We Are Here…19 Weeks

Thursday, April 25, 2013
Another week gone…which means time for the weekly check in. These weekly posts go by so fast. I still can't believe were about halfway there!

19 Weeks, 5 Days


I've been having a really good food week. I have been successful in cutting wheat products/gluten out completely and I feel pretty great! I haven't had any bloating discomfort at all! Kinda feels like the Paleo days.
I've also started eating eggs, other than hard boiled, again. Actually, to be honest…I've had a spinach and feta omelet, every single morning for the past 5 days. I'll probably have one tomorrow morning too. And every day for the rest of my life. Jk. Not really.


I'm so proud of myself because I've gotten 2 strength training session in this week, in addition to my runs. And I have one more scheduled for tomorrow! Not bad for someone who loathes strength training. I've also started squeezing numerous sets of a variation of push ups in, throughout the day.
Last year, any time I was watching tv, I would do different durations of planks during commercials. Now I've changed it up, and every time I go to the bathroom…which let's face it…is about 17 times a day, I do a set of 10 push ups up against the sink. Eventually I'll alternate between push ups and triceps dips, but right now I'm just doing push ups. It might sound silly, but if I'm peeing 17 times a day…thats 170 push ups I'm doing. Pregnancy will not get the best of these arms!

I'm not feeling any balance issues yet, with my growing belly. I still feel pretty centered while I run, and relatively quick. We will see for sure on May 11th…my next race. Speaking of…I've already almost grown out of the shirt I wore during my last race…so it's back to the drawing board.


I may have had a mini breakdown on Monday, about my changing body. Like I said last week, overall I am starting to feel that "beautiful and pregnant" feeling women always talk about.
Then there are those other days where I can't connect with this new body, and I feel overwhelmed with negative feelings. It's also tough on those days, when people unintentionally say things that are on the insensitive side, about your body.
Monday I happened to be feeling particularly not positive, and was dealing with one of those "things" someone had said to me. When my sister asked me an innocent question about finding a dress for my dad's wedding, I totally broke down…like a crazy person.

There was that…then yesterday I felt pregnant and proud again! Gotta love those hormones.

The one part of my body I can say that I'm totally uncomfortable with all the time, is my boobs. Blah. I miss my flat chest from before! I can't wait to get rid of these beasts. They make me feel all voluptuous and breast-y. I preferred having the figure of a Salvadorian boy.

Pounds Gained: Still no idea. I'll find out on Monday, at my appointment.

Cravings: Spinach and Feta Omelets, Lemonade, Oranges, Yogurt, Coffee (I've been drinking decaf)

Aversions: Fish, Broccoli, The smell of fried foods

Symptoms: Headaches OMG!!!!, Acid reflux, Heartburn

Gender Feelings: No idea! Can't wait until Monday to find out!!!

Names: Yes we have names. We will reveal it when we find out the gender and make our final decision.

Number of strangers to rub my stomach and "bless" it: 1

Things I'm looking forward to: Monday's appointment, May's races, and actual warm weather!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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