We Are Here…17 Weeks

Thursday, April 11, 2013
This week I've been working on something exciting. I have been busy trying to get a running group chapter for MRTT, that I am starting in Milford, off the ground. It is still in the beginning stages, so I won't be going totally public yet. I want to iron out some details first.

I am really excited to get this started though!

On the baby front, things are going great.

17 weeks, 5 days


Nothing has really changed with the food. I'm consistently eating a normal amount of food. Like last week, the only time it ramps up, is after a workout. It comes on fast and angry.

I did start supplementing my diet with fresh juice this week. Before I was pregnant I would have a juice in place of a small meal (I eat like 5 - 6 small meals a day), to keep calories down while getting a super dose of vitamins and minerals. Now, I have juice as one of my afternoon snacks, rather than in place of a small meal. The baby needs it's meals.


Running while pregnant is hard! Every run is a challenge. But, some are more challenging than others. If you are a glutton for punishment, like me, you may like the challenge. But man, sometimes it suuuuckkkkssss.

Well...I had two of the worst runs I've ever had in my life, this past week.
During my Sunday and Monday runs I felt uncomfortable, tired, extremely slow, sucked of energy and my hips were killing me afterwards.

I listened to my body, and spent both afternoons and evenings after my runs, full on resting. I thought my body was trying to send me a heartbreaking message. I started to get worried that maybe my body was turning the "stop working out so much" corner that I hear so much about, but my stubborn ass doesn't believe will exist for me. Denial is a very powerful thing.

After all of that, I woke up Tuesday and my bump had doubled in size!

I took Tuesday as a rest day, and Wednesday I was feeling normal again. So I headed out on an easy 3 miler, a little nervous about how it would feel. I didn't want to have to turn around and hobble home, mid-run. To my surprise, I felt fantastic! I felt strong and fast
Well, fast for someone working for 2 people. Either way…I felt much better.

I think Sunday and Monday, my body was telling me to chill out, so this baby could do some growing.


My normal clothes no longer fit.
Which means, my wardrobe has significantly decreased. For a while, my closet was very decieving. It was full of my all of my favorite stuff. Every time I looked in, it would feel like I had so many options…when the truth of the matter was…I had like 3 options. I ended up packing up all stuff I could no longer wear, and put it away in the basement.

I have good days and bad days dealing with the changes in my body. Some days I feel beautiful and super awesome…because I'm growing a human…and that's pretty bad ass. Other days I feel fat and out of sorts, because each day I grow out of something else.

Pounds Gained: 6 lbs

Cravings: Chocolate milk, peanut butter and banana together, oranges, hummus, feta

Aversions: Eggs, all seafood, broccoli

Symptoms: Still breaking out. Blah!

Feelings on Delivery: Natural birth, no drugs

Gender: I still feel like it's a boy. But we will find out for sure on April 29th!

Things I'm excited about: This weekend is my first pregnant race! I'm doing the run portions of a duathlon, with a friend of mine. I'll run, he will bike, and I'll run again. This is going to be a whole different experience than any of the racing I've ever done.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Pregnant race, huh? Is there anyway you can race in just a sport bra (or a top that exposes your belly???) You could write "Baby on Board" on your stomach and make people feel really bad when you pass them. LOL.

    1. I appreciate that you think I'll pass some people! Haha!
      I'm going to make a shirt that says baby on board or running for two or something like that. Once my belly get's obscenely big, then I'm going to rock the sports bra!

  2. Go, Mama!!! I had my baby in December and have just started my local chapter of MRTT as well. I'm in Florida and it is super hot down here- not great for 10Ks, but my father and little brother actually live in Milford. Small world. :) Keep up the running- you look great!

    1. What part of Florida? I went to school in Florida. It was hot!!!!
      Wow, your family lives in Milford too? Def small world!!!


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