Weekend Recap

Monday, April 8, 2013
Good morning. It's going to be an AWESOME Monday over here…mostly because the weather is calling for 66 degrees and sunny!

This weekend started out scary, but ended in a more calm place…with zombies.

Friday Harper went back to the Animal Hospital for the entire day. She was worse than she was on Thursday. She still didn't have control over her bodily functions, and she was laying on the floor, not doing anything. She hadn't eaten or drank anything in days.

Thursday they discovered the intestinal parasite giardia. When she didn't make any progress overnight, they recommitted her for some more tests.

Friday they discovered that she also had an intestinal block from some pieces of toys she ate. Her colon and intestines were swollen like balloons. The x-rays looked crazy. The vet went in to help relieve some of the pressure. They were able to get her to a place where they could release her to us.

Friday night Harper was still not doing well, and she needed constant care. We were feeding her water through a straw. It was so sad. At that point we were staring down the barrel of surgery.

Saturday morning she still wasn't looking very good…so we went back to the Animal Hospital, to see our Vet.

She spent a half day there getting fluids and having pressure released.

Finally yesterday she started eating and drinking on her own, and she is starting to act more like herself. The doctor said we aren't totally out of the woods yet…but were getting there.

Boston laid with her the entire time she was down and out. Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Send good vibes to Ms. Harper!!!

Since I spent most of the weekend caring for a 50 pound baby, I didn't get out much. I did head out on a 6 mile run yesterday, which was absolute crap. I've had plenty of bad runs in my life…but for some reason bad runs now are so much crappier.

Yesterday, something must have been going on inside my abdomen.

My 6 mile run, felt like 12. I was so slow it made me want to scream. After the run, my hips were so uncomfortable that walking up the stairs was tough. My hips are due to begin expanding soon, so since this hip pain was out of the blue, I'm thinking yesterday they may have been experiencing some movement.

You know, since I'm a doctor and all.

The remainder of the evening I was ridiculously uncomfortable. It just felt like something was happening... and I couldnt' sit in a comfortable position. My entire abdomen was achy and sore. My friend made a joke that the baby was ripping through my abdominal muscles. I laughed... but then the more I thought about it…I think she was right.

Crazy hulk baby.

At least we had 5 episodes of Walking Dead to catch up on…so energy exertion was minimal.

Michonne is so cool. She makes me want a sword.

Well, My hips and midsection feel much better today, so I'm heading back out to redo yesterdays run. With a sword. Wish me luck!

Happy Monday.

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  1. It's interesting they didn't immediately take her in for surgery. Were they hoping it would somehow pass? (I ask because I used to work full time in an animal ER and we always sent them straight to surgery).


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