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Monday, September 14, 2015
It's Monday...again. It seems like Monday just keeps coming. Someone should do something about that.

Aria turned 2 this weekend! We celebrated by taking a trip to the aquarium during the day and buying 1532 turtle stuffed animals. Just kidding. She only got 2. Okay, fine...3.

Aside from the turtles, I think her favorite part was petting the jelly fish.

Then we spent the evening partying down with her Grandparents. She was shoving fistful's of cake into her mouth. I think she enjoyed it.

Were having her birthday party with all of her little friends this coming weekend and she's very excited. She's 2 and she has 3 times as many friends as I do. I need to get out more.

Something really strange happened on Thursday night. Suddenly Aria developed a fear of being alone in her room in the dark. It was so surprising because she's always so comfortable just going to sleep by herself, in her room.

We went through our normal bedtime routine (bath, books, songs) and when we went to put her in her bed, she panicked. She said she was scared of the shadows and of the window.

I think I know what the culprit was. She saw an episode of Daniel Tiger that day, where it storms and the kids are afraid of the storm. Particularly the shadows and the window. The parents are trying to show the kids that there's nothing to be afraid of, and that it's just a storm. It wasn't particularly scary, her age, her imagination is running wild, and I think that episode was just enough to spark this.

What's up with that Daniel Tiger? You're supposed to be our friend!

Thursday and Friday night she was very scared. We talked about how her room is a safe place, and we investigated all of the "scary" things. We also talked about if she needs mommy or daddy, all she has to do is call out and we will be right there. She was just so terrified.
We let her sleep in our bed.

Saturday night got a little better. She went to sleep laying next to me, in our bed. Then I put her into her own bed. She did wake up halfway through the night and ask to come back. But it was progress.

Last night was even better. She went to sleep in her own room (with me there) and stayed until the wee hours of this morning. Now she is actually still asleep, which is unheard of.

This weekend I couldn't help but think about how I'm also scared when I'm alone in our room at night and PJ is away. Sometimes being alone in the dark can be scary. Take your time kiddo.

But not too much time...I don't really want to share my Snoogle anymore ;)

I have been craving fruit lately...and almond butter...

Sliced banana, sliced macintosh apple, TJ's raw almond butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Mmmm.

I'm going a little crazy because I haven't run in a week. My pelvis will not stay in place and it's killllling me. It feels like knives stabbing me in my lower back, all the way down to my butt and sometimes my legs.

Since I haven't been running, I've been on the elliptical and strength training a lot. Most day's the elliptical doesn't give me any grief. I think because the movement is different and it's softer at the joints.

I'm dying to run though. I even dreamt about running last night.

Enjoy your Monday friends. I'll be busy planning my come back run.

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  1. Tami - I haven't logged into my blog (or really checked out any others!) since sometime back in 2014, but your blog was always one of my favorites. I just saw that you are expecting (congrats!!) and that your daughter just turned two!! I remember following along your first pregnancy and now she is two! I had a little girl back in March and I'm planning to start blogging again, if only to remember everything because it goes by so fast! Hope you are well!

    1. Hi Caroline! Congratulations on your little girl! That's awesome. Thanks so much for the sweet comment. I used to love reading your blog also! It was one of my favorites! It's so funny how lives have changed for the both of us. I can't wait to start reading, when you start blogging again!


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