Adventures in Pregnant Racing II

Monday, May 13, 2013
First of all…I swear that every time I race, this baby has a growth spurt! The last one I had was right after last months race.
Between Friday and Sunday night, I've put on some extra circumference in my mid section!

Saturday was my second pregnant lady race. I had grown out of the shirt I wore for the first one, so I made a new one for this race.

I woke up around 4:45am on Saturday, and started my race ready routine. I ate my usual peanut butter and banana bagel, and drank a cup of coffee, to get things moving…if you know what I mean.

The Scenic View Duathlon had an 8am start, and it was about an hour away. We left at 6am to head up to Morris. I hate rushing…so I like to arrive unnecessarily early and stand around for a hour. My teammate Kelsey, and her peeps, met Pj and I there.

For this race, I was doing the first run (2 miles), Kelsey the bike (10 miles), and me the second run (2 miles).

This was Kelsey's very first race ever, and she has been training and working super hard to prepare. I was pretty excited for her, because I knew once she got out there, she would be hooked! Then my evil plans would fall into place, and I would have a racing/training buddy for next year. Muahahahah.

This was another smaller race, like last months, which made it fun. I love the friendliness at the smaller events.

I helped Kelsey set up in transition. She got a great spot near the exit. While we were setting up, a woman came over to us and started chatting. She asked if I had ever done this race before, and I told her no. Then she proceeded to tell me that the run was really cool. There wasn't much info about the course on the internet, so I had no idea what she was talking about. She then pointed to this tower off in the distance, up a significant incline, and told us that I would be running up to that tower and back, for the runs.

"Oh! Cool!" I acted very excited, but all I was thinking was "Craaaaaap". I had no idea this race had a run course that was literally, straight up a hill. If I did, I would have trained many many more hills!!!

After we set up, we made our way to the start and waited.

Let's go running baby!

The race director corralled the group of us over to the start line. Kelsey and I high fived, and I lined up towards the back of the group, not really knowing what to expect from my performance. Being pregnant I have to go completely off of how I feel in the moment. I can't plan anything because the baby could just decided not to have it that day. Or my stomach or pelvis could be unhappy.

The horn sounded and we were off. I felt good. Really good. The first mile of the run was directly up hill. The baby definitely learned a lot of creative curse words during that first mile. Both from me, and from other racers. Most everyone seemed to be suffering. It was a tough, tough wake up call. I had comfortably made myself towards the front half of the pack. I paced with a woman who seemed to be the same speed as me. The course doubles back on itself, so when I started seeing people come back down the other side, I noticed something. This woman and I were holding the first and second place spots for the ladies.

As we came down the hill, I kept pace with her. I felt comfortable and very strong. Aria felt good and didn't seem to be opposed to my pace.

In the last 3/4 of a mile, I overtook the woman who I was pacing with, with ease. I figured since I had a lot left in the tank, I might as well bring it in fast to get a little bit of an advantage for Kelsey on the bike.

I came in from the first run as the first place female, which was pretty freaking exciting.

I clocked in from my first run at 14:23, pacing 7:12 avg. per mile. And I felt great!!!!

Kelsey headed out on the bike! I wasn't on the course so I didn't get any first hand experience, but from what I understand, it was rolling. Kelsey held her own and rocked the crap out of it! On her very first race she held strong to the 4th place female spot, coming back into transition.

She was only about 2 minutes behind the 3rd place. Once she was in transition, I headed out for run number two…back up the hill.

I didn't see the 3rd place woman until I was almost at the top of the hill. Then in the distance, I saw her about a quarter of a mile ahead of me. I kept her in my sights and decided that since I felt good, I would continue to run strong and comfortably. If I found myself in a position to pass her, I'd take it. Otherwise I'd chill back. After all, she did just ride 10 hilly miles.

About a half mile before the finish I caught up to her. We chatted for a second, and then because I was feeling so good still, I went ahead and passed her. I came into the finish on a serious race high. I figured I probably ran the same speed as the first run, maybe a little slower. Then I saw my second split…13:46. That's a 6:53 avg. pace on my second run! Thank you baby Aria!

Our team was Whale Whale Whale, What Do We Have Here? But for some reason, they entered our info under my name, rather than our team name. Not sure what that's all about.

It had started to rain pretty bad, so we started to pack up. One of my favorite parts of races is afterwards when everyone hangs out and eats and chats. But it was cold and raining…so the people that had already finished, were packing up and preparing to leave.

We took some pictures and then headed out. I felt so excited about the fact that Aria was so down with that race, that she let me comfortably pace pretty speedy. I felt great the entire time, and there was no indication of stress. Running hard definitely raised my heart rate, but I wasn't too out of breath to talk, and I wasn't gasping for air. My body was just doing it's job and doing it well.

This race was so much fun. I didn't expect to still be feeling so great or be able to hang with the big boys, and girls, at five and a half months pregnant. I don't wear a watch while I train, so that I purposefully don't get caught up on pace or time. Instead, I go by how my body feels…which seems to be working.

I said this after my last race, and I feel like I have to mention it again. Although the race went great and I felt awesome during the entire event…recovery is a lot different now that I'm pregnant. Even from just last month. It's longer and much harder. A race that I would have normally recovered from that same day, has now turned into 2 days of me being exhausted and sore. Maybe even more.

This was an absolute blast! I definitely want to race it again next year!


  1. HOW cute (and speedy!) are you?!?! Awesome job out there running! So happy to hear that you've been able to stay active (and enjoy it - AND keep the speed too, my gosh woman, sub-7s!) during your pregnancy! I bet you will bounce right back after you welcome Aria to the world!

    1. Thanks!!!! :) I'm so happy and thankful that I've been fortunate enough to feel good enough to stay so active! I'm hoping to be one of those ladies hobble running in a sports bra at 9 month pregnant. Haha.


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