20 Weeks…It's a Girl!

Saturday, May 4, 2013
Here we are…almost finished with week 20…and stuff is getting real!

I do realize I'm 2 days late with this post…but…better late than never. Right?…

20 Weeks 5 Days

I was strapped for time, to take this picture on Wednesday, so I had to do it right after my run…all sweaty and greasy. Hence why my face is not present. Even with a little retouching I looked like a wet troll.

Monday we had our 20 week appointment, where we found out the gender of my little running partner. That's right, we are having a girl.
It's funny because I was 100% sure we were having a boy. I have been pinning things on Pinterest for the baby, since I got pregnant, and the entire board was all boy stuff.  Supposedly a woman's 6th sense is intuition. I think mines broke.

The appointment was a long one…at least an hour total. They look into every nook and cranny to see how the baby is developing, and to make sure everything is present and accounted for. It's always mind blowing every time I see her little heart beating. I almost can't believe all of that is going on in my body. I literally have 2 working cardiovascular systems in my body. Freaky. 

We also got to see her face, which was really amazing. 

For the first time in my pregnancy, I got pukey. I don't know if it was the tech her pushing on my stomach, or me laying on my back for so long. But I made a beeline for the bathroom, right as she started finishing up. 

Overall, it was an eye opening experience. Were over halfway through, and she's growing so fast. Finding out her gender, and seeing how much she has developed over the past 8  weeks, since my last ultrasound, was unbelieveable. In 4 months, were going to have a little person in here, with her own unique little personality, doing little person things. Holy crap!


I'm still able to hold strong 90% of the time, with no gluten, wheat or processed carbs. And I feel great. I'm still eating the feta (pasteurized) and spinach omelets pretty much every single day. I cannot get enough. I've actually been eating a ton of spinach. I easily go through a bag every day. Yogurt too. I eat a few yogurts each day. And those Kind nut bars are my go to snack lately. The blueberry ones are the best.

I did have a very crappy day last week and the only reasonable answer was to eat buffalo chicken pizza for dinner. Eh, ya win some, ya lose some.


Training is still on the up and up. I'm getting all of my runs in…getting my strength training in…and still doing my push ups. Even though I've popped and this baby is growing like a weed, I'm fortunate enough to feel mostly balanced still. However, I definitely feel myself slowing down on my runs. I'll be interested to see where I clock in next weekend. I'm racing with a friend up in Morris, and really looking forward to it. It's another duathlon, where I'll be running and she will be biking. I've grown out of the shirt I wore last time…so I have to make a new one this weekend. 

I did have a bad bad run day this past Monday. After my appointment I was off the remainder of the day…so I was planning to do my run in the afternoon. I set out for a short 3 mile run and within a half mile I had this really uncomfortable pain in my lower right uterus area. Right where the doctor indicated that her head was, during the ultrasound. I alternated walking and running, but every time I'd run, it was awful. I cut my run short by a mile, and I walked about half of the total distance. Disappointment took over and I felt like a failure. I got very worried that I had reached that point people talk about…where running changes. So I sucked up my pride and took Harper on a long walk. 

Maybe I was tired. Maybe dehydrated. Maybe the baby was just not in the mood. Who knows. But Tuesday morning I woke up and banged out a fantastic 5 miler, with no problem at all. 

Whew! Dodged that bullet. 


There is no mistaking that I am pregnant now. It's obvious. I am happy to say that I've had a consistent week with all positive feelings around my changing body. Except for these boobs. They are just unnecessary. The more pregnant I look, the more comfortable I feel.

It's very liberating to walk around visibly growing a human, and continuing to do all of the things you normally do…working hard, running, lifting weights, yard work, kickin ass, taking names.
I also think how good I feel has a lot to do with cutting wheat and processed carbs out. I'm not retaining water or bloating anymore…so I don't get that "Ugh. I just feel so full and gross" feeling. I swear, that makes a huge difference!

Pounds Gained: 10 total. My midwife said I'm right on track

Cravings: Spinach and Feta Omlets, Lemonade, Cottage Cheese

Cravings that I have not given into: Red Velvet Cake. There was one at work last week and I wanted to eat the whole thing so so bad. But I didn't. I win. Probably wouldn't have been worth it anyway. It was store bought.

Weird pregnant lady things I've eaten: Cottage Cheese with Crumbled Bacon on top. That's normal right?

Aversions: Butter, Fish, Fried food

Symptoms: A few headaches, Acid Reflux, Gross unpredictable burps

I also got my first death cramp. I was sleeping over at work last week and I fell asleep on my back for 50 short minutes (Usually if I do that at home PJ will wake me up and remind me to roll on my side). I jolted awake with a painful death cramp in my leg! That was the last and only time since then, that I fell asleep on my back.

Gender: Girl girl girl.

Things I'm looking forward to: Next weekends race!

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. For whatever reason, I totally had a feeling you were going to have a little girl - CONGRATS! You look great and that is so, so awesome you've been able to hold fast to a healthy diet AND continue with some serious workouts!

  2. Congrats! I have 2 little girls (7 years old and an almost 7 month old). Joys.....nothing but joys....except the attitudes are already coming out. LOL

    Was your leg issue a cramp or wonder if the baby laid on a nerve in your back. My wife used to have shooting pains in her leg(s). Cause was siatica (I think that's the spelling)....but it was very painful.


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