Changing Plans and Rambling

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Happy Tuesday Friends! It's only Tuesday and I'm already having one of those weeks where nothing really seems to be going as planned. Lots of curve balls are being thrown our way and each day's plan is going right out the window...first thing in the morning...before it even has a chance to begin.

I did get in an extra run day this morning (unplanned...seems to be the theme), which is always exciting. Today was actually a spin day, but it didn't quite happen.

Aria had a tough night last night. FYI...when you start bragging about how good your toddler sleeps, things of this nature are bound to happen.

I'm not sure what was going on. She kept waking up crying as if she was having a bad dream. Sometimes she would wake up fully and break into a full on teary, sobbing, cry and other times she would be whimpering and crying with her eyes closed. I brought her into our bed, and it still kept happening. After a few hours she was in a sound sleep. Finally at 3:30am, we were able to transfer her back to her bed.

Well, after last night, she was pretty exhausted this morning. When we got to the kids care at the gym, she was a sobbing mess (Which never ever happens! She usually loves playing in there and making crafts to show off.), and she kept saying she needed me. So we went home, Daddy sat with her for a snack (he's on his last 2 days of vacation) and then Aria and I snuggled for a while in bed. When she went down for her nap, I snuck in a really great run. And the funny looks I got from passers by were just a bonus.

Over this past weekend we went to Aria's favorite place in the entire she calls it "The Amial Farm".

We visited with the animals and fed them some tasty treats.

We got up close and personal with an Emu. And apparently had the same excited response.

Every time we go Aria has a blast talking to all of the animals and feeding them. She keeps asking if she can hug them. It's like she can read my mind. I think she would live there if she could.

The heat is back in the North East and every day I feel 3 months more pregnant than I am. There's something about the heat and pregnancy that is just miserable. It probably has to do with the fact that I'm constantly sweating and changing my underwear clothes. You pregnant ladies know what I mean. Oh and the basketball of human that I've stuffed in my shirt and am carrying around all the time.

It's funny because I actually love training in the heat...but existing in the heat...that's just too much to ask for.

Enjoy this sunny day everyone! Were headed to the pool!

BTW...Prenatal Training Tuesday will be back next week. I'm pregnant with a giant's baby, I'm sweaty and I could really use a frozen drink of this was whatcha got instead.

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