This is Bananas!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Thank god for that No Doubt song! Otherwise I would have no idea how to correctly spell bananas.

First things first. Daycare did not work out for us. I really loved the program Aria was in. I loved the teachers and the director and everything about it. Aria really took to everyone so wonderfully and always had a blast. What I didn't love was the price. Holy shit it is so expensive!!!

When we calculated the cost plus what I bring in, it seemed like we would have an okay surplus. What we didn't factor in was that my schedule is weird (not a typical 9-5) and that some of my responsibilities involve a decent amount of driving. (ie. the drive to work(s) or the traveling I do for the after school programs).

The first problem…my erratic schedule. There are some days when I work for 8 hours…and there are other days where I only work for 4. On the days where I only work a few hours, we still had to pay for the entire day of daycare. On those days I didn't even bring in enough to cover the cost for the day.

The second problem…germs! Aria has been sick since we started her in daycare back in February. She consistently has something. Just when she starts to get better, she gets something else. While I understand that this is building her immune system, the issue lies in the fact that she is getting sick from daycare. Yet, when she is sick, she cannot go to daycare that day. Which means, I'm home from work and were still paying for the day of daycare.

The third problem…the driving. We definitely didn't factor in the cost of gas into our equation. Usually that wouldnt' be a big deal…but I work a decent drive from home, plus one of my responsibilities is an after school program, which includes a lot of driving.

Basically all of the extra income is being eaten up.

We're working on a plan b, to make better of the situation. I love my jobs and I am very passionate about what I do. But the fact of the matter is for a little while, I am going to have to rearrange my time and cut back a little bit. Luckily we have some family who is going to step in a couple of times during the week. And I have a nanny for another weekday. The rest of what I do is going to be rerouted to the weekend, when my husband is home. It isn't ideal, but if I want to keep myself in the game, it has to be done that way right now.

Enough about that. Let's talk about training. Training is going well. I'm doing more strength training that usual and I'm noticing a big difference. There is more power in my runs. I'm loving it. I feel like I'm kicking ass right now.

I still haven't committed to any big deal races for the summer. My big deal stuff is all in the fall. I'm apprehensive about committing to something in the summer because I'm a huge chicken shit and I don't want to show up not ready.
I feel this intense amount of pressure (all coming from my subconscious obviously) to perform at some crazy, unimaginable level, my first race back.

It is possible that I may have built it up in my head a little bit.

If I can offer a piece of advice to you this Monday evening…beware of food related documentaries. I watched two last week that totally F-ed me up. I've seen some crazy shit in my 31 years…but this destroyed my soul. I didn't sleep for 2 days and I still can't stop thinking about it. I also haven't eaten one animal product since. I had never watched this subject matter before, because I always assumed that I was better off not knowing.

Turns out I was right.

It's time for me to get going now. I have a very sick little baby who needs a lot of extra snuggles.

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The Best Compliment

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Yesterday I was training one of my little athletes and she gave me the most wonderful compliment…
In the form of a non compliment…

She has come a long way in the past month, going from not a runner, to running 2.5 miles, with great form…and the little beast is pretty fast too.
To change things up a little bit, I put together a speed and strength day for her. She started out loving it…then by the time we reached the end of the workout, during the last sprint, she gritted her teeth and growled "It's times like this I wish you were still on maternity leave".

And THAT'S how I know I'm doing my job.

Aria is almost 7 months old now. I can't even believe it. She's growing up so much and it feels good to say that a lot of things are falling into place.

Namely…Aria's night time practices.
Bed time was tricky for us. Mostly because I'm not comfortable with doing CIO. It just doesn't work for us. I'm not passing any judgement on anyone who does do it…it just isn't for us. So bed time has been a process. I've spent the past few months, since we started her routine, trying to make it as peaceful and positive as possible, in hopes that eventually things would fall into place. We've had a lot of trial and error, but also a lot of small sucesses. Our biggest success…she can now put herself to sleep!!!

How did this happen you ask? Well, she's just growing up. For the past 3 months we've done her bath, then a bottle, then some snuggles, stories and singing. She would always end up falling asleep while we were snuggling and singing. And every night I broke the cardinal rule, and would put her down while she was already asleep.

Bed time was so relaxing. Her falling asleep while we were so close and cuddly was so nice for both of us. No matter what kind of day we had, it always ended with this beautiful moment of peace before bed.

Eventually she started not falling asleep while we were singing and snuggling anymore. It was confusing for both of us. I wasn't sure if she needed more snuggles, or what was going on.

One night 2 weeks ago, I decided to try something. I did everything the same, we snuggled and sang, and then I put her down in her crib. I rubbed her back for a minute and then when she seemed calm and situated, I left. I watched her on the monitor and little miss smarty pants found her pacifier, put it in her mouth and went to sleep.

I danced. Hard.

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this story…it just cracks me up how pissed she is.

I usually always wear her…but I thought it would be nice for her to ride around in the stroller during our errands. After the first stop she was all "Well this is crap." So we had to change things up.

