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Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Put A1 sauce on your eggs?

Well you should. It was so good!!! Sometimes pregnancy has really good ideas!!!

On Sunday we returned from our little vacation. It was wonderful! We headed down to Maryland, where I grew up, for my Dad's Wedding. It was busy, but so much fun. I got to eat tons of delicious Maryland foods and see family who I haven't seen in so many years.

I'm very photogenic.

Now that were back home in CT, we're just trying to get back into the swing of things with work and not eating everything in sight.

Monday I made our weekly menu and hit the grocery store. Now that were home, were back on the paleo track (mostly). I say mostly because A1 is not paleo…but it is so good.
I know it's not impossible, but it is difficult to stick to a strict eating regimen on the road. Especially when you are a hungry hungry hippo like me, and there isn't a kitchen available. Not to mention, all of those wedding cupcakes.

Anyhow, something interesting has happened. So far I've been sticking to primal rather than paleo, throughout the pregnancy, for the dairy. Just recently, my desire for dairy has disappeared. Guess what I've been wanting in it's place though…Salmon. How weird! I haven't wanted fish since I got pregnant.

A few days after this need for fish came about, I was sent a baby update from this app on my iPhone, that talked about how Omega 3's during the third trimester are important for a boost in brain development for the baby. It blows my mind how our bodies know what it is supposed to do and when it is supposed to do it.

I missed my spin classes last Saturday and Sunday, which is a huge bummer. I'm mostly bummed because that means after this weekends classes my butt is going to be killing me. All the extra weight makes for more frequent saddle sore occurrences. Your welcome for that information.

I'm off to do some studying. This NASM personal training course is not for the feint of heart.

Happy Wednesday!

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