Maternity Activewear That Will Rock Your Socks!!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
There is something in the air today. I woke up super pumped to hop on the trainer! Then I got in a great strength session in my living room.

Warning for any men folk who might be reading…this post is more for the ladies.

A friend of mine recently found out she was pregnant and we were talking about workout clothes. The conversation reminded me how frustrating and disappointing it was to try to find good quality activewear during my pregnancy.

If there is anything I will actually spend money on, it's good quality workout gear. I'll skimp on regular clothes. I'll forego a haircut for 9 months. I'll eat leftovers for 5 days in a row to put off grocery shopping. But when it comes to training gear, I'll gladly spend some money.

However, when I started looking for maternity activewear, the choices were extremely limited.
I found plenty of way overpriced items that were poorly made of cheap material and labeled "maternity activewear".
It took a while to find good quality gear that you could actually wear to do some real work.

These are the staples (with links) that got me through a very active and sweaty 40 weeks!

Gapfit Racerback Tank $29.95

This tank is fantastic. It's a light, stretchy material that you can start wearing when your bump is small, and continue on through your entire pregnancy! I bought 4 and alternated them! (The Breathe Striped Racerback tank is the same)

Gapfit Racer!

Oiselle Roga Short $46.00

These aren't maternity shorts, but I wore them all the way until I delivered. I bought them at the beginning of my pregnancy, one size bigger than I normally wear, to allow for my hips to grow and my body to change shape. They fit nicely under my bump and because they did fit under my belly, I didn't have to worry about that uncomfortable itchy feeling you get from maternity pants that go up to your boobs.
They are lightweight and awesome quality.

Roga's doing work! (and Gapfit Racer)

Oiselle Winona Tank $48.00

Also not technically maternity. It is stretchy and long, so it fit over my bump really comfortably! It grew with me all the way up until about 32 weeks. The material is such great quality that although I wore it through my pregnancy, it returned to it's original shape and size, and I wear it now.

Winona Tank at 21 weeks paired with Rogas!

VS Knockout Sports Bra $49.50

I want to preface by saying, pre baby I had tiny boobs. Tiny, wonderful, great for running, boobs. I was the person with the minimal support sports bra, because those mosquito bites weren't going anywhere.

When I got pregnant, they got bigger. Then when I gave birth, they got scary. I never understood the value of a good sports bra until getting pregnant.

I tried about 6 different sports bras before finding this one. I promise you…PROMISE YOU…this is the best sports bra you can buy for your pregnant, postpartum and/or hard to tame girls.

(If any men are still reading for some reason, you may want to stop…I'm about to get weird.)

Ok ladies…this bra kept me comfortable and secure, even when my boobs were completely full of milk. Running, sprinting, jumping, spinning, everything! No movement, no discomfort! I 100% recommend this bra!

It does have a very soft underwire, and I know some say not to wear underwire when you're nursing. I am not a doctor and I'm not your doctor…so I can't give you specific advice.

What I can tell you is that I've worn this bra every day, sometimes for workouts that last hours... and I've never once seen a decrease in my supply after wearing. I did however, always make sure to change as soon as I got home. Just to be safe.
Moral of the story…this bra is fantastic!

Have a good Tuesday everyone! And happy training!

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