Race season is fast approaching and I'm not ready! I mean, I'm ready…but I haven't had the time to train to perform at the level I was hoping this year. It's still early, I know. And Goonies never say die.

It's really tough to balance everything right now. Especially because I'm insane and I don't feel totally balanced unless I'm doing hours of fast physical activity a day.

I feel like there is a secret and I'm just completely missing out on it.

If someone has the secret…please! Give it to me!

I'm going to go eat some chicken now. And some kale.

Happy Tuesday.

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Holy Crap

Thursday, April 3, 2014
Hi everyone! It has been a while! I've been working hard to try to get into a good rhythm with being back at work and taking care of everything at home. The balance is tough to find! I'm guessing it's one of those things that takes time.
Or maybe it's all an illusion and the current circus of which I am the ring leader, is the new normal.

I like circuses. Well, except for all of the elephant shit that has to be cleaned up.

Anyway, last night was the worst night I've had in a LONG time...and it had absolutely nothing to so with a frequent waking tiny person.
I was reading the Wonder Weeks app during the evening, just  checking out what to expect for Aria's next leap. It isn't for about another month. One of the experiences she will have during this leap is that she will have nightmares. First of all…that's so sad. Second of all…reading that must have touched something in my brain because I had two awful nightmares last night!!!

I had not one, but TWO dreams that I died. In the first one I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and some sadistic man stabbed me in the head a bunch of times. Awesome.
Somehow it didn't kill me immediately. I had time to register the fact that I would never see my little girl grow up, and that I would never see my husband again. Then I started feeling different parts of my body fail. Finally my lungs started failing. It was long, slow and heartbreaking.

I woke up and it was 3:30 am.

I went back to sleep only to dream that I was in the pool training with a swim group and I got knocked on the head and everything went black. Then I was suddenly drowning.

I woke up and it was 5:00 am.

What the hell is going on???!!!!

I'm so rattled this morning! And I'm definitely a little leery of going to sleep tonight!

In an attempt to turn this around…here is a happy St. Patty's Day Aria.

Happy Thursday!

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Monday Confessions

Monday, February 24, 2014
It's Monday and it's still cold. I know, I know…It's winter and it's supposed to be cold. I've been living in New England long enough that I should just accept the extended winter by now.

I just miss being outside. Yes, I know I can still go outside in the winter. With Aria still being so young, I try not to keep her outside for too long a period of time. Especially with this whole polar vortex thing going on.

To shed a little bit of light on this dreary winter Monday, I thought it would be a perfect day to do a little confession dump. The most current information that you didn't care that you didn't know.

My go to evening unwind beverage lately has been St. Germain cocktail. It makes me think of summer.

I got back down to my pregnancy weight a few weeks after having Aria, but I'm actually doing something really uncharacteristic of me, and I'm trying to shed a few pounds. Not because I think I'm "fat"! Because I'd like to lose a little bit of the spare stuff that I don't need, before race season. I'm hoping to go fast this year. Really fast.

I just love the fact that Aria's hair goes into a ponytail now! I can't even handle it.

I'm loving Amazon mom! It has everything we need regularly, all in one place and it get's delivered to my door for free.

I NEED to get rid of our fabric dining room chairs. Our cat has been consistently destroying them for the past 5 years.

I've accepted the fact that Aria probably won't sleep through the night until she is at least year old. Her reflux is so bad that she wakes up at night because she spits up in her sleep. She's such a trooper though.

Were in the process of moving Aria into her own bed. I'm happy and sad about it.

I hate having the tv on during the day.

I am still totally in love with cloth diapering. Even after starting solids!

I'm a huge advocate of baby wearing. I would much rather wear Aria than push her in a stroller. I actually cant' remember the last time I used our stroller.

This is my new favorite salad. Spinach, quinoa, fresh jalapeno, white beans and chicken.

I had a dream 2 nights ago that I ran a race in my socks, because the gun went off before I had a chance to put on my shoes.

Have a great start to the week everyone!

Vote for us!!!
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Maternity Activewear That Will Rock Your Socks!!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
There is something in the air today. I woke up super pumped to hop on the trainer! Then I got in a great strength session in my living room.

Warning for any men folk who might be reading…this post is more for the ladies.

A friend of mine recently found out she was pregnant and we were talking about workout clothes. The conversation reminded me how frustrating and disappointing it was to try to find good quality activewear during my pregnancy.

If there is anything I will actually spend money on, it's good quality workout gear. I'll skimp on regular clothes. I'll forego a haircut for 9 months. I'll eat leftovers for 5 days in a row to put off grocery shopping. But when it comes to training gear, I'll gladly spend some money.

However, when I started looking for maternity activewear, the choices were extremely limited.
I found plenty of way overpriced items that were poorly made of cheap material and labeled "maternity activewear".
It took a while to find good quality gear that you could actually wear to do some real work.

These are the staples (with links) that got me through a very active and sweaty 40 weeks!

Gapfit Racerback Tank $29.95

This tank is fantastic. It's a light, stretchy material that you can start wearing when your bump is small, and continue on through your entire pregnancy! I bought 4 and alternated them! (The Breathe Striped Racerback tank is the same)

Gapfit Racer!

