20 Weeks

Friday, August 7, 2015
Happy Friday!

This has been a great week! We found out that our little one is a girl and were all very excited. Aria runs around saying "big sister" and "baby zodey" (her version of Zoe).

She's also pretty excited that she got to eat a pink cookie last night at the gender reveal.

I think in her world, all cookies would be pink.

I'm also feeling awesome. More on that later.

And planning is fun.

So here we are...

Baby Size: 6.5 inches, small cantaloupe

Weight Gained: 7 pounds as of this morning. I know it's coming. I always gain most of my weight towards the end. I remember when I was pregnant with Aria, at one point I gained 5 pounds in 1 week!

Cravings and Aversions: Nothing new here. I have been eating a lot of stuff on sourdough toast.

Symptoms: After the constant soreness and exhaustion of the past couple weeks, I've finally turned the corner. A tad later than with my last pregnancy, but better late than never. As of Wednesday I'm feeling energetic again. The last 2 day's I've been able to amp my workouts back up in intensity...which puts a big smile on my face.

I also feel like my belly is slowing down a little bit. I look as pregnant as I am now, rather than looking 2 months further along. I'm not really concerned with how my belly looks, but comfort-wise, it feels more like it is supposed to.

Our big appointment: The ultrasound went great. Aria just haaad to lay next to me on the table/bed thing. It was sweet.

We were able to see Zoe's little face and all of her limbs and parts. She wasn't flipping around as much as last time. Her little hands and feet were in front of her face for the first half hour, as if she wanted us to go away because we were disturbing her. She also had her little legs clamped closed, so it took a while before we got the definitive "it's a girl". Although we both knew.

We had a girls name picked out and agreed on. We had tossed around boy names, but didn't bother nailing down anything because we both just knew.

She's also measuring very long right now. I'm not all that surprised. If you've seen my husband, you wouldn't be either. Let's just say he's a tall guy.

After the appointment and finding out it was a girl, my husband started drinking heavily. Just kidding. He actually sat down and started planning a new workout routine. He said if he is going to have a house full of daughters, he needs to buff up to scare away any potential suitors.

Movement: We have lots of movement at times...and then none for a while. My placenta is in the front, which is why I think we go so long without feeling her move sometimes. It creates a little cushion which absorbs some of the movements.

Plans: We are starting to make plans for Zoe's nursery now. Aria has been a big help. She picked out a stuffed Fox and a little onesie. Were thinking of Navy and Coral for her room.

Further than that...not too much else to buy. We have all of Aria's baby stuff...so in an effort to save and reuse, we will use as much of her stuff as we can. Of coarse I'll buy some new things...but mostly we will recycle what we can.

PJ did promise to build this co-sleeper that I want. We co-slept with Aria for a long time and it was the right choice for us! I'll keep you updated on the co-sleeper as it comes along.

I am in the market for some XS cloth diapers. Aria's won't fit her until she get's bigger. I pray to the heavens that we're finished with them by the time Zoe comes. We just started potty training, so I'm not too concerned. Yet.

Cutest thing ever: We were watching Thomas the Train this morning and Aria lifted up my shirt and said "Baby watch Tommy".

Things are pretty slap happy around here. Were very excited and the weather is finally nice. Happy Weekend everyone!

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