We Are Here…24 Weeks

Friday, May 31, 2013
I've made it over the 6 month hump! I'm down to less than 16 weeks. People keep telling me that they feel like it's going by so fast...

That's hilarious. And inaccurate.

I feel like I've been pregnant forever.

Which is also hilarious because it has only been 6 months.

24 weeks, 5 days

The reason I look like I'm about to fall asleep in this picture is because I probably am.


I'm still all over the cereal. I have usually have a bowl for breakfast and at least a bowl for a snack. My go to has been frosted shredded wheat. I like the way it soaks up the milk. Peanut butter has been on my radar too. I've been eating a lot of banana's with a scoop of peanut butter. I also can't seem to get enough sweet potato's and anything made of sweet potato's. As for fruit...dark red cherries, grapes, bananas.

I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with ways to cook vegetables, that sound appealing. I just want to eat them raw...which is fine for me. But when I'm cooking dinner for someone else, it's only fair that attempt to cook the food I'm serving. Well, some of the time anyways.

My appetite has evened itself out finally. I'm not such a ravenous monster as I was the past few weeks. I do still notice that if I don't eat a later dinner, say around 8, I wake up at 2am, very hungry. So, I've been trying to eat later, so I don't get up and raid the kitchen in a sleeping haze. You don't want to know what I'm capable of at 2am. 


I mentioned in yesterdays post a little bit about my body. I am feeling very good about my bod lately. I love it. I'm amazed at all it can do.
I appreciate my strength and my ability and how lucky I am to be able to maintain my fitness throughout my pregnancy. I love seeing my shadow running on the pavement next to me, showing off the tiny human that I'm working hard to create.

Rather than feeling like I'm not good enough, that I should be faster, thinner, stronger, or anything more than I am...I feel completely and totally happy with exactly where I am.
This body has been working overtime, kicking ass for me, while nurturing growing life. I think that's pretty cool.


 As I mentioned in Wednesdays post, training is right on track. I'm keeping up, feeling good about the results, and feeling strong.

I've been missing my bike something fierce lately. It won't be nearly the same, but I'm going to drop into a spin class this weekend. Maybe I can work out some of the frustration in there. I wish I could say only 3 more months until I'm back in the saddle. I have no idea what happens "down under" when you give birth...but I'm thinking the result is a little while before climbing on a tiny bike seat. 

I remember when I was reading "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall (ie. one of my absolute favorite books), I read a chapter that talked about how the Tarahumara women would give birth and then run that same day.
Can I do that please? Universe...Are you listening?

I did have a crap house run a few days ago. It was hot and it was humid and I was seriously under hydrated.  I was on a short 3 miler and I started to feel really weak. I finished the run, but I did walk a few times. I knew I was dehydrated because I've felt that weak, hazy feeling before. I drank my body weight in water during the remainder of the day, and followed up with the same 3 mile route the next morning. It was hot and humid again, and I breezed right through the run.

Pounds Gained: 10 at my last appointment

Cravings: Cereal, milk, sweet potato's, peanut butter, goat cheese, cherries, grapes

Aversions: Not really anything right now. Well, besides fish.

Symptoms: Lower back aches

Strangers to give me a thumbs up while running this week: Two

Times I've spilled something on myself and it was caught by my belly: At least 8

Stretch Marks: None yet (knock on wood)

Emotional Craziness: The emotions have taken a bit of a break for now. I haven't had any urges to cry at dog food commercials, or rip someones throat out lately.

I'm most nervous about: My house being dirty because I have a newborn. I know that sounds crazy...but I'm crazy about cleaning!
You always see on tv, people with babies who have disastrous houses with crap everywhere!

Yes, I wear sweaty workout clothes 4 times before thinking about washing them. Yes, I pee my pants on my bike...and in my wetsuit...and on the run...once...accidentally. Yes, I've eaten food that I've sat dropped on the ground. Yes I've spent 7 hours covered in my own vomit during IMWI. And yes, I feel more comfortable post run, covered in sweat, than I do all dolled up.

