We Are Here...38 Weeks

Friday, September 6, 2013

38 Weeks, 6 Days

I have been pregnant for 271 days. Holy crap.

Week 38 has been a little bit of a roller coaster. A hugely uncomfortable roller coaster. My stomach keeps growing...getting heavier and larger. I swear I'll never take for granted the ability to put on underwear or get up out of a chair, without struggling, again.
I've been getting more tired this week. I think it has to do with carrying around this bowling ball all day long. Generally my days consist of getting up around 5:30am, walking Harper for a few miles, the gym, cleaning, organizing and crossing things off my "list of supreme productivity" until about 2pm. Then I crash really hard. After that I'm pretty useless for the rest of the day. Harper and I squeeze in our second long walk in the evening, and then I'm in bed by 8 or 9. PJ always offers to do the second walk, but I like doing it because I have a lot of contractions when I walk her. I feel like that's a sign that I'm on my way in the right direction...so I always opt to do it.
I'm still not sleeping well. I get up every 2 hours to use the bathroom or because I just can't sleep. The good news is once the baby does get here, I'll be accustomed to getting up so often. So na na boo boo, body.
This week has been a little tough emotionally. I think I must have had a hormone surge or something. The first 3 days of the week I was in a dark dark place. I felt like if I was pregnant one more day I would scream. I was frustrated, sore, tired and I wanted to be alone. Then today I woke up feeling back to normal. I'm in a much more positive place, and I'm feeling okay with the fact that I could be looking at a few more weeks time.
These hormones are insane!!!
I had a doctors appointment on Monday and my midwife said that the baby's head is as low as it can possibly go. It sitting directly on my pelvic bone. That makes a lot of sense considering how much my crotch hurts. Unfortunately because of how low her head is, when she tried to internally examine my cervix, it was so painful that she couldn't do it. So we have no idea what that is looking like.
Were downt to 9 days until she's due...so now were just waiting for her to decide it's the right time.


There isn't really any exciting news on the food front. I've been normally hungry. Nothing crazy.
This past weekend I made 11 frozen crock pot meals, for us to break into once the baby is born. They are extremely convenient. Basically you just put all of the ingredients into a gallon ziplock bag, write instructions and anything else that should be added at the time of cooking, and then freeze it. When you are ready to cook it, just take it out the night before, to thaw, then toss everything into your crock pot in the morning, and let it cook.

I've been walking 4 miles a day with the dogs, and going to the gym 5 days a week. At the gym I stick to the elliptical and strength training. I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to spin this weekend. I want to because I love the high intensity workout...and right now it's the only high intensity workout I get. However, because of the baby's head I'm so uncomfortable when I sit and after I get up from sitting for a while, I feel like my bones are going to break apart. I don't know that I want to put myself through that.
If I were a reasonable person I would go to class and leave if it got to bad. But I'm far too competitive/ridiculous/proud to ever leave in the middle of class...so if I start the class, I'll need to finish. Gotta love that ego.
Pounds Gained: 30
Clothes: I'm so ready to wear normal clothes again. I feel like I've been cycling through the same 6 things for months. My belly is starting to hang out of all of my shirts. Even maternity tops. Sixty percent of the time I look like a trucker.
Signs of labor: There are tons of websites and articles that write about different "signs" that your body is preparing for labor. I have had every single one for almost 2 weeks. My body must be very efficient at preperation. Let's hope it's as good with executing the task.
Things that were way harder than expected: Setting up the car seat. That thing is made for geniuses. How can such an important detail have so many weird instructions?!
Things we need: For the past few weeks I've been feeling like we couldn't possibly need anything else. We have EVERYTHING and more. But, as this tiny human grows, and becomes not so tiny, I'm thinking we may have bought too many newborn diapers. If this beast get's to be 9 pounds before she comes out, she'll likely explode right through them...not to mention she will likely snap me in half on the way out. I should have known better than to anticipate having a small child. My husband is pretty much the tallest person I know.
Catching up: Now that my personal training course is over, and I have all of this free time, I've been catching up on reading. I love to read...but I have a tough time when I find myself with other responisibilites, to be able to relax and enjoy a book. The past few months I've been so caught up in the NASM course, that I wouldn't let myself touch another type of reading material. But nowwww, I have time to read to my hearts content.
What do I like to read? I love history and historical fiction.
Homeopathic remedies: In preperation for labor I've been doing some small preperations. Two to three times per day I drink a combination of Red Raspberry Leaf tea and Nettle Leaf tea. The RRL tea helps tone the uterus for labor and the NL tea helps with bleeding after delivery.
Happy Friday everyone!!!



  1. You look amazing! Enjoy every last second of it (sounds weird, I know) but you'll miss having her all to yourself!

    1. Thanks!!! I know I'll miss her being all mine. But I'm dying to meet this little one.

  2. Question: Did you use any particular website/book in prepping all your crock pot meals? I have been looking to do that here too in order to streamline our schedule...

    As far as newborn diapers... you definitely won't need many of those if baby is 9 lbs - haha Rad grew out of those in about a week! You won't snap in two if she's that big, and as soon as her shoulders are out you will almost forget the pain. Since you are in such good shape physically & mentally, recovery will be a breeze for you too. Just watch you will be amazed!

    If you need anything or have any questions, etc, don't hesitate to ask! I am by no means any expert , but will will help you with anything I can. That being said I have Newborn girl clothes if you are interested, but I have a feeling Aria is going to be a "long" baby. ;)

    Good luck with the last few days & enjoy it as much as you can! THinking of you guys and wishing you a speedy delivery!


    1. I just googled frozen crock pot recipes. It brought up a bunch of blog posts with recipes and ideas. That was really convenient. Try that.
      I'm pretty sure she's going to be too big for newborns :( Maybe they'll fit her for like a week. Haha. Hopefully I can exchange the diapers.
      Thanks for offering your expertise! I may just have to send some questions your way. I have no idea what I'm doing over here.

    2. I hope things are going well!!! I miss you guys. And btw, your babies are beautiful!!!!!!

  3. Can you take some of the diapers back and exchange for a bigger size? Sounds like things are going really good though. I totally remember that stage. But my body never really got ready "on time" so hopefully yours is better!

    1. I'm hoping we can exchange them! I'm goign to try that once she comes out and we see how big this beast is.
      Yea, I'm having this awful feeling that I'm going to be 2 weeks late or something like that. I hope I'm wrong!


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