We Are Here...27 Weeks

Friday, June 21, 2013
Well, were down to the final two days of the second trimester. I'm excited for the final stretch and so is my lower back.

27 Weeks, 5 Days


The chocolate milk is back. Well, all the milk is back. I've been drinking a ton of milk the past 2 weeks. PJ and I transitioned our diet back to a cleaner, more whole diet. I'm following Primal guidelines, for the dairy.

I feel so much better when were eating this way. I don't know why we ever stray. My body responds so much better without grains and wheat. 
No, I'm not 100% perfect at following. it's about 85/15. Last week a PB & J somehow found it's way into my mouth.

I have been housing sweet potato's lately. Last week alone I must have eaten about 10. One day I had 3 of them. 

I'm back to being really hungry, and more often than not I wake up in the middle of the night with a completely empty stomach. I've been packing snacks for me to eat when I wake up that way, otherwise who knows what would happen.


Week 26 I posted that 90% of the time I feel awesome. Right now I'm probably at about 80% of the time I feel fantastic, but there is an ugly 20% that is rough. 
I have been experiencing a lot of cramps in my legs. I drink a ridiculous amount of water, so I am certain it's not hydration related. They are generally first thing in the morning or middle of the night, so it likely has something to do with position or lack of moving around during that time.

I've also found lately that I'm most comfortable when I'm moving...which is really nothing new. Sitting for extended time in chairs puts a lot of pressure on my pelvis...so rather than sitting I'm pretty much always moving. 
When I do sit I find that on the floor, indian style is the most comfortable. Then my belly can just hang naturally. 

I also just started to really notice the extra weight in my belly over the past week. Carrying it around and continuing my every day activities is more tiring than it used to be. 

I'm still loving my body these days. I proudly rock my bikini at the beach and at the pool, and I love the reflection I see when I'm running...strong and making life.


I'm still hitting it hard. I've made a few small adjustments since last time we talked training. 

First, I wasn't doing squats a few weeks ago because my balance was off. I read in one of my pregnancy books that squats are actually beneficial to preparing for labor, etc. So I modified my squat and I am now doing them with a 6 pound medicine ball. I squat and extend my arms outward holding the ball. This balances me out. It's still a little challenging because of my extra weight, but I love a challenge. And I'm all about strong legs.

I've also added 2 days of the bike (no, not outside...it's an hour long spin class), taken out 1 day of running, and added 1 brick day. Which means...

Sunday: Bike
Monday: Run & Strength
Tuesday: Run & Strength
Wednesday: Run & Swim
Thursday: Off
Friday: Run & Strength
Saturday: Brick: Run/Bike/Run

I'm still training 6 days per week and feeling great. I actually feel the best during and after exercise. It's that damn sitting or lying down and then trying to get up that is getting me!

Pounds Gained: 14.5 

Cravings: Milk, Sweet Potato's

Downfall craving that I felt overly guilty about indulging in: Peanut Butter and Jelly

Aversions: The usual...fish

Symptoms: Lower back, Intense pressure on my bladder, Very tired at night

Movement: She's still bouncing around in there. On fathers day we went out to dinner and afterwards it felt like she was kicking me right in my stomach. I was so nauseous!

Maternity Pictures: I'm planning to do a few shots. I don't like the posed pictures, so I'm planning on a couple dark silhouette pics.

Things I'm excited about: Baby shower/BBQ/All around good time this weekend

Things that recently broke my heart: My midwife and I were talking about post baby exercising and she told me that although I've kept my fitness and activity levels high, once the baby is born I will still need 6 weeks without training to fully heal.  Womp womp. I haven't gone 6 weeks without running in years. I don't even remember the last time.
She did say I can still be active, I just can't run or really train hard until after 6 weeks is up. 

I'm off to do some work. Have a great Friday!!!


  1. You are doing great! Ugh on the midwife :( I hate that there is no research to back this up and people still continue to tell PP women this. I was back walking a couple miles 2 days after my baby was born and run/walking by 1 week, and running slow 2 weeks. Listen to your body and see how it feel, do what you feel like. Exercise was my time with a newborn and kept me going through the sleepless nights.

    1. Thanks :)
      Yea, I wonder where this 6 week rule came from? And why everyone seems to think its universal, when with everything else you always hear "our bodies are all different".
      I'm hoping to get out there for some walk/run's not too long after she's born. Not only for exercise...but for my sanity. Without exercise I'm certain I would be a crazy person. Where else would all of this energy go?!


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