But there is no way that I can live in a filthy house! Just talking about this is making me want to clean.

I'm surprisingly not nervous about: Labor. My body and I have been to hell and back together. I've never had a baby before and I have absolutely no idea what it will be like...but I can say with 100% confidence that I trust my body. I know it'll do what it needs to do.

My latest non pregnancy related obsession: Titanic: Blood and Steel. If you are a nerd for historical fiction like me...watch it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

How Training has Changed

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Hi friends! What a fantastic weekend! We did a lot of projects around the house and yard, had some good workouts, and made sure to fit in some BBQ fun with our friends!

I also made this awesome post yard work lunch:

Sauteed brussel sprouts, lentils, tofu and goat cheese. 

Then I ate all the goat cheese and brussel sprouts, and decided the rest needed hot sauce…so it turned into this:

Yum! Actually…it looks kind of gross. But I assure you it was delicious.

The only thing that would have made this weekend better would be if I had raced. *sigh*

Everything else is going well. The baby is growing steadily, but I'm still waiting for my belly button to pop out.

I've been getting questions about what my workouts have looked like lately, now that I'm getting further along, so I wanted to talk about that today.

As I mentioned last week, things have changed a lot as far as the content and the length of my training, from last year. However, I'm still keeping up a 6 day routine, which I feel good about. Although it's less intense and time consuming than I've been used to, I'm still actually very satisfied with my pregnancy fitness level and muscle tone. I actually feel better about my body than I ever have. That's a different post for a different day though.

Here is what last week looked like:

Gym Brick:
Run 1.5 miles to gym
15 minutes level 6 stairs
2 miles treadmill run
Arm routine for shoulders (free weight)
50 push ups
Run 1.5 miles home

Rest Day
16 sets Bathroom Push Ups (ie. every time I use the bathroom, I do 10 push ups)

3.5 mile run (outdoors)
Biceps routine (free weight)

3.5 mile run (outdoors)
17 sets Bathroom Push Ups

Gym Brick: 
Run 1.5 miles to gym
15 minutes level 6 stairs
2 miles treadmill run
Arm routine for shoulders (free weight)
50 push ups
Run 1.5 miles home

Shoulder, Bicep and Triceps routines (free weight)
3 mile run on treadmill
15 minute level 6 stairs

3 mile run (outdoors)

This is a pretty standard week. Over the past few months I've had to make adjustments…mostly in way of lowering mileage and cutting out lunges.
Although the "gym brick" is new, prior I was still running and lifting. I would just go for my run outside, and then drive to the gym.
Running is still my main base of training. But because I can't keep the mileage I used to, I've been much more vigilant about strength training, than I ever have been before.

This week I've mirrored the exact same schedule so far. I'll likely keep this up until I need to make adjustments.

I haven't had much desire to be in the pool. I'm hoping as it get's warmer, I'll get bit by the swim bug. Since I'm not training for anything, I haven't pushed myself to get int he pool.  Plus, I am enjoying the freedom of being able to do what I really feel like with my training.

All this run love leads me to believe that Aria is going to be more of a runner than anything else. OMG maybe we can be race buddies!

We Are Here...23 Weeks

Friday, May 24, 2013
23 weeks and 5 days


Aw Yeaaaa!


Continue giving me all of the food! Please. Now.
I'm so hungry. So so hungry. I fell off my gluten free band wagon last week because I NEEDED to have each of the 30 bowls of cereal I've eaten over the past 10 days. And I NEEDED to eat all 12 tofu hot dogs that I ate in the past 5 days. And the Birthday cupcakes. OMG.
Eh, what can ya do.

I'm working on getting back on the straight and narrow. I'm okay with going buck wild every now and again, but I don't want to make it a regular thing.

