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Monday, November 18, 2013

The first month after Aria was born, I was in survival mode. Basically just trying to keep the baby clean, dry, clothed and fed…while keeping myself from dying.

The second month everything is starting to come together in a kind of dance. Right now our dance is erratic, like break dancing…but it's dancing none the less.

You really have no idea how much your life changes having a baby, until you have one. Sure, you know to some extent, and people tell you it'll be different, but you don't really realize that every single part of your life will never be the same.

PJ and I dreamt up Aria for a long time before I got pregnant. We wanted to be parents so badly but it was taking longer than we hoped. When we got pregnant I was in such happy disbelief that I took 4 pregnancy tests, one right after another.

Then I still didn't believe there was any way in the world that I could be this lucky, so I took two more the following day.

Just a bit of advice…a sure fire way to get pregnant, when nothing seems to be to get a puppy. Then you will get pregnant. Ask me how I know.

Anyways, before we knew it, she was here and our lives were forever changed. Your independence becomes non existent and every single thing you do revolves around this tiny little person.

The first month is so crazy, that you don't really have time to stop and think about how different things are. Now that we have our little routines down, I am starting to see.

Adapting to the changes is easy as whole. I mean, it's hard for it not to be when the reason for the shift is because of this perfect little human you created.

But there are definitely times when it is challenging to accept the changes.

I do miss having the time to prepare delicious and intricate meals, and the time to research and try out new recipes.
Sometimes it can be tough when I have a plan to write a blog post or drink some tea in silence, or sleep, or do some reading, or cleaning, or take a hot bath, while Aria naps, but she's having a bad day where she just needs to be held snuggled during her nap. So those things I wanted to do for myself are put on the back burner because she needs me and I'm her momma.
More than anything though, I miss having unlimited time to train and workout.

I do still have time to devote to my health and fitness, but it isn't unlimited any longer. It is quite limited during the week, but more open during the weekends. I'm not really a weekend warrior type of girl though. I need serious movement all week long.
Because of that I have to plan very carefully and manage my time extremely efficiently, if I want to get my training in.
I'm still having a tough time always getting in the effective workouts that I plan. I have to be flexible at all times, and basically be ready to go on a dime. Just because I plan an 8am run, doesn't mean Aria will be all set for me to disappear for 2 hours at 8am. She may have something completely different in mind. Instead I may have to be ready to run out the door unexpectedly at 2:45pm, when I had originally planned for 8am.

I'm not exactly sure where I was going with that ramble. I guess what I'm trying to say is that... in month 2 one of the most important things I've embraced is flexibility. Which really is an exceptional thing…because I didn't have much flexibility before Miss Aria!

As far as my body, 2 months Postpartum…well…

It's different.

I have made it back down to my pre pregnancy weight. Which is fantastic. However, it still looks very different from what it used to. And I'm most definitely not in those pre pregnancy jeans yet.

It took 10 months for my body to stretch out, in order to accommodate growing a person…so yes, it will take some time to get it back. I'm going to have to work really hard to get it the way I want it.

This is the last belly picture that was taken just a day before I went into labor.

My abdominal muscles are still not fully intact yet, and my stomach isn't nearly as tight as it was. Everything just feels a little more loose. Like a cat with extra skin.

I say "I'm going to have to work hard" rather than "I am working hard" because I haven't really started intensely busting my ass to get there just yet. It's coming very soon…but since that race ended up being a bust, I gave myself a little longer of a break from training schedules.

Speaking of everything being a little more loose. If you haven't yet, you should check out this article by Olympic runner, Lauren Fleshman. She just had a baby in June, and she's keeping it real.

One of the most amazing parts of this experience is our daily developing bond. Seeing those sweet little eyes stare up at me with nothing but love, is one of the most incredibly moving things I've ever experienced.

Babies are so cool.

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  1. In my opinion, your body will never really go back to what it was. And I don't think that's a bad thing. Kids change your body in more ways then just the physical.


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