We Are Here…18 Weeks

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Another week down and the baby is getting it's grow on!

18 weeks, 5 days


I'm finally off the chocolate milk kick. It just stopped! I'm still all about some regular milk, but the desperation for chocolate milk has ceased. I've taken a turn back towards Primal eating. Now that I've settled  into the second trimester, I'm not craving wheat products as much as I was previously, which makes it easier. But when I do…I make something like I did last night…Almond Flour Crust Pizza!

Totally wheat free…and delicious!!!! 


Aw yea! I had a great weekend racing in Brian's Beachside Boogie!!! I was very pleased with how it went. Yes, I was slower than normal, but I was much faster than I anticipated at almost 5 months pregnant!!! On top of that…I had a blast! I loved being out there with our little one on board! It felt like I had a little companion through the race. The fact that I felt so good while I was out there was very reassuring, as well. I felt like the baby was radiating a huge smile…and planning his/her first race. 

I did realize one huge difference in racing this year. The pregnant body does not recover like the non pregnant body! A race that I would normally have recovered from later that day, took me 2 days to bounce back from. 
My legs felt great. It was my mid section that needed recovery time. My muscles under my uterus were sore, my back hurt, and my hips were hurting. I worked on Monday, and tried to run across the first floor to answer an endless ringing phone, and the discomfort caused me to yelp. 

I took 2 days to fully rest and finally got back out there yesterday. I did an easy 3 miler, and I felt great again! 

My next race is May 11th. It's another duathlon, where I'm doing the runs. They are the same distance, so I'm basically going to continue on my same running schedule, but I'm going to add in some more strength training. I'll also be getting in a weekly interval run, to help maintain as much speed as possible. Which…I'm not even sure what to expect with that…now that my belly is growing steadily. 


I've started to feel uncomfortable sleeping in certain ways. Laying on my back for too long makes my lower back hurt and my legs cramp. Laying on my stomach is out of the question. It makes me queasy. 

I've finally gotten through the breaking out stage!!! I am infinitely happy about that. I don't think I've ever broken out that much before. My skin was over producing oil and felt very gross. 

I'm starting to feel pregnant lady beautiful. My belly has become more conspicuous and I'm filling out my maternity clothes. I find myself rubbing it and touching it more, without meaning to. I feel like a new version of myself. I'm still a crazy-girl athlete, that loves to push myself further than I even think is possible. But I'm also housing this little human, taking him/her on my adventures with me. Caring for him/her, and preparing him/her to take on the world!

Pounds Gained: My scale broke. I have no idea. Well, either it broke, or I lost 20 pounds in the past week. I'll get weighed again at the doctor on the 29th. 

Cravings: Cottage cheese, oranges, tea, yogurt, chicken wings…omg!

Aversions: Broccoli, soups, any hot liquid foods.

Symptoms: Discomfort in certain positions. For example when I slouch on the sofa, I get a crampy, uncomfortable feeling on the right side. 

Feelings on Delivery: Natural, no drugs

Baby Class: We haven't taken a class…but I'm considering it. I at least need to learn how to do that burrito wrap. 

Seriously though. I was watching an episode of Pregnant in Heels and she was asking the couple a series of baby questions…like how old does your baby have to be for tummy time, how hot can the bath water be, can you give a bath to a baby with their umbilical cord still attached?

I didn't know any of the answers…so that's peaked an interest in a class. Or at least a book. 

Gender feelings: Now that were getting close to finding out…my signals are getting crossed. I'm not sure anymore. Ugh!!! The anticipation!!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. Get the book "what to expect" (they have one for pregnancy and one for first year). They are good. They also have some "daddy survival" ones too. LOL

    Yes....take a class. Our hospital had one and it was good. And don't worry, a lot of stuff will come natural - to both you and yo' baby daddy. Seriously...it will.

    And stay off the internet. All those mommy blogs will make you think you're the worst parent in the world and that you're kid is developmently slow. Stick with trusted people to ask questions. LOL....kind of. :)


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