I'm finally off of the feta and spinach omelet kick. I just woke up one morning and didn't really want it anymore. I've also been backing away from cheese more and my desire for  oranges has decreased. Instead I've moved to those dark red cherries, plums and bananas. I also started putting together vanilla yogurt, blueberries, and a mix of nuts and seeds (sunflower, almond, pumpkin, dried cranberries, walnuts). It's so simple, but ridiculously good! I especially love the consistency.

I also found myself wanting to put sour cream on a lot of stuff. Weird.


I'm feeling mostly good. However, I am noticing some changes in the way certain things feel, as my belly grows bigger.

First of all…my back is starting to hurt while doing remedial things. Ugh! I just feel so cliche saying that!
If I sit in a seat that is too low, for an extended period of time, my back starts to ache.
Then, last weekend I walked around the mall with my family for 2 hours, and my back started to hurt. It totally caught me off guard!
I'm not someone who get's "ailments". Every time I feel discomfort or pain, it's usually always training induced. So this was just weird.
I was also doing laundry earlier in the week, and bending down was hurting. I propped myself up on the bed with one hand, and bent over to load the baskets using the other hand. I felt so old and worthless.

How in the world can I run sub 7 minute miles with no problem one week, and then get a back ache from walking around the mall the following week? I'm not into this part of pregnancy at all! I guess it makes sense though because all of the extra weight I'm carrying is in one spot.

I've also met another wave of tiredness. The past week I've been REALLY tired and taking a lot of naps. That could be attributed to the fact that I've been waking up at 3, 4 and 5am and not being able to go back to sleep. Luckily Harper is always willing to keep me company during the early hours.

I had another doctors appointment this past Monday and they measured my uterus to check on her growth. It looks like I'm measuring one week bigger than I actually am, so far. This is not really that surprising because I feel big and because my husband is over a foot taller than me…so I can only imagine how large this baby is going to be.

A friend of mine really put it perfectly in a comment on my Facebook page:

Haha. Hilarious. And true. *sigh*


I'm feeling a little sad about backing away from racing for the next few months. I know it's the best plan for my body, but it still bums me out as we approach the summer and everyone else is gearing up for their races.

I also miss riding my bike outside. Womp womp.

Okay, let's get positive here.

I haaave created my own pregnant lady brick! Since I'm not doing the normal run/bike/run combo's, I came up with something new. My gym is 1.5 miles from my house, through my neighborhood. So, I've started running to the gym, working out, and then running home. It's only 3 miles of running, so if I need more, I hop on the treadmill at the gym for a few miles. It's been working out great so far!
I'm looking forward to it getting a tad bit warmer outside, so I can run to the gym, swim, then run home!

I've also altered a few exercises in my training the past 2 weeks.

I haven't been doing lunges for a few weeks now. My balance is just too inconsistent. I also backed away from squats, because my legs hit my belly and I feel some strain under my uterus when I squat...and it just doesn't seem right.
Because of the lack of lunges and squats, I have been feeling like my butt is getting flat, so I've been spending time on the stair stepper at the gym. Not my favorite, but better than nothing.

Push up's are also starting to get heavy! My mid section is weighing me down and making them more difficult. I've started to do them leaning up against tables or the seats of gym equipment.

Pounds Gained: Still 10, according to Monday's appointment. Which is unbelievable considering how much food I've been eating, and that I'm 2 days from being 6 months along. It has to be because I've kept up my workout routine, because the past 2 weeks I've most definitely increased the amount of food I'm eating, and I've been eating everything.

Cravings: Cereal, cereal, cereal! The funny thing is I haven't consistently eaten cereal in about 12 years! Also, Tofu hot dogs, sour cream, pickles. At work on Tuesday I at 6 pickles during staff meeting and then afterwards I made a pickle sandwich. It was amazing.

Aversions: I haven't really been into meat the past week. It comes and goes.

Symptoms: Back discomfort, when I bend certain ways I get very short shots of hip pain, tiredness.

Fun New Things: She moves ALL the time! I feel her kicking and bumping around in there at all hours of the day. Yesterday she was tumbling around and poking at me after PJ and I finished our run. I like to think it was her trying to join in on the conversation because PJ and I were chatting and laughing our entire run.

