13 Weeks

Friday, June 19, 2015
It's finally Friday! And were happily into the second trimester.

We had our first trimester screening this week. It was exciting to see the baby again! Especially because last time we saw baby, he/she looked like a lobster. Now baby looks like....a baby!!! He/She was moving around and dancing all over. The whole experience was so nice.

They made a gender prediction...but were keeping it to ourselves until we find out for sure.

Sorry, but no belly pic this week. I'll start posting them next week. We have had the most insane week that I haven't even had time to take a picture.

Baby size: Plum

Weight gain: 3 pounds...although I feel hugely blown up like a balloon and I feel like my boobs must each weigh about 10 pounds now.

With Aria I gained 7 pounds in the first trimester...but I was so much smaller!

Cravings: Vinegar all the time. I have eaten so many bowls of cucumbers with vinegar. Salt and Vinegar Chips. Giant salads with chicken and hard boiled eggs. Bacon.

Aversions: I don't have any food aversions right now, but I can smell EVERYTHING. I'm constantly hunting for smells to extinguish.

Exercise: Running, Spinning, Strength training, Chasing toddler.

Symptoms: Fatigue. Sometimes I get a strange taste in my mouth that I can't seem to shake. I can see my veins all over my body now, which is pretty impressive because my skin isn't light. I must be all that extra blood my body is pumping.

Did you know that during pregnancy your body has 40% more blood pumping through your veins? And after the first trimester, once your energy returns to normal, you can actually perform physical activities at an increased level compared to pre pregnancy, because of all of that extra O2. Which would explain why at 5 months pregnant with Aria I raced a duathlon and blew my running PR out of the water for that distance. Women's bodies are so amazing.

Yes, I am a nerd, which is why I know these things...but I also took a course for certification as a Pre and Postnatal Exercise Specialist a few months ago.

Gender: We won't know the gender until our 20 week ultrasound, but I will tell you what Aria's prediction is. In her words: "Gurl Bebe".

Biggest Difference: So far the biggest difference from my pregnancy with Aria is the lack of time to really focus on the pregnancy. Life is so busy these days that it isn't until the evening when I finally sit down that I think "Oh yea. I"m pregnant".

Enjoy the weekend everyone. I leave you with this picture of Aria and I sharing an apple...

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