Random Candy and Scary Noodles

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Apparently I've reached that point in pregnancy where random people stop their cars when they see me running, and give me candy.
I didn't know that was a point to reach...but it happened this weekend.

I've been working on the Prenatal Training post about the physiological changes in each trimester. I opened it to finish it up today and publish it, but I just wasn't feeling it for some reason. It felt boring today.
My hormones are very Jekyll and Hyde this pregnancy. If you are waiting for that particular post, please let me know and I'll happily publish is right meow! Otherwise, you'll get it when Jekyll comes back. :)

Aria and I have a fun tradition on Tuesdays. Mondays and Tuesdays are my grocery shopping days. Mondays we go to Trader Joes to get the bulk of our food, and Tuesdays we go to Whole Foods to get the items that TJ's doesn't have. While at Whole Foods we go through the salad bar area and we pick out some foods for us to have for lunch.

She does really well with this. She always picks new things and will try them all. She never fully commits to one of the things she picks. It seems like she just wants to nibble the new flavors, which I'm fine with, because I'm just happy she's open to trying new things. Plus I always finish up what's left.

Until today.

Aria picked out this noodle thing that she LOVED. She ate every little bit of it. After she was finished, I noticed her chest, belly, and mouth were splotchy red. She's very allergic to cashews and pistachios (Yes, I checked the ingredients on the little sign over the pasta, 4 different times, and it didn't have either).

All I could think was that they forgot to include them on the ingredient list and I panicked. I grabbed her epi pen, bit down on the safety and pulled it out with my teeth. I spit it on the floor like I was about to do work. In my other hand I grabbed the benedryl.

Meanwhile, she's feeding her unicorn with a beach shovel, unfazed by anything that is happening.

I stared at the epi pen and the benedryl for a second.

I went with my gut and decided to go with the benedryl first. I gave her a teaspoon, to which she said "Mmmmm". Then she went back to the unicorn and the shovel.

A half a second later I started to think about the time she ate cashew butter. The way her whole face swelled up, as well as her tongue. The way she wasn't acting normal at all, and she looked so scared.

That's when I decided to lick her red belly. Yes, I licked her belly. If you're a parent, you probably didn't even think that sentence was really all that weird.
Wouldn't you know, the damn noodles were just a little spicy. The smallest hint of spice. She was not having an allergic reaction, nor was she dying. She had gotten some of the sauce on face and belly.

What can I say...we love our spicy foods.

Enjoy your day everyone. Here's a fun picture from our hike this weekend. Pj is coaching Aria on throwing stones into the creek. Once a baseball coach, always a baseball coach.

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