26 Weeks

Thursday, September 17, 2015
Happy Thursday everyone! I've passed the whole "I can't believe this week is almost over" phase and I've gone right to the "Thank goodness this week is coming to an end" phase. Go away week.

Yesterday my MIL had Aria for the afternoon, so I got some much needed errands run for her birthday party this weekend.

I also swung by the Motherhood store to look for some fall/winter stuff. With Aria I wasn't pregnant into the fall so my maternity clothes stop at tanks and skirts.
Fall is my favorite season because...layers. I can layer up all kinds of stuff and odds are, it'll look reasonable. That's particularly helpful for someone who's sense of style is questionable at best.

The problem is, I just don't know anything about anything when it comes to clothes. That's why I wear simple items. Lot's of solid colors and whites, grey's and black's...and Tom's. The most daring I go is colorful scarves. Because I just have no idea. I attribute it to me spending so much of my life in workout clothes.

I've gotten far too many sideways glances at stores when I ask questions like...

..."can I wear these together?"
..."does black go with navy blue?"
..."this goes, right?"

Yesterday I'm pretty sure the woman in the Motherhood store went in back to "eat her lunch", just to get away from me and my questions.

Luckily there was a nice lady shopping who steered me away from the outfit that I had picked out, that I thought matched. Turns out you can wear too much blue. Who knew?

So, here we are...26 Weeks! Less than 100 days!

Baby Size: 14 in, the size of a hothouse cucumber

Weight Gained: 14 pounds as of my last appointment. I'm sure it's starting to get up there now. My next appointment is in two weeks. I'll have an accurate number then.

Overall: Overall I'm feeling wide. Kind of like a truck. I'm also starting to feel worn down again. I need a pick me up by like 11am. I cannot wait until I can have espresso again!

Symptoms: Mainly just this pelvic pain. Ooooh, and heartburn.

Cravings: Grapes. So many grapes!

Aversions: Absolutely nothing. I'd love to eat anything right now. In fact...are you going to eat that?

Sleep: Sleep is not going so well. I keep waking up around 2am and not being able to fall back asleep. I just lay there and think about whatever pops into my head. I'm not worried about anything. I'm just awake.

Nursery: It's coming along. The room is cleared out and ready to be painted and primed. If only I knew what color I wanted to do.

Concerns: I'm nervous about giving birth before we make it to the birth center.
Aria came so fast, and she was my first baby. Second babies generally come much faster than first babies. I just can't imagine what kind of shit show, race to the birth center, it's going to be once labor starts.

Everything unfolded so quickly with Aria's birth, that I'd really like to feel a little more calm this times around, especially since I have an idea of what to expect and how quickly I may experience it. Ideally, I'd really love to be able to get there and get into the tub to labor in the water. A water birth would be ideal.
But, even if I do get there in time, I may not want the tub at in that moment. There's no way to tell how a labor will unfold. Either way, let's just hope I get there in time.

These are some of the things we will discuss with our doula next week, when we meet with her!

Stretch Marks: None yet. I made it through my pregnancy with Aria, without any. I'm doing everything I did with her (superstitious much), in hopes that I won't get any this time around either.

This pregnancy hasn't been very kind on my legs with regards to varicose veins though. I have new ones busting out every day and they are grossss. Hopefully my body will give me a break and not send through any stretchies.

Rings: I am no longer wearing my wedding rings. I actually haven't worn them in a few months. When I'm pregnant and nursing, one of the hormones, or the cocktail of a few of them, causes my very beautiful wedding and engagement ring, to give me this crazy rash on my finger. So I wear two tiny gold bands, in their place.

Belly Button: It's working it's way to being flat. Then before we know it, it'll be out!

Feelings: I have this weird feeling that she might come unexpectedly early. Aria was only a week early...but I just have this feeling that Zoe has something up her sleeve.

Then on the other hand I've had a few second time mom clients who were almost 2 weeks late, after being early with their first baby. So who the heck knows.

Looking forward to: Today's appointment with the chiropractor. I'm hoping to get cleared for running.

Happy Thursday Friends!

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