Wednesday Surprise

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Good afternoon friends! It's Wednesday and we're partying down with a big dose of yoga, some light core work and squats today. Per usual, Aria is showing off her planking skills and some of her gymnastics moves, while I try to concentrate very hard on keeping balanced with my massive belly.

I'm telling you...don't be surprised if in 10 or so weeks you see a post titled "Surprise...Undiagnosed Twins!" It feels like there is just so much baby in there. ....Too much even.

Today's core work was primarily stabilizing exercises to help maintain my pelvis in it's proper place. Yes you read that correctly! My pelvis is holding steady thanks to some very effective core work and my super chiropractor! I've been cycling through a handful of simple, quick exercises each day, coupled with prenatal yoga, and my body is happy!

Wednesday is our busy day and today is no exception. Aria has her class in the morning, then we head to our favorite deli for lunch, walk the dog, nap time, chiropractor, Grandmas house for Pizza Wednesday, walk the dog again and then bath and bed.

I have no idea where the day goes. Plus, now that I'm into the third trimester, I'm getting tired again. Which means, every day when I lay down with Aria for her nap...I fall asleep.
Yes, the sleep is good...but so are the million things I usually get done during that time.

This morning when we were at Aria's toddler class, I ran into a former birth client of mine. I was her doula for her second baby, a few months ago. I generally don't see clients again after the first couple of weeks after the baby is born. It was so wonderful to see and her and her sweet baby.

We talked about how she is doing and reminisced about her birth experience. We had a few laughs and shared lots of hugs and smiles.

It was such a beautiful surprise to see her.

Well, we are off to the chiropractor. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about Core Exercises During Pregnancy!

And next week I'll be breaking down my Preparing for Birth post into a few parts, going into detail about what all of that information means, how to make your birth plan and choosing the right care provider for you!

Happy Wednesday!

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