Bye Bye Heat and A Box of Excitement

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
The humidity is gone! And the heat too! Horray!!!!

The last few days have been gross for us up here in New England. Unusually high temps and lung crippling humidity.

Yes I am a freak, and there's nothing I love more than a super hot, dirty, sweaty run in soaring temps…but anything other than running…like existing for example, is hell in those hot hot temps.

Boston handled it well.

Now for something exciting.

A few weeks ago I ran across something fun on twitter, called Stridebox.

Stridebox is a monthly subscription for runners. You are sent a box, loaded with products and accessories for training, workouts and racing.

How it works:

1. Join Stridebox online. It's just under 15 bucks a month. You can continue your subscription monthly, take a break  or cancel whenever you want.

2. They stuff your Stridebox with tons of goodies.

3. Your box arrives at your door with lots of running goodies. Open it up and get excited.

I received my first box in May and it was just as exciting as I anticipated.

OMG it's here!!!

I've subscribed to a similar thing before, where you receive a box of beauty samples.
Stridebox was 1000 times better!!! When I opened it I couldn't believe how full it was with products, and that they were all full size!!!

Contents of my Stridebox:

Sport Beans
Vi Fuel Endurance Gel
Blister Protectors
Stinger Energy Chews
Perfect Fit Raw Organic Protien Powder
Klitch - Handy clip to hook your smelly running shoes to the outside of your bag
Bottle Bright Water Bottle Cleaner
Just Great Stuff Organic Superberry Bar
Bonk Breakers

I LOVED this. I found every single product to be useful! There were also a few products that I liked so much, I began buying them after I tried them. As I said before, it was very cool that all of the products were full size samples that you could actually get use out of.

I also really enjoyed that I was able to try out a few nutrition products that I was interested in, but didn't want to commit to buying until I knew I'd like them!

The best part were the things that I had never heard of, but now I love!!!

I've used almost everything from May's box, and I'm so psyched for June!

I definitely recommend Stridebox! It's a lot of fun.

Well, I'm off to eat the greenest breakfast combination ever:

Tortilla with spinach, cucumber, raw green beans and goat cheese. 

Have a great day!!!

*I did not receive any sort of compensation for my review os Stridebox. I reviewed it because I loved it, not because anyone asked me to.*

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