One Year Ago

Monday, December 23, 2013
One year ago today, two very big things happened…

First…our (then) little girl Harper Burrito came into our lives…

Our girl Harper came from a farm in Virginia. She and her brothers and sisters were just dropped off at someones farm. My mom lives down that way, and she saw the listing in the paper. She and my brother went over to the house, picked out the coolest of the baby dogs…and then my very tall brother drove Harper all the way to Connecticut.

Tall brother:

The other very big thing that happened was that after 5 months of wishing and trying…everything synced up and little miss Aria was created.

TMI? Ah well.

Any other month we wouldn't have been able to pinpoint the day so certainly. But last winter I was really sick with tonsillitis and for 3 weeks, so December was very limited if you know what I mean.

I know you know what I mean.

Anyways….we had been trying for a few months at that point. We were both healthy, I was charting my cycle, taking prenatals and fish oil, reading all the books, standing on my head, not stepping on any cracks, etc. etc.

I was doing everything I could to ensure optimal baby creating…but it just seemed like nothing was happening. I know in the grand scheme of things that those 5 months were nothing. Especially compared to how long some couples try.
But, when you are actively trying to have a baby, every month drags onnnn.

So after we didn't get pregnant those first 4 months, we thought...Okay, maybe it's just not meant to be just yet. We've been talking about getting another dog for a while. Maybe now is the time to add to our family in that way. Our baby will come when it's time.

Little did we know that Harper would become part of our family on December 23rd and 39 weeks and 2 days later, our little girl would come home.

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