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Friday, August 28, 2015

Little Miss Aria. Oh how you are going to shake up the world.

Aria turns 2 in just a couple of weeks. She's vibrant, has enough personality for 4 children, is incredibly polite, and has a funny little sense of humor. Oh and get this...she's always asking me to race with her! Cue the Rocky music and the daydreams of us racing marathons and Ironman together.

Lately her favorite phrases are "Ma. Wook at me", "Ma. I got boogie", "Uh oh. Where Aria go?", "My baby grow? (while pointing to her belly)".

The Potty

Aria still in cloth diapers. We thought she might be ready to potty train a few weeks ago, so we gave it a go. She was doing things such as showing interest in her potty and following me to the bathroom. After about a week, we realized that she wasn't quite there. She completely lost interest in the potty immediately after we started training.

She also isn't quite at the place yet where she understands that she has to go. I read an article that talked about the difference between "I went pee", "I'm peeing", and "I have to pee". Of coarse I can't find it right now to link for you guys.
Just this past week Aria has started telling me after she's gone. So were getting there. I'm going to keep looking for signs that she's ready, and when its' time, we will try it again.

As most things go with Aria, she always get's to a point where she's "ready" for whatever the change is, and she handles it well.


Aria loves food. She is particular right now...but will still try most things. Most of the foods she tries, she decides not to eat, but at least she tries it.

The only meat she will eat is chicken. But it can't be breaded or else she won't even attempt it. She loves tri color vegetable spiral pasta with pesto, spinach and zucchini. Any plain or spinach pizza (the spinach has to be raw or she won't touch it), any and all fruit, cheese, avocado or anything with avocado on it, kale fries (she won't eat regular fries though...odd child), almond butter or sunflower butter, yogurt, Kind bars, and itself. Gross. Oh and pickles. She would exist on pickles if she could.

As far as veggies goes, she does pretty well for her age. Since she started eating solids we put spinach in a lot of foods. She's used to seeing it there and as long as it's raw, she happily eats it. She also really likes corn (raw and cooked) and carrots (raw only).

I use the Baby Bullet to grind up veggies and put them in EVERYTHING. Not just for Aria, but for the whole family. It does help a lot to ensure Aria gets the necessary vitamins from the vegetables and even the flavors of veggies on her palate. Even though she can't see them, I always tell her they are there. If I make pizza sauce with puree'd zucchini and hemp seeds in it, she will help me prepare it and we talk about what's in it. If I make pesto, she's right along side me blending the broccoli in the Baby Bullet, to put in it. We also put chia seeds in a lot of our food. It's an easy way to get extra calcium, protein and Omega 3's and 6's.

I feel like this works so much better than hiding the veggies in her food because although she won't choose a piece of broccoli on it's own just yet, if you ask her if she likes broccoli she will say
"YES! Mmm Mmm Mmm". Because she loves what we make with it.

Oh, and chocolate. She would sell her soul for a piece of chocolate.


Aria goes to a few toddler classes during the week. In 2 weeks she also starts gymnastics. We spend a lot of time going on "nature walks" (ie. walks outside in the grass or on a trail), walking at the beach, at the park and playing at Nona and Pop pops  house.

She LOVES to run. When we take Harper on walks she runs the entire walk saying "Ma. I run fast".

Big girl bed

Aria got her first big girl bed this past weekend. My MIL bought it for her as a birthday gift, which was very sweet. We haven't set it up just yet. I'd like to do it before Zoe arrives because a new baby will be a huge transition for Aria, and I also see potty training possibly coming in the next few months as well...which will be another huge transition. Rather than wait until all of that has subsided, we think beforehand may be better.

I think the transition to the big bed may be confusing to her, but I have hope that it may go well. Aria is obsessed with our bed and the whole process of getting under the covers and fluffing her pillow. She tucks herself in and then asks for a kiss so she can "go to sleep". We have a strong bedtime routine for her that I think will afford her some security that everything isn't changing. Also, she knows that if she wakes up and needs me, all she has to do is ask for me and I'll hear her. It's unbelievably rare that she ever does that, unless something is really wrong (ie. her diaper has come off in her crib or something).

Obviously I know that all of these things could change in an instant the moment her new bed is introduced and it could be complete mayhem...but I'm hopeful for now.

On a side note...I'm pretty positive that it'll be a struggle for her to stay in her bed and not play all night long.


Oh the nubby. Aria has a pacifier that is called her nubby. It's those Wubanub things with the animal attached to the end. She only gets it at bedtime. We're not totally sure when we will wean her off.

She was pretty dependent on it when she was in her first year. Aria had really bad reflux as a baby, and it helped a lot with soothing.
At 1 year we restricted it only to bedtime and in the car. Then at a year and a half she showed signs of being a little less dependent on it, so we did away with the car. Both were completely seamless transitions.
Honestly, I think when the time is right, we'll just know. Every week it seems like she asks for it less and less at bedtime. She used to want it the minute she got out of the bath. Now we get all the way through bedtime routine and tuck her into her crib, before she says "Oh. Nubby?"
I've noticed that during the night she doesn't even use it. I think mainly it helps her fall a security blanket. I watch her in her crib on the monitor, making it fly around and dance before bed.

Well, we are off to the park to play with some friends this morning. Happy Friday and happy weekend!

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