Baby Two {What I'll Do Differently}

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Happy Tuesday Friends! Today is a very exciting day. Yesterday at my chiropractic appointment I was cleared to run 1 mile today, as a test!!! This is a VERY big deal. It has been 6 weeks since I've been able to run any distance whatsoever. Not to mention, just a few weeks ago we weren't sure if I would run again during this pregnancy! Big day guys, big day!

I can't wait to let you know how it goes!

With Zoe on the way in just a couple of months, (where has this year gone), I've been thinking about things we will do differently this time around. Then, I read a post on another blog I love, A Healthy Slice of Life, where Brittany talked about what she will do differently with her second baby. So I felt inspired to write about our plans.

I don't mean do things differently in a way that we made any colossal mistakes in any of our choices with Aria. What I mean is now that we are experienced (Haha...I actually laughed a little when I wrote that). There are things that we know we want to do this time and things that we will leave out of the equation.

Zoe is her own baby. I can already tell she has a different personality from Aria, just by the way she moves, and her patterns, inside the womb. I'm sure there will be a lot of things we do differently, without planning or thinking about them, just to meet the needs of this completely different baby. And we have a toddler now, which changes our circumstances as well.
There will also be some things that she is drawn to and needs, that will be similar to Aria, because they are both cut from the same cloth.

Things we will do the same: 

Freezing Meals. I will prep and freeze crockpot meals a few weeks before Zoe is born. This was a life saver with Aria. I prepped and froze 20 crockpot meals the month before my due date. Between those and the food people brought over, it was one less thing we had to think about for the first few weeks!

Breastfeeding. I will breastfeed again {or pump}. Hopefully this time around we don't run into the same struggles as with Aria, which led to me exclusively pumping. But if we do, I am prepared to pump for her as well. We have a lot of great support for breastfeeding, in hopes that we can be successful this time around.

Co-sleep. Zoe will sleep in our room. We don't have a time limit for how long we let babies stay in our room. Aria was tough when it came to sleep. She needed the comfort of being close to me, in order to sleep, for a long time. And when she slept happy...guess who else slept happy. So we let her stay in our room as long as was necessary. It became obvious when it was time for her to move to her room, and it was a much easier transition than I thought it would be. With Zoe we will do the same. Once she shows signs of being comfortable enough to be in her own room, then we will consider moving her.

Babywearing. I loved wearing Aria. I have so many great memories of Pj and I both wearing her. As a newborn Aria had bad reflux, and wearing her helped soothe her tremendously. With our breastfeeding struggles, I also felt that wearing her gave us that bonding time we were missing out on. As she got older, it was just more comfortable and convenient for both of us. I actually didn't even use her stroller until becoming pregnant this time around (when Aria was a year and a half). There are a ton of benefits to babywearing for baby and mom as well!

Things we will do differently: 

Letting go. I will not stress or feel guilty if I struggle with breastfeeding. The mom guilt got to me big time with Aria. When our breastfeeding struggles we at their height, she was going on nursing strikes for entire days, because of my oversupply. I didn't have the support or knowledge to really understand what was going on. That coupled with the hormones was a disaster waiting to happen. I experienced a lot of guilt and sadness around our struggles. I couldn't sleep and I cried a lot. I felt like pumping and feeding Aria with a bottle meant I was failing her.
This time I give myself permission to not feel guilty. If I have to pump, then that's what I'll do. Happily. Whatever I can give will be my best, and that's all I can ask of myself.

Cloth diaper from birth. With Aria we didn't start cloth diapering until 8 weeks. We have accumulated a stash of newborn and small diapers for Zoe, so we can start right from day 1. We love cloth diapering for a ton of reasons. One big one being cost. It has saved us a lot of money. I also love the environmental factor of not producing as much waste...because that's how I roll. Aria has also never had a diaper rash in cloth. The handful of times she has gotten them, was when she was in a disposable. Our favorite clothe diapers are Charlie Banana.

We won't buy as much "stuff". For Aria we bought everything. If it was on a list somewhere, we got it. We were totally set. Then when Aria came, we quickly realized we didn't need 3/4 of it. The best was the expensive bassinet that I just had to have. Aria would not sleep in it. Not even one time.
This time around we are only buying necessities.

Pictures. I'll print more pictures. I took a ton of pictures when Aria was a baby, as most new parents do. But I didn't print them. We also didn't have any professional pictures done. We were so engulfed in the madness that is new parenthood that we just forgot about professional pictures that entire first year. I regret that now. We are going to have pictures taken of both Aria and Zoe together throughout the first year, this time.

Asking for help. I won't be afraid to admit if I'm struggling and I'll ask for help. I have a hard time asking for help, as many other mom's do. There's something ingrained in us that makes us feel like we have to be able to do everything, otherwise we are a failure. I've learned that the phrase "It takes a village" really rings true to motherhood and raising children and that asking for help isn't a actually shows strength.

What did/will you do differently with baby two?

What did/will you do the same?


  1. I love this list! Sounds like you are all ready for baby #2! I think the biggest thing that was different with baby number two was the attitude. Just being more relaxed, and like you posted, not feeling guilty over things that you can't control with breastfeeding, which is SO much harder than anyone tells you! I'll have to try the freezer meals if we go for #3, that sounds like a life saver!

    1. Thanks Amber! Yes, the guilt is crazy! The freezer meals were such a life saver. The best part about crockpot meals is you can make them as healthy as you would like and the options are limitless...unlike with take out.


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