

5. I don't like sharing drinks with people. Well, I don't like sharing anything consumable...but especially not drinks. The whole spit on spit thing grosses me out.

6. My milkshake does not bring all the boys to the yard. Although, now that I'm pregnant, people seem to be groping me a lot more. That's pretty much the same thing, right?

7. I don't have a case on my iPhone. I like to live on the edge.

8. I wish I had joined a swim team as a kid. 

9. All canned vegetables should be destroyed. Gross.

10. I've never finished a game of Monopoly.

11. I'm a sock sleeper. I can't sleep without the comfortable protection of socks.

12. The idea of being responsible for the upbringing of a human get's a little scarier every day. It just seems like there's a lot of room for error there.

13. When I was 3, I was bitten in the face by a maltese. I now have a pet maltese. He doens't bite people in the face.

14. I've been a dog owner for 7 years, and this is the first time any of my dogs have been really sick. It's so emotional and scary, and I'm not one for overreacting. I don't think I've ever worried more about anything.

15. For those of you who asked about Harper...yes she is sick. She contracted a bad case of giardia, which explains the loss of control of her bowels and the uncontrollable vomiting. We don't know how she got it.  She was home last night, but still wouldn't eat or drink. She is on 4 medications, currently. Unfortunately the Vet wants her back in this morning, because she is still in such bad shape.

 Boston is taking care of her.

16. Although I didn't appreciate the Coast Guard, while I was enlisted, I'm fairly certain that my time in, is the only reason I am a functioning adult.

17. I just dropped a sliced tomato in my lap. That sucker slipped right out of my sandwich.

18. I picked it up and ate it.

19. I'm a light sleeper and a speedy reactor. If I hear anything concerning happening at night, I will wake from a dead sleep, be dressed, and ready to act, within seconds. Sometimes I'm dressed and problem solving before I even wake up.

20. If I could have one athletic related wish, it would be free race registrations for one full year!

We Are Here…16 Weeks

Thursday, April 4, 2013
I missed last week's update and it was all my sisters fault. She takes my creepy belly pictures and she was out of town. I tried to have PJ take them, but he just isn't as gifted with the iPhone camera as my sister is. So feel free to blame this situation on her.

I had my 16 week check up on Monday. We heard the heartbeat again, which is always cool. It was fast and strong. There wasn't really anything else to talk about, because I've been feeling so great…and I didn't have any questions…so it basically took like 15 minutes.

The good news is…we find out the gender on April 29th!

Lately things have been going swimmingly. Yes, my body is changing daily in so many different ways…but I'm feeling really good physically and emotionally.

16 Weeks 5 Days


Aside from the residual easter Snickers eggs that somehow keep finding their way into my possession, things have been good on the food front. I've been eating a lot of fruit and drinking so much water. It's hard to tell if I'm any hungrier than I would usually be because I have a speedy metabolism and I eat a lot normally. I can say that after training I'm definitely hungrier than I usually would be.

I've noticed that people are always trying to feed me now. Where were all of these people offering up food everywhere I go, last year when I was a ravenous beast eating us out of house and home???


I'm still on track with training for this season. My body feels great during workouts, but it feels quite different afterwards. I'm carrying a few pounds of extra weight, and I'm noticing the strain on my hips, back and butt muscles. Also, after my log runs, I feel some discomfort/soreness in my lower back and butt area. I've kept in good running shape the past few years, so it's been a while since I've felt "new" soreness. It's usually the same old stuff. So this has been an adjustment.

The constant peeing is killer. It's a good thing I threw all of my modesty out of the window when I started triathlon. I've had to find so many impromptu places to pee the past few months. And honestly, I'm a little too sure that I'll end up peeing my pants before this baby is seasoned.


It doesn't look a great deal different in the pictures, but it feels so much different and looks so much different to me. I'm still adjusting to the stomach and the boobs. It feels like I'm in someone else's voluptuous body sometimes.

I've been getting some crampiness in my very low abdomen. My midwife told me that is my round ligaments stretching out, because over the next few weeks the baby will be doubling in size.

