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Tuesday, January 27, 2015
I totally underestimate my tiny human.

Last night at bath time I placed a bottle of Lavender essential oil on the counter in the bathroom, just out of Aria's reach. (I planned to use it after her bath, to help her relax, as she has not been sleeping well lately.)

Quickly she realized that I had placed it out of her reach. Without hesitation, she grabbed the hair brush that was on the floor, and used it to move the bottle to the edge, where she grabbed it!


Oh man are we in trouble!

She looks pretty innocent doesn't she…
Don't be fooled.

The bacteria and viruses of the season have been rocking our house already. It feels like every time Aria get's over something, she get's sick again. These last two sicks have been the pits! Her sleep is completely turned upside down. It's brutal. And it's just so sad when kids feel so awful and there's nothing you can do. Not to mention I haven't slept more than 3 hours at night in the past month.

Last night I brought Aria into bed with us because she was running a 103.3 fever and was just miserable. She tossed and turned and flopped and flipped. She asked me every 10 minutes for "wawa" (water) and would snuggle her 103.3 degree body right into me, creating a furnace of sweaty sick. I barely slept a wink because I felt like I could feel how awful she felt.

I suppose when you carry another human inside you for 9 months, you have a level of connectedness.

We were both in desperate need of sleep but we just couldn't get there. We were tired, hot, irritated, tired, tired and tired.
Then she sat up and leaned over and planted 2 kisses on my cheek and said "Mama".

That little girl speaks to my soul.

In other news, I've already failed at my New Years Resolution. I resolved to step up my style game and stop buying several of the same thing (ie. the same shirt in 4 different colors, or even 4 of the same color). It didn't last very long. What can I say, I like what I like.

Riddle of the day: When the roads are closed because of snow and no one can go to the gym, what do two mature adults argue about first thing in the morning?

Who get's to shovel the driveway as part of their workout for the day.


Enjoy the snowy day friends! Unless you live where it's warm and you are basking in the sun, planting in your garden and walking your dogs in only one layer of clothing.

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