10 Reasons to Love Squats + A Quick Squat Workout

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Good morning! How is everyone adjusting to daylight savings time? We're hanging in there. It has definitely thrown a bit of a wrench in our routine.
As much as I love 4am wake ups and all.

I do like that it feels like the real deal start of the fall and winter season. I'm one of those crazy people who loves the cold months.

Aria actually did her first race in the cold. Granted, she was in my uterus and I was only 6 weeks pregnant...but we rocked that 15 degree snowy day like nobody's business.

Bring on the scarves, hats, hot chocolate, chili and the fireplace!

It's no secret that I love squats. I talk about them all the time and I do them every day. There are so many benefits to doing squats as part of your fitness routine! They're one of few movements that activate your entire body.

10 Reasons to Love Squats

1. Improve circulation by getting the blood pumping in your entire body.

2. Fantastic exercise for your core because they activate the muscles from every angle.

3. Build strength and power in your glutes, hamstrings and quads, which helps with stabilization and speed.

4. Improves mobility in your hips and ankles, which will reduce lower back and knee pain.

5. Help you improve your posture, because they engage your lower and upper trapezius and rhomboids (upper back muscles).

6. They're a functional exercise for every day tasks.

7. Help you to maintain mobility as you age.

8. A workout for your entire body. There are few exercises that engage the entire body the way that squats do.

9. Increased pelvic floor muscle strength.

10. Build muscle to stabilize hips and pelvis, preventing injury.

And one more for good luck...

11. Full range squats help promote digestion. Hooray for regularity ;)

When I'm short on time, and I have to pick and choose just one workout to do, I usually pick a squat workout. This one is quick, you don't need any equipment, and can be done anywhere. Even holding a baby.
Ask me how I know.

Although, I'd recommend the first time you do it, not holding a baby, to get a feel for the different squats and gauge you're balance.

Links are provided for each type of squat.

Quick I Love Squats Workout

Links: Regular Squat, Sumo Squat, Plie Squat Pulse, Side Squat

Depending on the time you have and your fitness level, repeat 1-3 times in a row, taking a minute or so, to rest between each complete round. I also suggest starting with one round of the exercises and then check in with yourself to see how you are feeling.

Modifications can be made for this workout if needed. 
If you are newer to squats, or you are struggling with your balance, a piece of furniture can be used for stabilization. Many times the back of a chair a counter is a good height. 
If you want to make it harder, you could always add in some weight for the sumo squats. 

Have fun with your squats today!

What's your favorite exercise when you're short on time? 

Do you prefer the cold months?


  1. Squats are one of my favorite exercises - pinned it so I'll have this later.

    1. I love squats too! I hope you enjoy the workout!!! :)


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