37 Weeks...Full Term!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
This past weekend I officially reached 37 weeks...aka full term! Woo hoo!!!
My sister is out of town on a vacation (rude!)...so I had to take my own bump pictures today. Which is why they are a little more awkward than usual. Teresa is a iPhone photographer extraordinaire. I am not.
These past two weeks I've been hungrier than I think I ever had been in my life. It was crazy. The baby also grew a ton, so I'm thinking it had something to do with her having a growth spurt. I went to my appointment on Monday and in 2 weeks I put on 5 pounds! That's a lot compared to how I've been gaining weight so far during the pregnancy. You can see it in my belly. She's sticking out very far and she's really hard.
I haven't really been sticking to any sort of eating plan. I haven't been eating crap, by any means. I've been making nutritious decisions and eating good stuff. But I've been pretty lax with the wheat and bread products. Last night I made wheat pasta, with broccoli, lemon and spinach and feta chicken sausage. It was so good.
This week my appetite has gone back to normal. Hopefully that means this beast won't be getting too much bigger. The last thing I need is a 16 pound baby.
We've also been ordering food more than usual. Mostly because by the evening I get really exhausted and cooking is the furthest thing from my mind. I've been doing a lot of soup and salad combos.

Big. The baby dropped even lower the past few days and I can really feel it. She's very low in my pelvis and the discomfort can be intense at times. It puts a lot of pressure on my pelvis and on my blood vessels in my lower extremities, so I ache and hurt a lot. Especially at night. At times, depending on how I move, I'll get some sharp shooting pains. Overall, I try to keep moving a lot, to keep the blood circulating.
I'm not going to sugar coat it though...although I am well versed in "embracing the suck" during athletics...the last trimester of pregnancy is hard. And it sucks. The pain that radiates from my pelvis and crotch is so intense sometimes, that I want to chop my body in half just to get away from it. Other times it almost stuns me...and I have to stand there for a minute. I also haven't been able to get comfortable in any position in about a month.
As I said before, I'm also really tired again. I think that can be attributed to the heat and carrying all of this extra weight.
I've been getting contractions often. Not painful labor ones, but preparation contractions. And my body is doing a good job of making sure it's totally empty at all times. Every time I eat, I am in the bathroom within the hour.
Emotionally I'm back to normal for now. No nervous breakdowns or public meltdowns. I'm just feeling really excited about her arrival.

I'm still fortunate enough to be kicking butt in the gym 5 days a week. My workouts are centered around spin class, the elliptical, and strength training. I also walk the dogs 3 miles every day. I'm moving slow these days...but were walking. Harper is polite and she waits for me. Boston has tiny legs so were pretty much the same speed.
I miss running so desperately bad. At least once my body heals, it'll be the fall...which is my favorite time of year to run.

Pounds gained: 28 with 2.5 weeks to go...doesn't look like I'll be topping out at 27
Cravings: None...I think I'm past the cravings phase.
Aversions: None...I also think I'm past that phase.
Naps: I nap every day...sometimes twice.
Maternity Leave: Already started...in full effect.
Things Left To Do Before The Baby: There are a few cleaning projects that I want to do. I'm also going to make a ton of crock pot meals to freeze. Other than that...everything is put together, set up, and ready.
Thoughts on Labor: People keep asking me if I'm nervous, and then they proceed to tell me some horrific story about when they were in labor. Sorry folks, it's not going to work. I'm actually not the slightest bit nervous about labor. I'm interested to see what it feels like. Through training and racing I've learned that overcoming physical pain usually leads to some pretty amazing accomplishments...and it's always worth it.
I'm sick. I know. I just really intrigued by the whole experience.
Things That I'll Never Take For Granted Again: Easily getting up from a chair, and getting out of bed. I'm like Humpty Dumpty.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Lol. People love to share their horror stories!! Idiots! I was fascinated too. I couldn't wait to feel it. I didn't get the natural feel though bc she was so late so I got the Pitocin feel. Still, it's not something you can describe and I definitely feel part of the "club" that you're about to join. It's pretty freakin' amazing and hard and life changing. You're gonna rock it. You look fantastic!!

  2. I think people just like to share stories. Bad or not. lol. I got em too. The worst one was after I was overdue with number 2. I won't even share that one. You look amazing though!

  3. Congrats on full term!! So exciting that you're getting so close!! :) I know it's been tough, but hang in there...there's definitely a very bright light at the end of the tunnel!

    I met a woman yesterday with a 4 month old (her second kid) and we were talking about pregnancy. Right off the bat she told me - don't listen to anyone when they try to tell you their labor horror stories. I was thankful she said that. I understand that labor is a life-changing (maybe sometimes scarring??) experience, but I don't know why women feel the need to scare other pregnant women with their stories! The baby has to come out one way or another, so worrying about it is not going to help.

  4. Yes, labor is different for every birth. I had two children (and expecting my third), and with both I had non painful contractions, easy transition, and with my first I didn't even feel the head emerge! We had both at home with a midwife, so no drugs. Learning how to relax your body, and especially your pelvic floor muscles is key. You'll do great. No need to worry.


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