Birth Plan: I'm now working on our birth plan to take to my next appointment. My midwife instructed me to get going on it, so we can talk about it.

Books: Guide to Childbirth, Ina May Gaskin; Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way, Susan McCutcheon; Husband Coached Child Birth, Robert A. Bradley.

Have a great day everyone!

Extended Recovery

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Holy recovery period. After last Saturday's race, I took 3 rest days, which is unheard of for 4 miles of racing. It turns out this whole pregnancy thing is pretty taxing on your body.

While I felt great and even invincible during the race on Saturday, by Sunday my body was happy to remind me that I'm doing everything for two these days.
After last months race I also needed a little extended recovery time…then add 4 weeks of baby growing to that...and the recovery get's even tougher.

I spent Sunday and Monday sleeping a lot. I couldnt' get back to a place where I felt totally mentally present and I was just so crazy exhausted. Additionally, my muscles felt like I had just run 20 miles. My legs were intensely sore, to the point where there were times that I used my hands to aid myself in walking up the stairs. My hips were aching inside and out, and my round ligaments (the ones under my uterus) were very sore and crampy. When I would wake up in the mornings, my body felt as thought I spent the previous evening in an elaborate ninja fight.

I felt that way Sunday, Monday and into Tuesday.

I was actually nervous that I may have strained something. During pregnancy your body releases a hormone called relaxin, which does exactly what it sounds like. It relaxes your joints to allow you to push a human out of yourself. Because of the relaxed state of your joints, pregnant women can be more prone to athletic injuries. Boo.

Thankfully there were no injuries…just hell to pay for kicking ass.

Needless to say…it was a tough recovery…especially for such a short race.

I want more than anything, to be able to run throughout my entire pregnancy. I love running, and I'm amazed at the things my body is still capable of this far into pregnancy. However, after this increase of necessary recovery time and the intensity of the strain on my body, for what would typically be a short and sweet race/recovery... I'm afraid that if I go balls to the wall through too many more pregnant races, I may find myself at a place where I've overdone it. Forcing me to take a break from running during this pregnancy.

Like I said Monday, during Saturdays race I felt fantastic. My body was doing what it was trained for, I didn't feel strained at all, and Aria was on board with everything. It wasn't until after the race that I felt so beaten down.

I'm such a competitive person, that this scenario is not good. With me feeling so great during races, I'll just keep pushing to the limit, like my athlete brain is wired to do. And eventually something will give.
As much as I said I would just be racing for fun this year…I now realize that it's completely unrealistic to believe that I will sign up for a race, to get out there and trot around for fun. It's just not me.

So after a lot of thought, I decided that I'll be sitting back and sticking to training runs through the rest of my pregnancy, instead of racing events.

I'll still be training and running every day. I just won't be toeing the line at any more races until after Aria is born. As much as I love racing...I feel like this is the right decision for my body.

On a completely unrelated note…I can't stop eating these tofu dogs…

Arugula, Hot Peppers, Relish…Yum!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!

Adventures in Pregnant Racing II

Monday, May 13, 2013
First of all…I swear that every time I race, this baby has a growth spurt! The last one I had was right after last months race.
Between Friday and Sunday night, I've put on some extra circumference in my mid section!

Saturday was my second pregnant lady race. I had grown out of the shirt I wore for the first one, so I made a new one for this race.

I woke up around 4:45am on Saturday, and started my race ready routine. I ate my usual peanut butter and banana bagel, and drank a cup of coffee, to get things moving…if you know what I mean.

The Scenic View Duathlon had an 8am start, and it was about an hour away. We left at 6am to head up to Morris. I hate rushing…so I like to arrive unnecessarily early and stand around for a hour. My teammate Kelsey, and her peeps, met Pj and I there.

For this race, I was doing the first run (2 miles), Kelsey the bike (10 miles), and me the second run (2 miles).

