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Friday, September 18, 2015
It's finally here!!! Friday!!! If I weren't pregnant, I would have started happy hour by now.
Instead, I'm drinking Kombucha.

...Not the same.

Aria came into our room at 4:30 this morning to tell me "Ma, I got boogie".

"Okay sweetie. Well where is it?"
"In my nose."

She woke me up to pick a booger out of her nose.
I live a glamorous life.

I'm excited to share that Aria is now in her big girl bed! When things got all screwy because of that Daniel Tiger storm episode, that scared the bejesus out of her...we took the opportunity to move her out of the crib. We figured that she was scared to be in her crib alone anyways, so we should just go for it. Aria does really well with redirection too, which is another reason we felt we had found the perfect opening.

I think we timed it really well because it took the focus off of her being scared and instead she became excited. It also gave her the ability to get out of her bed if she wakes up and she get's scared.

Overall, the transition has gone great. Of coarse there have been a few bumps...but I think that's to be expected with the new found freedom she has. She goes to sleep in her bed every night (with help from mommy or daddy) and sleeps there most of the night.

Luckily her naps have picked up right where they left off.
Queue me bowing down, thankfully, to the universe for Aria's long naps, because I neeeeed those hours!

I'm going to do a whole post on our transition to her big girl bed, how we did it, our bumps in the road, and how we got into a good rhythm, after she has been in there a bit longer and the transition period is over.

My Dad and Stepmom are driving up today, for the weekend. I'm so excited! I have an awesome family. We like to get together, enjoy each others company, indulge in good food (especially anything involving Maryland crabs), and engage in the occasional healthy debate. It's always a good time.

Aria and I have been waiting very impatiently, all day. We had a picnic snack this morning, in the back yard, while Harper chased birds.

And she wanted to show off her shark, elephant and turtle finger puppets for a picture.

Well, I'm off to prep my running gear for when my family get's here. Because guess who was cleared to run!!!

And yes, I am one of those people who hands my kid over to guests as soon as they arrive, just so I can sneak out on a run. Please come visit me! :)

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