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Friday, September 25, 2015
Hello Friday! I'm kicking off my Happy Hour (ie. Aria's nap time) with a Pure Doctor Live Kombucha and roasted brussels sprouts and sundried tomatos in tortillas.
Not sure if that's a pregnancy thing or just a thing.
It's pretty delicious so I think it should be a thing.

Welcome to our Five for Friday! We're joining a very cool blogger link up on Fridays, where we talk about five things going on in our week.

1| Finally Starting Zoe's Room

Yes! This weekend we are finally starting to ready Zoe's room. Next week I'll be kicking off the third trimester, so now is the time!
This is going to be a heck of a project because the room itself is in rough shape. It has really thick, cracked, wood paneling, which we won't be removing. Were going to fill the cracks, sand it, and then attempt at a paint job.

Grandma is taking Aria apple picking Saturday, to give us a chance to really knock some things out!

I'll be taking pictures of the process in hopes that I'll have some great finished product pictures for you guys.

I'll also be painting our dining room table and chairs this weekend! Upcycling for the win! I'm really excited for this project too, because I'm going to try out chalk paint. According to what I've been reading, you don't have to sand whatever you are painting, to use it. And the finished product is supposed to look fantastic.

2| More kids

This is a topic PJ and I have been talking about since getting pregnant this time around. The last couple of years we've gone back and forth about about whether or not our family will be complete with 2 or 3 kids.

Some days I feel like we're a 3 kid family. Like I'm supposed to be pregnant again.
And some days when I talk about Aria and Zoe I feel complete. Like our family is meant to be us 4. And this will be my last pregnancy.

How do you know? I realize this isn't a decision that even has to be made right now. I just wish I knew if this is my last pregnancy or not. I don't even know why I need to know. I just do.

3| Storkcraft Glider Cushions

We bought this Storkcraft Glider for Aria's nursery when she was born.

The glider itself is in great shape, but the cushions have a lot of wear and tear...and some stains. Plus, the cushion color isn't exactly what were looking for, for Zoe's room. We looked into buying a new glider, but that just seems like a waste of money when we have a fully functional piece of furniture not being used.

I looked around and couldn't find replacement cushions anywhere. I started looking into how I could sew some myself. But it seemed like way more work than I was up for.

Great news! I called Storkcraft and it turns out that you can order replacement cushions of whatever color you want. They ship out in a day or two and the cost is $100. All you have to do is call the number on the website for ordering parts! There is a fair amount of info you need about your model, etc. You can find it all on the bottom of your glider or ottoman.

4| Our Doula

I'm so thankful for our doula. There have been a few emotional and physical bumps in the road with my pregnancy, this past week. She has helped me not lose my mind, given me some amazing perspective, and most importantly given me a safe space to talk and be heard.

I had to reschedule our meeting this weekend because of something we already had on our schedule that I forgot about.
I blame it on pregnancy brain.
But, I'm excited to tell you guys all about the questions I'm planning to ask her and why! I'll have that post up next week! Stay tuned.

5| I'm in love with this toddler dress!

From this shop.

Aria needs this. Obviously.

Enjoy your weekend!

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