This was Kelsey's very first race ever, and she has been training and working super hard to prepare. I was pretty excited for her, because I knew once she got out there, she would be hooked! Then my evil plans would fall into place, and I would have a racing/training buddy for next year. Muahahahah.

This was another smaller race, like last months, which made it fun. I love the friendliness at the smaller events.

I helped Kelsey set up in transition. She got a great spot near the exit. While we were setting up, a woman came over to us and started chatting. She asked if I had ever done this race before, and I told her no. Then she proceeded to tell me that the run was really cool. There wasn't much info about the course on the internet, so I had no idea what she was talking about. She then pointed to this tower off in the distance, up a significant incline, and told us that I would be running up to that tower and back, for the runs.

"Oh! Cool!" I acted very excited, but all I was thinking was "Craaaaaap". I had no idea this race had a run course that was literally, straight up a hill. If I did, I would have trained many many more hills!!!

After we set up, we made our way to the start and waited.

Let's go running baby!

The race director corralled the group of us over to the start line. Kelsey and I high fived, and I lined up towards the back of the group, not really knowing what to expect from my performance. Being pregnant I have to go completely off of how I feel in the moment. I can't plan anything because the baby could just decided not to have it that day. Or my stomach or pelvis could be unhappy.

The horn sounded and we were off. I felt good. Really good. The first mile of the run was directly up hill. The baby definitely learned a lot of creative curse words during that first mile. Both from me, and from other racers. Most everyone seemed to be suffering. It was a tough, tough wake up call. I had comfortably made myself towards the front half of the pack. I paced with a woman who seemed to be the same speed as me. The course doubles back on itself, so when I started seeing people come back down the other side, I noticed something. This woman and I were holding the first and second place spots for the ladies.

As we came down the hill, I kept pace with her. I felt comfortable and very strong. Aria felt good and didn't seem to be opposed to my pace.

In the last 3/4 of a mile, I overtook the woman who I was pacing with, with ease. I figured since I had a lot left in the tank, I might as well bring it in fast to get a little bit of an advantage for Kelsey on the bike.

I came in from the first run as the first place female, which was pretty freaking exciting.

I clocked in from my first run at 14:23, pacing 7:12 avg. per mile. And I felt great!!!!

Kelsey headed out on the bike! I wasn't on the course so I didn't get any first hand experience, but from what I understand, it was rolling. Kelsey held her own and rocked the crap out of it! On her very first race she held strong to the 4th place female spot, coming back into transition.

She was only about 2 minutes behind the 3rd place. Once she was in transition, I headed out for run number two…back up the hill.

I didn't see the 3rd place woman until I was almost at the top of the hill. Then in the distance, I saw her about a quarter of a mile ahead of me. I kept her in my sights and decided that since I felt good, I would continue to run strong and comfortably. If I found myself in a position to pass her, I'd take it. Otherwise I'd chill back. After all, she did just ride 10 hilly miles.

About a half mile before the finish I caught up to her. We chatted for a second, and then because I was feeling so good still, I went ahead and passed her. I came into the finish on a serious race high. I figured I probably ran the same speed as the first run, maybe a little slower. Then I saw my second split…13:46. That's a 6:53 avg. pace on my second run! Thank you baby Aria!

Our team was Whale Whale Whale, What Do We Have Here? But for some reason, they entered our info under my name, rather than our team name. Not sure what that's all about.

It had started to rain pretty bad, so we started to pack up. One of my favorite parts of races is afterwards when everyone hangs out and eats and chats. But it was cold and raining…so the people that had already finished, were packing up and preparing to leave.

We took some pictures and then headed out. I felt so excited about the fact that Aria was so down with that race, that she let me comfortably pace pretty speedy. I felt great the entire time, and there was no indication of stress. Running hard definitely raised my heart rate, but I wasn't too out of breath to talk, and I wasn't gasping for air. My body was just doing it's job and doing it well.

