22 Weeks!

Friday, August 21, 2015
Lately Aria has developed this habit where if I am holding/carrying her and were out in public, she sticks her hands down the front of my shirt, which she calls my "pocket". She also likes to put things in my "pocket".

Yesterday at the grocery store she put a grape right into my "pocket" and then proceeded to pull my shirt down in order to find the grape she lost. You're welcome horrified looking customers behind us.

So I found out on Monday that if we are planning to enroll Aria in preschool next school year (meaning 2016-2017) we have to start the enrollment process by December. As in 3 months! Holy cow! I mean, I'm all for being on top of things but it just feels so early!

I think we are going to do a 2 or 3 half day program, so she can get on a little bit of a routine, and so she can get a feel for being around her peers and with teachers. There are so many options for types of preschools. I think we found one that will likely good fit for us, but more on that later, once we start really getting into it.

Let's get on to this Bumpdate!

22 Weeks

Baby Size: 11 inches, the size of a spaghetti squash

Weight Gained: No clue. Last appointment I was up 7 pounds total. I took Boston to the vet on Monday and weight myself on the big dog scale (one of my favorite past times), and according to that scale I'm up 3 more pounds. I'll know for sure Sept. 3rd, at my next appointment. My belly feels heavier...so I wouldn't be surprised if it were something like 5.

Cravings: Almond butter, Waffles, Eggplant. Not the healthier sautéed kind of eggplant. The dirty, tasty eggplant parm kind. Also, tofu with sweet chili sauce. Not to be specific or anything.

Symptoms: Varicose veins from hell!!!! And spider veins as well. They are so bad this time around. They're really only in my legs but they are just everywhere. They're bright blue, abundant, and hugely puffy. And OMG do they ache!

I'm one of those women who loves my body the way it is. I love that it's muscular and I embrace the fact that I'm not nor will I ever be pencil thin. My thighs touch, because I can squat an ass load. My shoulders are broad, and my hips and waist are the same size. No feminine curves here. Straight as a board. And you know what...I think it's awesome. It kicks ass day in and day out, and it makes beautiful babies.

It's so important to me, to love myself as I am and talk about the fact that I do, because Aria and Zoe (and whoever comes next) are going to learn how to feel about and treat her body, from me.

Having said that...Even with all of that self love flying around, these varicose veins make me feel so self conscious when I wear shorts. SO self conscious. I actually won't even wear shorts unless were at home or I'm working out. I feel like such a hypocrite.

Movement: Baby Zoe moves a lot! I'm so surprised I can feel her so much, with my placenta being in the front. But I feel her all day long.

Cosleeper: It's finished! And it's AMAZING! Well, I still have to paint it, but PJ finished building it and it looks unbelievable! I'll post pictures once it's painted.

Exercise: I've mainly been running lately. I'm feeling the urge to race, but the frugal fanny in me is making me second guess that feeling. Frugal fanny feels that I should save the race money that I would use to race for fun during this pregnancy, and use it after Zoe is born and I'm trained and ready to really go hard.

Sometimes pregnancy makes me feel like I have two personalities though. So tomorrow I may change my mind and go ahead to register and run an 8am race.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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