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Tuesday, October 6, 2015
Good morning friends! Were up bright and early making breakfast and playing with puzzles. Aria's generally up around 6:00 most mornings, lately. I'd love for her to sleep just a little later, to give me time to get up, workout and shower before she get's up. But, as a fellow early bird...I can't blame her.

For breakfast today we threw together a tofu scramble with some melon.

Mmm mmm mmm.

Really quick...check out this sandwich. It was so good. I'm still thinking about it.

I made panini's for dinner last night and it was the best decision of this pregnancy. Sometimes the simplest dinners are the best! I have been doing Soup and Big Sandwich Monday for the past 2 weeks. The family loves it and so do I because it's a pretty quick dinner.

Then 2 hours later I ate an entire cantaloupe by myself. Good thing I bought 2 from the store or else there wouldn't have been any for today's breakfast anyone else to enjoy.

I also ate an entire bag of brussels sprouts by myself last week.

I fear I'm growing a 10 pound baby. I guess we won't really know for another 11 or so weeks...

I'm missing hard workouts like you wouldn't believe. But, I also respect my body and what it needs right now.
This. All of this right now.

I've been taking each day as it comes and adapting to my new (current) normal, regarding fitness. I'm a far cry from where I like to be fitness-wise and from where I thought I would be this pregnancy. This pregnancy and this pelvic injury have taught me a lot so far.

I've spent so many years pushing, pushing and pushing, and not taking the time to rest and reflect. Everything with my body was always hard and fast paced because that's how I loved it.

Now my body and this baby are telling me to slow down and show some respect.

While the first couple of weeks were really hard to accept, I've found a new perspective that helps me make sense of this.

Rather than letting all of the things I can't do, get the best of me, and drag me down into that dark dark place...I'm choosing to concentrate on the positive and strong parts of this journey.

I've started practicing yoga every day...something I've wanted to start for such a long time. In the past I always tried to start a yoga practice and then stopped very quickly, because I didn't have the patience to continue. While I knew it could help me tremendously with running and triathlon...and even keep me from injury...it felt way too slow and I would rather swim, bike or run. So I did. I just couldn't appreciate it yet. I also think mentally and emotionally I wasn't in a place where I felt comfortable going slow.

After having Aria I wanted to start, to re-strengthen my body. But I frivolously jumped right back into the hard stuff, because my ego was sure that my body was strong enough and that I could handle it. Which it did for a while. I didn't focus at all on rebuilding my core and jumped right back into running as soon as possible...which was soon.

Back then, I didn't have the knowledge, experiences and education I do now, nor did I have the respect that I do now about pregnancy and the postpartum body. Now I'm paying for that.

Here I am, in a perfect place to start building a yoga practice and appreciating everything I can learn from yoga. I'm starting slow, without my ego, without feeling the need to compete, right at the beginning...where I'm supposed to be. And it feels right.

I'm getting in touch with my body on a whole new level. I can feel my muscles moving, stretching and being nourished. This is what I need right now. This is what Zoe needs. This is what my body needs.

After the baby is born I will intertwine yoga with running. Together, the two can compliment each other incredibly well and make me a stronger athlete.
I'm older and wiser this time around. I don't want to just come back quickly. I want to come back smarter and stronger. I want to know my body, and give it what it needs to perform...rather than just focusing on what I want.

As much of a fight as I've put up, with this injury, I'm actually thankful to find myself here.

"Hold the vision
Trust the process."

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