This race was so much fun. I didn't expect to still be feeling so great or be able to hang with the big boys, and girls, at five and a half months pregnant. I don't wear a watch while I train, so that I purposefully don't get caught up on pace or time. Instead, I go by how my body feels…which seems to be working.

I said this after my last race, and I feel like I have to mention it again. Although the race went great and I felt awesome during the entire event…recovery is a lot different now that I'm pregnant. Even from just last month. It's longer and much harder. A race that I would have normally recovered from that same day, has now turned into 2 days of me being exhausted and sore. Maybe even more.

This was an absolute blast! I definitely want to race it again next year!

We Are Here…21 Weeks

Saturday, May 11, 2013
21 Weeks…5 Days

Only about 18 more weeks to go! That sounds so crazy. On one hand it doesn't sound like much at all…while on the other hand I feel like I've been pregnant forever. Or maybe it's more like I feel like I haven't been able to enjoy a spicy tuna hand roll in forever. 

I have 2 requests in the hospital, after I deliver. A plate of spicy tuna hand rolls and a really good Espresso. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

We've made it through another week and things are still on the up and up. I'm really digging this second trimester deal. I feel pretty awesome. 


Food is delicious and I want all of it. My appetite has seriously increased this week. I'm much hungrier and I've even started getting hungry overnight. I think I need to start pre-packing some things to eat when I wake up hungry in the middle of the night. Otherwise I'm liable to eat everything anything. 

I've maintained a my good diet, for the most part, this week. After a long run, I did have a moment of blacking out, and coming to in a food frenzy. I went into the kitchen to get something to eat. All of a sudden I snapped to, and I was staring out the back window, watching Harper run around, mowing down a second piece of pizza! I didn't even go to the kitchen for pizza, nor did I intend to eat pizza! But there I was, second piece in hand, just nomming away. Once I realized what I was doing, I stopped. JUST KIDDING. I finished that bitch. It was mashed potato and bacon. Probably the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. 


She's a growin'! Every day I swear my stomach gets larger. The bigger I get, the more I can feel her moving around, which is very cool! Last night I felt her kick 3 times, and it was the coolest experience. I've felt her before, but last night's kicks were very noticeable!

I am feeling really good about my body right now. My expanding stomach makes me happy, and the rest of me feels pretty much the same as it did pre pregnancy. Of coarse I'm a little less toned, but I dont' feel like I've lost too much of my muscle mass. 


Still holding on! Like I said in yesterday's post…I'm definitely feeling the extra weight now, and I'm feeling the strain on my body because of all of the hard work it's doing in there. My form has changed a lot! Because it takes more effort to power me along and because of the weight, I'm not nearly as light on my feet. I push forward with purpose, instead of easily gliding.

I'm maintaining 20 miles a week, which isn't bad for 5 and a half months pregnant, along with strength training. I haven't been in the pool much, because honestly I haven't felt like swimming. All I've wanted to do is run. 

I have been feeling envious of everyone's race reports lately. It's the beginning of the triathlon season and all of the season opener reports are coming out on everyones blog. I can't wait until next year, when I can be back out there, suffering, while having the time of my life, and showing my little chickadee what us girls can do!

Pounds Gained: 10 at my last appointment. I'm sure this number is increasing.

Cravings: Still spinach and feta omelets, mustard, mustard, mustard. I want to put mustard on everything!!! 

Aversions: Seafood, Fried food smell, Pork

Strangers to touch my stomach this week:  1

Smart Pets: I think Harper knows something is up. Instead of sleeping at the bottom of our bed, I've been waking up and her head is pressed against my stomach. She has also been following me EVERYWHERE. She will lay by my feet while I brush my teeth even. 

Symptoms: A few random waves of nausea and some sharp ligament pain near my hip last night.

Names: I don't know if anyone picked up on it in my last post…but I snuck it in. We have chosen the name Aria.

Have a great Saturday everyone! 

Race Week(s)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Happy Wednesday everyone!

