Random Friday Facts…on Wednesday

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Hi Hi Hi! Welcome to the new and improved Have My Cake. Some of the pages aren't completely done…but they're in the works. I promise!

I'm working on Aria's 2 Month Old post and my 2 Month Postpartum post…but they aren't finished yet. So in the mean time…here is some random babbling.

1. My least favorite sound is my puppies licking their butts. It just sounds so juicy and gross.

2. I think it's hilarious when Aria farts.

3. My friend asked me what thing can I simply not live without, since having the baby. My answer….our espresso machine. That thing changed my life.

4. My sister can make the funniest lizard face.

5. This morning my Amazon cart was full with 8 things that I needed. I decided to be reasonable and empty out everything except one thing. What did I end up with…a pair of Zoot trail running shoes!

6. Since I'm a dumb dumb and had the date of my next race mixed up, I've been shopping for another. I'm thinking of going big! I mean, is there any other way?!

7. My dogs crunch on leaves like they are potato chips. If there is a leaf stuck to your shoe when you walk in, they will sniff it out, pull it off, and crunch it up!

8. I really want to de-clutter and go for a minimalist feel in our house. I just have no idea where the heck to start! If I can find the time, it shouldn't be too hard though. I LOVE getting rid of things. I'm not a sentimental keeper of things. Cold hearted, right here.

9. PJ and I went out for dinner last weekend. It took me exactly 2 glasses of wine to get him on board with me training for another Ironman.

10. I dug the Indo Board out of the basement the other day, to start working on some core stuff. Any guesses on how many days until I fall off and bust my butt?

11. PJ and I went on our first "date" (although, I don't think that's what the kids are calling it these days), when I was the ripe old age of 23. He took me to a bar called The Salty Dog and proceeded to sing "Don't Stop Believin'" to me...as other young bar goers so gracefully rode a mechanical bull and drank tequila shots in the background.

12. The smell of hand sanitizer reminds me of boot camp.

13. When I was stationed on the ship they would sometimes serve "chicken cordon bleu". It looked like hamsters. We called it hamsters. I'm still skeptical about the whole situation.

14. Yesterday I was singing Jack Johnson to Aria and she started making noises like she was trying to sing along too. I can't wait until that little poop can talk.

15. Hundreds of dollars were spent on things for Aria to sleep in…a fancy bassinet that you can hook an iPod up to, a crib with beautiful bedding, the pack and play with the newborn bassinet. But she will only sleep in a less than fifty dollar Rock and Play.

16.  On our wedding day, PJ sent over with his best man, a sweet love letter and a packet of hot sauce that read "Will You Marry Me".

17. I have a folder on my desktop called "Ninja Report".

18. Look how cute my puppies are!

I hope you guys enjoyed this collection of random stuff! Tomorrow I should have Aria's 2 Month post ready to go!


  1. You are hysterical! On another note I thought I should share with you something that Grayson loves almost as much as the rock and play. It is called the poster by leachco. He started using it in daycare and we had to get one. It's great for naps and very snuggly. It is adjustable as your baby grows. We use for playing on his mat, to sit with us on the couch, and is easy to plop into a pack and play or crib. Which I am hoping will ease the transition. Just thought I would pass this new found treasure.

    1. Oh cool! I'll have to check that out!!! Thanks!

  2. I love these posts! They make me feel like I am really getting to know you better =) And that thing about Aria sleeping only in the cheap thing you got her? Get used to it. Kids seem to enjoy the box more often then the toy (or the wrapping paper!)

    1. Thanks Betsy!!! Haha. Maybe for Christmas I should just get her some empty boxes. ;) Btw, your girls are adorable!!!

  3. You are too funny! Seriously I am so with you on item number 1. So much so, that I trained my dog to not clean herself in front of me! When she starts going to town, I just say "Enough!" and she stops, I can't deal!

    And as we are awaiting our new arrival, I have been thinking the same thing. We bought all this nice stuff, I bet like 50% of it gets used! Oh well!

    1. How did you train your dog not to do that??? It's the grossest thing ever!!! I can't even.

      Congratulations!!! Yea, it's so funny how they prefer the random things that you totally wrote off. Aria also has this plastic frog that she is enamored by. I'm thinking it was like a happy meal toy or something. It's so cheap and random.

  4. Oh Tami, that's so true. Just give her some boxes. Your first few Christmas's you opened boxes, threw out the toys and climbed in the boxes and played. I have pictures to prove it!

  5. Hey Girlie! Long time no see!! I've been extremely swamped lately so im just catching up on your posts. I'm curious to know what kind of stuff you keep in your "ninja report" folder LoL


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