Pounds Gained: 6 lbs. When I was at my appointment Monday, they told me I was up 2 pounds, which puts my total at 6 lbs. I thought last time I was up a total of 6 lbs. This is why I never keep track of my weight. It's too confusing.

Cravings: Milk, Orange juice, Oranges, Tacos

Aversions: Still fish, Shrimp, Ranch, Eggs again

Symptoms: I'm breaking out like a 13 year old. It's awful. And the peeing.

Feelings on Delivery: Lately I'm feeling a natural birth.

Things I'm excited about: Next weeks race! And my new Oiselle non-maternity-maternity running gear arriving! No more judgmental waist banded pants!

Things I'm nervous about: How much longer it'll be before I start to show more. I feel like I keep seeing people who are right around where I am in weeks, but they are showing so much more than me. My midwife said my uterus is measuring the perfect size and I've gained the right amount of weight, so that is all great. But it still makes me wonder.

Well, I have to go take care of a very sick puppy. Harper was sick all night. She was wobbling around and barfing all over the place. It was like the exorcist in here last night. Not for the faint of heart!

Boston was so horrified that he wouldn't even sleep next to her :(

Happy Thursday everyone!

A Super Bummer and the Solution to all of my Problems!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
I have no idea where the last week went. I had 3 posts on deck, and somehow didn't finish any of them. Failure.

Speaking of failures…I had the biggest let down of my life last night. Biggest! Ever!

Of coarse I'm not overreacting!

I was thrilled that my new Zoot's would be on my doorstep when I arrived home from my 13 hour work day, at 11:30pm. When I got home, I pretty much tore the box open with my teeth. I've been wearing 2 year old shoes the past few weeks, because Harper found my current Zoot's to be irresistible.

Anyways, I tore open the package, ready to put on those bad boys and wear them to bed.
Low and behold…I was somehow sent the wrong size AND the wrong color.

Womp womp.

Nothing makes you want to scream at a kitten, more than the wrong running shoes.

All is not lost. I sent those misfits back, and drove over to the tri store a few towns away, on a mission for some fantastic running shoes.

I left with these beauty's….

Newton Motion 2013

The guy at Tri and Cycle was really knowledgeable and helpful. I've never owned Newtons before, although I've been curious about them for a while. They normally run $175, which is why I was only curious before and never pulled the trigger. But today they were 40% off…which mean's they were 105! Winner!!!

 I really like the way they feel and their functionality. In the short, they are designed to eliminate heel striking and promote a more natural foot position. I even took them for a spin on the treadmill in the store, before buying.

More on the shoe review another time…

Today I have a brick scheduled for my workout. 1700 yd swim followed by a 2 mile run. And a bunch of cleaning, paying bills, and cooking of food to do. Very glamorous.

On another note…all of my workout clothes are getting very small in the waist area... which is annoying because they fit everywhere else. When I tried to switch to maternity leggings, they fit in the waist but are gigantic in the legs. My legs aren't pregnant…so I'm not really sure how to fill that excess area. Too bad I can't shift some of this new boob situation down into there.

I actually recently found some super genius marketing, online, when looking for some maternity running gear.

Which, for the record... good quality maternity training gear is nearly impossible to find. They have stuff you can wear to workout, but it's not the good stuff.

Everything is cheaply made, cotton or fake moisture wicking material, and is ridiculously expensive. I can justify paying 60 bucks for a good quality pair of running shorts that I'm going to wear for 3 years…but paying 50 dollars for a cheap cotton (yuck!) tank top that says something catchy about running with a baby, which I'll only wear for about 5 months, is insane.

Anyway…the genius marketing I found, which I think may change my life!!!

Osielle, I think you did it! I was scouring the internet last Friday and I found this:

This is only a small portion of the post…you can see the rest here:

Oiselle advertised on their blog, runner Lauren Fleshman, super pregnant, rocking their gear! I almost died of happiness. The things Lauren Fleshman chose as her "go to" running gear are all from their normal line of clothes. The difference is that they are the longer tanks/shirts, stretchy material and the wider waist banded bottoms.

And the best part is…they're all good quality and made for runners!

I ordered a pair of shorts and 2 tops, to give them a whirl. They should arrive in the next 2 days or so, and I'll let you know how it goes.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!!
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