For the first time in 2.5 weeks, I didn't have a spinach feta omelet this morning! No, I haven't turned my back on spinach and feta yet…I just ran out. Instead I made this tasty omelet delight…

Eggs, Cheddar, Black Beans, Greek Yogurt

And here is a picture of Boston and Harper, because you haven't seen one in a while…

It's almost mid May, which means my back to back racing weekends are coming up. I was scheduled to run this weekend in a Duathlon, then next weekend in a 5k on Saturday and a 2.1 mile race on Sunday, for charity.

Unfortunately next Sunday's race was cancelled. Boo. The guy who was in charge of hosting the race just bailed on a charity event, at the last minute. Who does that???

There's another race I may pick up for Sunday, but I'm going to wait and feel it out. My family will be here for the weekend to celebrate my brothers graduation and my birthday…so I want to keep the options open. Mostly because they will already be spending Saturday morning cheering on the sidelines…and I don't get to see them all the time.

Last month, when I was baller enough to still be running 7:40's while almost 5 months pregnant, I was definitely slower than my normal pace…but I was still able to hang with the big kids. I planned to try to maintain as much of that pace as I could, for this race, without killing myself. With this being my first human growth, I've had to take it a day at a time. I never know what to expect each week, or how things are going to change.

This baby girl has had a growth spurt over the past month, and I can feel it in my runs!
This weekend I know that I will be much slower…and I'm okay with that. I'm just thankful to be able to maintain the mileage I have and to still feel so good while out there on the pavement. I've been steadily maintaining about 20 miles per week.

The first difference I started to notice was that I can feel the weight now. I've put on 10 pounds over the past 5.5 months of pregnancy, which is normal. I should be anywhere between 10 and 15. Those 10 extra pounds have made a world of difference in my pace. It takes a lot more to power me forward, and when I move, it's not as easy to glide across the pavement, as it used to be.

The weight on my legs has also increased. I don't feel it much during my runs, but afterwards I have residual soreness that I have to work out with a foam roller or with the stick roller. Otherwise it just hangs out and gets all tight.

I still feel great while running, which is the most important thing. If I can, I plan to run all the way up until the end of my pregnancy. Even if I'm running a half a mile at a time that last month. As long as it feels good, I'll still be running. And if it doesn't, then I'll do whatever physical activity I can, that does. Little baby Aria seems like she's enjoying the runs, so I hope she can hang on for another 18 or so weeks.

Yes, I do still get a lot of mixed reviews on my level of activity…especially on running.
Some people say super cool things that make me feel like some sort of bad ass. And there are others that give disapproving glares and tell me that I'm going to shake my baby to death. But you know what, people are going to have opinions about what you do, pregnant or not. Last year while training for Ironman I was met with plenty of disapproving people who told me things like our bodies aren't made for that much exercise and that I was going to severely hurt myself.

If my healthy athletic lifestyle makes you uncomfortable, that's your business. Like I always tell the kids I work with…When people say mean or judgmental things to you, it's actually a reflection on them and their insecurities, and has nothing to do with you.

I happen think my determination and commitment are some of my best qualities. :)

Have a freaking fantastic day everyone! I think I'll head out for my run now. Aria is ready to rock.

20 Weeks…It's a Girl!

Saturday, May 4, 2013
Here we are…almost finished with week 20…and stuff is getting real!

I do realize I'm 2 days late with this post…but…better late than never. Right?…

20 Weeks 5 Days

I was strapped for time, to take this picture on Wednesday, so I had to do it right after my run…all sweaty and greasy. Hence why my face is not present. Even with a little retouching I looked like a wet troll.

Monday we had our 20 week appointment, where we found out the gender of my little running partner. That's right, we are having a girl.
It's funny because I was 100% sure we were having a boy. I have been pinning things on Pinterest for the baby, since I got pregnant, and the entire board was all boy stuff.  Supposedly a woman's 6th sense is intuition. I think mines broke.

The appointment was a long one…at least an hour total. They look into every nook and cranny to see how the baby is developing, and to make sure everything is present and accounted for. It's always mind blowing every time I see her little heart beating. I almost can't believe all of that is going on in my body. I literally have 2 working cardiovascular systems in my body. Freaky. 

