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Monday, October 26, 2015

Good morning!

I can't believe this is the last week of October! Halloween is just a few days away and I don't even have a costume. For shame!

One of my favorite things that PJ and I had in common when we first met, was our shared love of Halloween. We both used to go all out planning and creating, months in advance for our costumes. We would plan a huge halloween party, spend months making decorations and then seriously partying down.

The last big Halloween year we had was 2012. I dressed up as The Corpse Bride and I spent 2 whole months making my costume!

Now, things are so busy, all of that has fallen to the wayside. It makes me sad to think about it. Hopefully next year we can get our act together and make something great happen! I'd love to start having the annual Halloween parties again.

Okay, enough of the depressing talk. Here are some things I'm loving this past week:

1. That Aria cannot get enough of smelling these roses PJ gave me.

She also keeps saying "Daddy give Mommy the flowers.", which is adorable. Now that we have a daughter, I love the little things PJ does even more than I already did (which I didn't think was possible). I love that she see's him do little things for me to show his love. Like giving me flowers, or stopping me, as I frantically hustle through the house to get things done, to give me a long long hug and to tell me he appreciates me. She's watching and learning about relationships.

2. Dr. Aria is constantly checking to make sure all members of the family are healthy. When she decides someone is not, she goes into her kitchen, makes a plate of pretend food and tea, and says "Here, this make you feel better."
I die.

3. This article:

52 Thoughts You Have Watching Hocus Pocus as an Adult

So on point!

4. This salad I had for dinner Saturday night:

Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Red Cabbage, Apple, Carrots and Tofu.

5. This prenatal yoga flow:

6. This article: 5 Pregnancy Exercise Myths Debunked and the 3 Most Important Muscles to Workout During Pregnancy. 

7. Daydreaming about getting back into racing shape after pregnancy. I'm really excited to start working hard again and to use everything I've learned about postnatal recovery and fitness, on myself. I feel like experiencing it first hand, especially while coming back from this pelvic injury, is going to give me even more tools and understanding for my postnatal fitness clients and for my awesome readers!

8. This nail polish color:

Essie: Chinchilly

9. This picture of PJ and Aria:

10. And The Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Station on Pandora.

Especially when it plays my jam.

What are you loving lately? 


  1. LOVE that your daughter is learning what she should expect in a relationship by watching you and your husband. It's so, so important for young girls to learn that asap! I have a boy, and I plan on showing him how a husband should treat his wife in the same way!

    1. Thanks Morgan! I agree that it's so important to teach both boys and girls how to treat the other person in a relationship!
      I saw on your blog that you are expecting! Congratulations!!!


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