It Wasn't Permanent!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
The week before last I was having a tough time with running. My heart rate was going berzerk and I couldn't figure out what the problem was (aside from the growing human that is crushing my organs from the inside out).

I resorted to working in some elliptical workouts, to get a similar cardio experience until I could figure out the running problem.

Well, the good news is…It wasn't permanent! After 4 days off of the treadmill and on the elliptical, I made a come back. I went to my normal Saturday spin class and then out of sheer habit, after class I hopped on the treadmill to get my brick in. Once I was cruising I realized "Oh crap! I'm back in action!!!"

I have scaled back from 5 days of running per week, to 4. I'm putting on some serious belly circumference, and the extra 17 pounds that has come along with this baby definitely make running more challenging. She's heavy and my bladder takes a serious beating.

The good news is that it seems I'm still kinda fast.

We took Harper to the beach for the first time this weekend and she was romping around with her boyfriend Memphis. The second I took my eyes off her, there she went, full speed down the beach. I sprinted after her, like a crazy person, yelling and waving my arms. Meanwhile, Boston, our little white maltese was running after me down the beach. I did catch her, and she apologized for making a 7.5 months pregnant woman chase after her with her belly hanging out of her bikini.

Don't tell her I said this…but it felt so good to go fast. I miss it.

Anyways, so what have I been up to with training now that I'm into my 30th week of pregnancy…

Running - Mama's still got it! I'm still running 4 days per week. My runs are shorter, around 2 - 3 miles usually. But I'm still out there!

Elliptical - 3 days - Because my runs are shorter, I'm still doing a lot of work on the elliptical. Generally I will do a 30 minute interval workout on the elliptical prior to my run. Except on Saturdays…I go directly into a run after my cycling class.

Cycling - 2 days - Saturdays and Sundays I go to a 1 hour cycling/spinning class.

Strength - I've still been strength training more often and more consistently than I ever have before. I do 4 days of tough strength training per week.

Swimming - I haven't been in the water in 2 weeks. I grew out of my swimsuit and I just can't bring myself to buy another one when I wont' be wearing it for very long. I may cave though, because I'm itching to get back in the pool.

Total - I'm still working out a total of 5 days per week.

I didn't post the 29 week update last week…so here is a picture of the beast from last week. Wait until you see this weeks picture. It's even bigger!

Harper is not amused. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!


  1. "aside from the growing human that is crushing my organs from the inside out"

    Quote of the day!!!

    My wife used to say something similar when I'd ask how she was feeling. LOL

    1. Haha. Thanks! Your wife sounds very wise :)

  2. Yay! So glad you're back running again! I'm continually impressed by how much you're still able to do. Even though you've scaled back on the running, you are working hard! I bet baby girl is going to come out running. ;)

    You look great, BTW! Love the belly

    1. Thanks! :) I hope she does come out running!!! I secretly hope she and I can be racing buddies.


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