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Wednesday, October 7, 2015
It's about 6:30am when Aria and I get moving downstairs.

But first, coffee.

I know, I know. The phrase "But first, coffee" doesn't hold much ground when you're drinking decaf.

While making coffee Aria requests coconut milk yogurt for breakfast.

I make myself toast with avocado, salt and pepper.
I even get to eat about 60% of it, before Aria pops her head over and starts asking if she can "try" it. A little tip...if Aria asks you to "try" something of means she wants to eat it. All of it.

After breakfast it's about 7:30. I have no idea where that hour went. We fit in 2 short yoga video's together. Which actually means Aria spent the whole time showing off with her planks and push ups, while I did yoga.

I have been doing 20 minutes of yoga in the morning, with Aria, and 30 minutes in the evening after she goes to bed. This instructor, Katy Appleton has 10 minute prenatal yoga video's on YouTube. They're perfect for someone like me who doesn't always have a huge chunk of time to do a full class, and has to break it up through the day.

This morning we did Episode 1 and 2.

After yoga it's around 8:15. How did 20 minutes of yoga take 45 minutes? No idea.
We were rushing to get ready so we could make it out the door to Aria's Wednesday Toddler class.

But before we go upstairs Aria has to give Harper a hug.

There's something about being short on time that makes toddlers suddenly want to play with every. single. toy. that they own, right at that minute. Especially the ones they haven't even touched in 6 months.

On our way out the door we saw a dead squirrel in front of our driveway. Aria was yelling "Hey! Sqoorl. Wake up!"

We loaded ourselves into the car (it took less than 45 minutes today), but not before Aria made sure she didn't drop any of her precious buttons she has been carrying around.

Per usual, she had a blast at class and exerted a ton of energy!

After class (10:15) we headed to our favorite family owned deli to replenish our food stores. Aria had some fruit and some plain noodles. Because plain noodles is how she rolls...this week.

I had a wheat wrap with spinach, mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, pickles, jalapeƱos and mayo.

Once we got home it was about 11:45. We took Harper out on a 2 mile walk. The weather was perfect and we saw a lot of other dogs, which Aria and Harper both enjoyed.

After our walk, it was noon. We unwound with an episode of Daniel Tiger before Aria's nap.

That was our morning!

What do your Wednesday look like?

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