Oiselle Roga Short $46.00

These aren't maternity shorts, but I wore them all the way until I delivered. I bought them at the beginning of my pregnancy, one size bigger than I normally wear, to allow for my hips to grow and my body to change shape. They fit nicely under my bump and because they did fit under my belly, I didn't have to worry about that uncomfortable itchy feeling you get from maternity pants that go up to your boobs.
They are lightweight and awesome quality.

Roga's doing work! (and Gapfit Racer)

Oiselle Winona Tank $48.00

Also not technically maternity. It is stretchy and long, so it fit over my bump really comfortably! It grew with me all the way up until about 32 weeks. The material is such great quality that although I wore it through my pregnancy, it returned to it's original shape and size, and I wear it now.

Winona Tank at 21 weeks paired with Rogas!

VS Knockout Sports Bra $49.50

I want to preface by saying, pre baby I had tiny boobs. Tiny, wonderful, great for running, boobs. I was the person with the minimal support sports bra, because those mosquito bites weren't going anywhere.

When I got pregnant, they got bigger. Then when I gave birth, they got scary. I never understood the value of a good sports bra until getting pregnant.

I tried about 6 different sports bras before finding this one. I promise you…PROMISE YOU…this is the best sports bra you can buy for your pregnant, postpartum and/or hard to tame girls.

(If any men are still reading for some reason, you may want to stop…I'm about to get weird.)

Ok ladies…this bra kept me comfortable and secure, even when my boobs were completely full of milk. Running, sprinting, jumping, spinning, everything! No movement, no discomfort! I 100% recommend this bra!

It does have a very soft underwire, and I know some say not to wear underwire when you're nursing. I am not a doctor and I'm not your doctor…so I can't give you specific advice.

What I can tell you is that I've worn this bra every day, sometimes for workouts that last hours... and I've never once seen a decrease in my supply after wearing. I did however, always make sure to change as soon as I got home. Just to be safe.
Moral of the story…this bra is fantastic!

Have a good Tuesday everyone! And happy training!

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Date Night and Almond Meal Crust Pizza

Sunday, January 5, 2014
Good evening! How was everyones weekend?

Before we get into that though, I'd like to start out by sharing that someone found my blog by searching "I eat cake every day at 37 weeks pregnant."

Um. That sounds like heaven!

This weekend was great.

Last night I went on a date with a very classy lumberjack.

We went to my favorite place in Milford. It's called Cafe Atlantique. It's a little bistro that serves delicious crepes, panini's, salads, biscotti's, any type of coffee/latte you can think of, and an awesome variety of wine and beer.

It was really nice to get out, eat good food, drink new wine and have good conversation with my bearded lover.

Today I made  this delicious treat…

Pizza with almond meal crust!

I used this recipe from Everyday Paleo, for the crust:

Almond Meal Pizza Crust

The toppings I used included:

Trader Joe's Pizza Sauce
Baked Chicken with Cajun Seasoning
Chopped Spinach


I also got in a few awesome workouts this weekend. I've been spending most of my time on the bike trainer, running and strength training.
My speed starting to come back…and it feels awesome. I can't wait to fly!

I'm starting to shop races for the year. Any suggestions???

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2013 in Review

Thursday, January 2, 2014
I'm feeling good about 2014. Something tells me it's going to be a great year. I'm not sure why I feel that…but I do.

Maybe because my  husbands preoccupation of Candy Crush keeps him occupied while I shop online. Stupid Amazon Prime. Stay at home moms should not be allowed to sign up for that shit.

I hate having extra stuff around my house. But having pretty much anything my little black heart desires, at my fingertips, in 2 days for free…recipe for a whole lotta baby crap.

At least I'm not just buying stuff for myself.

I did buy some perfume. I felt like I deserved it. In my defense…I did get barfed on three times that day.

We have a snow storm headed this way…so my tall husband got off work early and came home to spend time with his girls. While he played airplane with Aria,  I hopped on the trainer for an hour. I followed it up with some core work. With the amount of snow coming, I'll probably be doing the same tomorrow.

Without further ado…here is 2013 in review….

January started with a pregnancy. I found out I was pregnant during the second week of January. Then at the end of the month PJ and I ran this 5k together in 15 degree weather. Aria's first race.

Then we got even more snow

In February Harper got lazy

In March best friends were born

In April I raced a duathlon with my sisters fiance. Aria's second race.

Then in May I raced another duathlon with my friend Kelsey!

And I banged out 6:50 miles! We placed third for the women!

In June we had our baby shower!

In July my very talented friend Brian over at Brian Sumner Photography took maternity pictures for me.

In July my Dad also got married!!!

And my sister and I continued to be very classy ladies.

In August I continued to get bigger

And even bigger!

Until I was about to pop!

Then in September I did!

 In October we went to the Pumpkin Patch

In November we headed home to Maryland for Thanksgiving

And these two started getting silly…

In December there was more of these BFFL's

And there was Aria's First Christmas

Bring it on 2014!

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