Two Months Aria

Friday, November 15, 2013

Aria is two months old. 

The picture is a little blurry in some spots. It's really hard to get a still shot of a tiny running baby!

She had her 8 week appointment last week and she is at 10.5 pounds and 21 inches long. She is in the 25th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight. Sounds like she may have my build, rather than my Tall Guy's.

Over the past month she has made some big leaps. It's so insane watching babies develop. She has a little personality now and she loves to wiggle, smile and kick her little legs. She also interacts with everyone now…and the dogs.

Don't worry, Aria didn't get any dog tongue to the face. Harper just likes to sniff her baby.

And snuggle with her baby.

And protect her baby on walks. 

Aria loves her milk. Because of my crazy oversupply and strong let down, she still wont breastfeed. Womp womp. Sometimes it makes me really sad because I feel like I'm missing out on something.

I'm exclusively pumping now, so she is getting breastmmilk, just not from the spout. I freeze half of what I pump, so we will have it down the road if needed. I'm trying to drop two of my 8 pumps a day and go down to 6, because it's insane to pump full time. It's a bit risky to do that only being 9 weeks post partum, because my milk supply isn't completely established yet. But I'm pumping 50 ounces per day on average, so dropping 2 pumps hopefully will not kill my supply.

I need decrease to 6 to for my sanity. Pumping 8 times per day had me at every 3 hours. During the day that isnt't so bad, but at night it's killing me. What am I talking about. During the day it is so bad. Expecting a 2 month old to "be cool" and "just chill" while I pump every few hours, is not realistic. About half the time the stars align, and she is patient while I pump. The other half, it's a frenzy. I'm talking Crazy Town.

Also, Aria eats twice at night. So when my pumping and her eating coincide (which is during both feedings, because they both happen every 3 hours), it takes me an hour and a half from start to finish to feed her, put her back down to sleep, pump, clean up and get to bed. So that had me sleeping two hour and a half stretches and one 3 hour stretch when PJ was feeding her. I had been doing that for 4 weeks and I was starting to wear down really low. I'm talking, some low low points.

So I'm going for a schedule of pumping every 4 hours. I'm on day five of 6 pumps per day and it's definitely an improvement. I don't feel like I'm quite so married to the pump.

At 2 months Aria's favorite activities are pooping, staring at and talking to her mobile, not napping regularly, listening to my singing, giggling, smiling, eating her hands, taking Harper for a walk. She also does a lot of leg lifts and core work. She must be training for something. Perhaps a spring race. Who knows what that baby is up to.

She isn't quite sleeping through the night. But honestly I'm not really sure what that even means. She sleeps just fine…but girl get's hungry. I can't blame her either! I also get hungry at night. 

Her schedule looks something like this: 6pm eat, 6:30pm sleep...until around 11pm...11pm eat, and then go back to sleep until 1:30am…1:30am eat and back to sleep until 4:30am...4:30am eat, and then back to sleep…wake up around 7 for the day. I rarely ever have trouble getting her to go back to sleep...but she does get up a few times to refuel. 

We live in an older New England home, so the insulation isn't awesome. It gets a little drafty late at night and into the morning, before the heat kicks on at 5:30. So sometimes after her 4:30am wake up, we will snuggle in bed until the heat comes on. 

We just recently switched to cloth diapers and they are pretty rad. Aria appreciates the softness on her bum too.

We are loving the Best Bottom diapers! I'll talk more about the switch in another post. But all in all, we're so down with the cloth diapering.

Signing is going well. We've started with basic signs of words that we use daily: mommy, daddy, dog, milk, more, all done, poop, and full. Every month we will work in more signs that pertain to every day things and actions. Of coarse she isn't signing back yet. But she is a sponge and she is taking in every little thing that is happening around her.

Stay tuned for the 2 Month Postpartum Tami hasn't made an monumental mistakes yet!!! Woo hoo!!! post. 

Happy Friday Ya'll.

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