Aria's Favorite Juice Recipe

Thursday, September 10, 2015
Happy Thursday Friends. I can't believe the week is almost over...but I'm welcoming it with open arms. I love love love being home full time with Aria, but it's also so nice to have my husband home sometimes, so I can take care of some essentials... like poop by myself.

Every time I go into the bathroom Aria runs in after me yelling "I want to help".

Having him home also makes it easier for me to hide and eat something delicious, when I don't want to share.

I'm having some serious ass pain. It's my sacroiliac joint. This morning when I woke up, getting out of bed was excruciating. Ugh!

When I'm not pregnant, my pelvis shifts to be misaligned. Over the past 33 years I've asked a lot of my body physically and it always delivers. It's pretty good to me in that way.

Well, I didn't really understand how important chiropractic care can be, especially with my active lifestyle. When I started seeing a chiropractor a year ago, I he told/showed me that my pelvis was misaligned and that was why I was experiencing some of the issues I was when I trained long and hard (ie. ass pain, lower back pain and things of that nature). I began getting adjusted and it made all the difference in the world! I started to feel AMAZING during training. Recovery was even quicker as well.

Well, when I'm pregnant, my pelvis is constantly shifting. Partially because I'm predisposed to that happening, and also because the relaxin in my body makes everything much more lax. There isn't much I can do to prevent it from happening. However, it is important that I take care to treat it! Which I do!

I wish this wasn't happening so early, but it is what it is. With Aria I didn't feel it as bad until I hit about week 30.

On to the juice.

We love our fresh juice around here. Aria and I juice every day. PJ loves to get his hands on some fresh juice whenever he's home and I've made some. He starts lurking around when the juicer turns on.

Juicing is an efficient way to absorb the nutrients found in fruits and veggies, in their most raw form. It's especially helpful on those days when Aria is feeling extra picky about her food. This way I know she's getting the good stuff (ie. fresh veggies)... along with her yesterday. Pizza Wednesday at Grandmas.

It's something fun to look forward to in the afternoon, when she wakes up from her nap. We shop for all the fruits and veggies together a couple times a week (that way they don't go bad by the end of the week). She get's to pick out some of her own, which she loves. Aria also loves telling the cashiers that her "coo-cumbers" are for juicing.

I sit her up on the kitchen counter and she helps me put everything into the juicer. She has a blast with that part. Lately she has been loving this mix...

This makes enough juice for the two of us.

2 Apples (we use all different types but our favorite are Gala)
2 Handfuls of Kale
2 Celery Stalks
2 Clementines
1 Large Cucumber
1 Handful of Carrots


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