We Are Here…16 Weeks

Thursday, April 4, 2013
I missed last week's update and it was all my sisters fault. She takes my creepy belly pictures and she was out of town. I tried to have PJ take them, but he just isn't as gifted with the iPhone camera as my sister is. So feel free to blame this situation on her.

I had my 16 week check up on Monday. We heard the heartbeat again, which is always cool. It was fast and strong. There wasn't really anything else to talk about, because I've been feeling so great…and I didn't have any questions…so it basically took like 15 minutes.

The good news is…we find out the gender on April 29th!

Lately things have been going swimmingly. Yes, my body is changing daily in so many different ways…but I'm feeling really good physically and emotionally.

16 Weeks 5 Days


Aside from the residual easter Snickers eggs that somehow keep finding their way into my possession, things have been good on the food front. I've been eating a lot of fruit and drinking so much water. It's hard to tell if I'm any hungrier than I would usually be because I have a speedy metabolism and I eat a lot normally. I can say that after training I'm definitely hungrier than I usually would be.

I've noticed that people are always trying to feed me now. Where were all of these people offering up food everywhere I go, last year when I was a ravenous beast eating us out of house and home???


I'm still on track with training for this season. My body feels great during workouts, but it feels quite different afterwards. I'm carrying a few pounds of extra weight, and I'm noticing the strain on my hips, back and butt muscles. Also, after my log runs, I feel some discomfort/soreness in my lower back and butt area. I've kept in good running shape the past few years, so it's been a while since I've felt "new" soreness. It's usually the same old stuff. So this has been an adjustment.

The constant peeing is killer. It's a good thing I threw all of my modesty out of the window when I started triathlon. I've had to find so many impromptu places to pee the past few months. And honestly, I'm a little too sure that I'll end up peeing my pants before this baby is seasoned.


It doesn't look a great deal different in the pictures, but it feels so much different and looks so much different to me. I'm still adjusting to the stomach and the boobs. It feels like I'm in someone else's voluptuous body sometimes.

I've been getting some crampiness in my very low abdomen. My midwife told me that is my round ligaments stretching out, because over the next few weeks the baby will be doubling in size.

Pounds Gained: 6 lbs. When I was at my appointment Monday, they told me I was up 2 pounds, which puts my total at 6 lbs. I thought last time I was up a total of 6 lbs. This is why I never keep track of my weight. It's too confusing.

Cravings: Milk, Orange juice, Oranges, Tacos

Aversions: Still fish, Shrimp, Ranch, Eggs again

Symptoms: I'm breaking out like a 13 year old. It's awful. And the peeing.

Feelings on Delivery: Lately I'm feeling a natural birth.

Things I'm excited about: Next weeks race! And my new Oiselle non-maternity-maternity running gear arriving! No more judgmental waist banded pants!

Things I'm nervous about: How much longer it'll be before I start to show more. I feel like I keep seeing people who are right around where I am in weeks, but they are showing so much more than me. My midwife said my uterus is measuring the perfect size and I've gained the right amount of weight, so that is all great. But it still makes me wonder.

Well, I have to go take care of a very sick puppy. Harper was sick all night. She was wobbling around and barfing all over the place. It was like the exorcist in here last night. Not for the faint of heart!

Boston was so horrified that he wouldn't even sleep next to her :(

Happy Thursday everyone!

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