We also got to see her face, which was really amazing. 

For the first time in my pregnancy, I got pukey. I don't know if it was the tech her pushing on my stomach, or me laying on my back for so long. But I made a beeline for the bathroom, right as she started finishing up. 

Overall, it was an eye opening experience. Were over halfway through, and she's growing so fast. Finding out her gender, and seeing how much she has developed over the past 8  weeks, since my last ultrasound, was unbelieveable. In 4 months, were going to have a little person in here, with her own unique little personality, doing little person things. Holy crap!


I'm still able to hold strong 90% of the time, with no gluten, wheat or processed carbs. And I feel great. I'm still eating the feta (pasteurized) and spinach omelets pretty much every single day. I cannot get enough. I've actually been eating a ton of spinach. I easily go through a bag every day. Yogurt too. I eat a few yogurts each day. And those Kind nut bars are my go to snack lately. The blueberry ones are the best.

I did have a very crappy day last week and the only reasonable answer was to eat buffalo chicken pizza for dinner. Eh, ya win some, ya lose some.


Training is still on the up and up. I'm getting all of my runs in…getting my strength training in…and still doing my push ups. Even though I've popped and this baby is growing like a weed, I'm fortunate enough to feel mostly balanced still. However, I definitely feel myself slowing down on my runs. I'll be interested to see where I clock in next weekend. I'm racing with a friend up in Morris, and really looking forward to it. It's another duathlon, where I'll be running and she will be biking. I've grown out of the shirt I wore last time…so I have to make a new one this weekend. 

I did have a bad bad run day this past Monday. After my appointment I was off the remainder of the day…so I was planning to do my run in the afternoon. I set out for a short 3 mile run and within a half mile I had this really uncomfortable pain in my lower right uterus area. Right where the doctor indicated that her head was, during the ultrasound. I alternated walking and running, but every time I'd run, it was awful. I cut my run short by a mile, and I walked about half of the total distance. Disappointment took over and I felt like a failure. I got very worried that I had reached that point people talk about…where running changes. So I sucked up my pride and took Harper on a long walk. 

Maybe I was tired. Maybe dehydrated. Maybe the baby was just not in the mood. Who knows. But Tuesday morning I woke up and banged out a fantastic 5 miler, with no problem at all. 

Whew! Dodged that bullet. 


There is no mistaking that I am pregnant now. It's obvious. I am happy to say that I've had a consistent week with all positive feelings around my changing body. Except for these boobs. They are just unnecessary. The more pregnant I look, the more comfortable I feel.

It's very liberating to walk around visibly growing a human, and continuing to do all of the things you normally do…working hard, running, lifting weights, yard work, kickin ass, taking names.
I also think how good I feel has a lot to do with cutting wheat and processed carbs out. I'm not retaining water or bloating anymore…so I don't get that "Ugh. I just feel so full and gross" feeling. I swear, that makes a huge difference!

Pounds Gained: 10 total. My midwife said I'm right on track

Cravings: Spinach and Feta Omlets, Lemonade, Cottage Cheese

Cravings that I have not given into: Red Velvet Cake. There was one at work last week and I wanted to eat the whole thing so so bad. But I didn't. I win. Probably wouldn't have been worth it anyway. It was store bought.

Weird pregnant lady things I've eaten: Cottage Cheese with Crumbled Bacon on top. That's normal right?

Aversions: Butter, Fish, Fried food

Symptoms: A few headaches, Acid Reflux, Gross unpredictable burps

I also got my first death cramp. I was sleeping over at work last week and I fell asleep on my back for 50 short minutes (Usually if I do that at home PJ will wake me up and remind me to roll on my side). I jolted awake with a painful death cramp in my leg! That was the last and only time since then, that I fell asleep on my back.

Gender: Girl girl girl.

Things I'm looking forward to: Next weekends race!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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