30 Weeks

Friday, October 16, 2015
It's Friday!!! You know it's going to be a good day when Target gives you a pleasant surprise first thing! Aria and I had to make a quick run to get dog food and as we checked out, the cashier handed me a $5 gift card for Starbucks!

What!!! Thanks lady! You have no idea how much I was craving this decaffeinated vanilla latte treat!!!


Here we are...30 weeks pregnant and I'm feeling good!

Black is slimming, right?

Baby size: 15.7in, the size of a cabbage

Weight gained: 23 pounds

Overall: I feel so good lately! As I mentioned in yesterdays post on core work during pregnancy, my pelvis is healing so well. Being fully functional is really doing wonders for morale around here.

I've been working so hard and after weeks it's finally paying off. THAT is a good feeling.

Symptoms: Heartburn like a beast.
I'm still retaining water and puffy in the cheeks. I'm thinking that's just going to be the way things are from here on out. I looked through my third trimester pictures from my pregnancy with Aria and I was pretty puffy.
I'm also having Braxton Hicks contractions like it's my job! All day long! Especially when we walk Harper.

My varicose veins are getting worse. From my pelvis down, they are everywhere. The back of my entire right knee area is purple with varicose and spider veins. And they ache...mostly in the evening. With the baby getting heavier and putting more pressure down there, most of the time I feel like I've been punched in the vagina.
But you know what....I'm okay with it as long as my pelvis continues feeling this good!

Cravings: Cereal. Especially at night. I've been having a bowl of cereal after dinner almost every night. Also, peanut butter and banana with almond milk. Yesterday I craved sautéed spinach and broccoli, which was a relief after all of these peanut butter and cereal cravings.

Aversions: Nothing new.

Belly Button: Full on outie status!!!

Weird thing I cried about this week: I was looking around on Facebook last weekend and saw the new music video for Brothers Osborne. (I went to high school with these boys.) While I was watching the video I got overwhelmed with emotion and started crying because I was just so happy for them! Mind you, I haven't seen these guys in oh, about 15 years, so it's not like were buddies or anything. But the whole thing just made me so emotional.

Exercise: My pelvis is healing beautifully. I'm so happy and a little surprised. With how bad the pain was and how quickly it was becoming misaligned after adjustments, in addition to the fact that my midsection would continue to put on weight and the relaxin would keep flowing, I was sure that it was a permanent part of this pregnancy.
After 6 weeks of adjustments almost daily, core work, and yoga, I just feel so good.

My fitness routine right now is prenatal yoga in the morning, followed by core work. I take Aria and Harper on 2, two mile walks per day. Plus there's chasing around Aria all day.

Things I worry about at night: Being able to give enough attention to two kids. I worry that one will feel less loved.

Breastfeeding- We had some struggles with Aria, which resulted in me Exclusively Pumping for her. While I was thankful to have that option so I could give her breastmilk, it wasn't ideal. You can read about my breastfeeding and pumping experiences here:

All Things Boobs {A Breastfeeding Post}
Another Boob Post

Since having Aria I have done a lot more research on breastfeeding than I did last time, taken classes and trainings, and worked with helping others learn to breastfeed. I'm hoping this time we will be successful.

Enjoy your Friday everyone!

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