Monday Catch Up

Monday, June 1, 2015
I love when Aria falls asleep in the car and I take her out to go into the house...and she rests her little head on my shoulder, sleeping peacefully knowing she is safe in my arms.

We have been quite busy lately. We finally finally finally cleaned out and purged the basement, just like we planned! We got rid of 12 bags of random junk, about 200 old magazines, and old ottoman, some clawed up chairs (from the cat...not a demon) and this big ass jungle gym for cats that we call "Cat Scratch Fever". We actually put "Cat Scratch Fever" outside by our driveway and it disappeared within hours!

Aria and I have been doing lots of fun activities together.

 We make pretend food at the big table, without any pants on. 

Hunting for shells on the beach.

Painting and learning. 

Baking...and cooking. Aria is such a picky eater that I've started having her cook with me a lot. She has fun, loves taste testing the ingredients, enjoys helping with the tasks and the bonus is that she is 10 times more likely to eat whatever it is. Yes, it does take longer to cook everything, but it's time together and she learns and she eats!

Seaweed collecting because shells are so last week.

Licking more spoons. 

Drawing outside. 

And being silly. 

She's picking up words, sentences, object identification and even songs so quickly now. She sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to herself.

My workouts have consisted of strength training and running lately. I have been designing my own strength workouts at home and running in the afternoon. I'm fortunate enough to have awesome in-laws who live 2 miles away and love to see their granddaughter. We go over there and Aria plays while Mommy runs.

And just because I like full disclosure....You guys...I'm so exhausted...and my house is a disaster right now. It's only Monday and I feel like I could lay down and sleep for the next 3 days.

I'm starting to realize that this might be a permanent state of being for the next 17 years...or more...depending on how many kids we have.

But hey, this is our life and I know I'm so blessed.

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