10 Steps to Happy SAHM

Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Happy Tuesday! How is everyone doing this week before Thanksgiving? I can't even believe were already almost to Thanksgiving. You know what that means though, don't you? That means next Friday I am free to get our Christmas Tree and start decorating! 

Today I started the day with some yoga and stretching. My whole body feels so tight and so crowded. Especially in my hips! It almost feels like all of my flexibility is gone right now. 

This feels heavenly on my hips, my pelvis, my back and my tail.
My body is doing so much amazing work right now and I'm trying to give it exactly what it needs. But the limitations can be tough to swallow. Especially during the third trimester when things seem to change daily. 
All of this change is indicative of the vibrant little girl who is growing inside me right now. I try to remind myself of that daily...especially when my body starts blowing up with water, like a balloon. 

Transitioning from being the person I worked 31 years to become, into the person I never knew I was meant to be, was the biggest change of my entire life. It's an amazing, all encompassing, fearfully beautiful transformation to become a mother.

A big part of this change, for me, was becoming a stay at home mom. 

I went back to work after Aria was born, like planned. I took my 12 week maternity leave and went back to a job that was very meaningful to me. As the weeks passed, I started feeling a pull to be at home. It got stronger and stronger. Long story short, the stars aligned and PJ and I were met with the decision of whether I work or stay home. After weighing our options we decided I would leave my job and stay home full time. 

Transitioning into being a stay at home mom felt very natural in many ways, because I wanted it so badly. So many parts of it were so beautiful and felt so meaningful. I also really embraced the organizational parts of being the main person who kept the house running, because I enjoy that type of stuff. 
But, there were also some big learning curves. After the dust and excitement settles, it can be lonely, heavy and monotonous, at times. 

Over the past year home I've learned a lot about myself through this big transition. I've learned about how to balance both myself and being mommy. When the day's become challenging, refocusing on these things can help me get back to that place where things feel beautiful and meaningful again...or at the very least, a little less insane. 

1. Get dressed every day. 
Every morning I get dressed, put on a little make up and do my hair. Just taking time to take care of myself and feel good about how I look, helps remind me that while I'm mommy, I'm also a beautiful, ass kicking woman. 

And just incase you're wondering...workout clothes do count as getting dressed. As long as you feel good in them...rock whatever makes you feel sassy. I actually feel best when I'm wearing running or yoga tights, a top and a pair of toms. 

2. Make the bed.
I can't give any concrete evidence for why this helps...but it makes such a huge difference on how I feel about the day. Just try it. It's so helpful. 

3.  Have a plan.
This is a huge one for me. We have a weekly plan that we stick to pretty well. Our schedule consists of one consistent activity per day. This way the day doesn't just go by in a blur without really accomplishing anything. Also, just that little bit of structure is helpful for both Aria and I. She knows that on Mondays she can expect the library class. If it's Thursday she goes to gymnastics. Etc. Etc. 
There is still plenty of open time during the days to make last minute plans, run errands, go to the grocery store and get other things done. Or even to just decide to snuggle and watch a movie. But just having that one consistent activity can really break up the days and the week.  

Here is our weekly "schedule":
Monday: Library Class
Tuesday: My Gym Class
Wednesday: Pizza Wednesday at Grandparents
Thursday: Gymnastics
Friday: Play Date

4. Get out of the house.
In addition to our weekly plan, I try to get us out of the house as much as possible. This serves a few purposes.

It breaks up the long days. We have fun experiences together. We interact with and meet new people.
The house stays cleaner when we are out. Sometimes when we're having one of those "tough" days, just a change of scenery can make a huge difference. It also gives us a chance to get creative. Aria LOVES having a choice between two things... so I can come up with 2 options of things for us to do, and she get's to pick. She is always tickled with getting to "pick" what we do.

Here are some of the random things we get out of the house to do. I'm big on not spending money, so as often as possible, we opt for something free.

Park - Sometimes the park down the street, sometimes we will drive to another town to find a new park.

Petco - It might sound silly, but we have a blast in Petco. Aria loves looking at the fish and turtles. We also always see friendly dogs with their owners. The employees know us and are so nice. We finish up the trip picking out treats from the treat bar, for the dogs. It ends up costing about $3 at most.

Library - There is a library the next town over that has an awesome play area.

Walk - We take walks around the neighborhood looking for animals.

Visit - Grandma at work.

Beach - Now that the weather is colder, we bundle up and walk the boardwalk.

Feed the ducks - If you live near any water, this is a fun activity that never get's old for toddlers.

Walk the mall - We go before the mall opens and start at one end, and walk to the other. Sometimes we wear our colorful track suits, just like the ladies who walk the mall. Before 10am, the mall is empty, so we can walk, run, be silly and most importantly...get energy out ;)

5. Use nap time for yourself.
I used to spend Aria's nap time cleaning and getting things done around the house. Then I started to realize that was literally the only time of the day that I was alone, not taking care of anyone. Now I use nap time for myself. I relax, drink some kombucha, surf the internet, blog, do yoga.

I need this time for myself. It helps keep me balanced and reminds me to take care of myself. 

I clean the house throughout the day, while Aria is awake. She want's to help, and I welcome the help...although it makes things go a little slower. I think it also helps her learn a little of responsibility, rather than growing up thinking things magically end up done. 

6. Keep a planner.
Although my to do list is constantly, incredibly long, I still find that keeping a planner and writing it all out, allows me to let go of some of weight that I would otherwise be carrying. Throughout the day I check my planner, cross of what we've accomplished, and make progress on what needs to be done. Rarely does a day result in everything being crossed off. But just seeing the progress that was made, is inspiring.

Not to mention, being in charge of the families appointments, events, and finances, it just helps me keep my head on straight. 

7. Get moving.
Getting any exercise is incredibly beneficial for the mind and body! Aside from the obvious physical benefits...exercise also helps with stress and mental fatigue, it's a natural energy booster, it improves sleep, helps with focus, prevents cognitive decline, and helps you tap into creativity...just to name a few.

Now, as a busy mom, I do realize that it can sometimes be hard to get out to the gym. Because of that fact, I do a lot of workouts from home. I wake up an hour before Aria, to get in a workout. Or after she goes to bed, I spend the first 30 - 45 minutes doing some strength training, yoga or pilates. When I have an extra hand, I take those opportunities to get out of the house to the gym or for a run! I know the thought of giving up sleep, or that coveted alone time in the evening, sounds less than ideal...but trust me, it's totally worth it.
I am 100% more likely at my best when I get a workout in. 

8. Use the crockpot.
Using the crockpot free's up a ton of extra time in the evening. We put together the crockpot meal early in the morning (together) and then once the evening rolls around it's an easy transition to dinner time. It also saves on dishes to be done. If you're looking for some of our favorite crockpot recipes, check out this post Fav Fall Crockpot Recipes.

9. Straighten up before going to bed at night. 
Sometimes this is the last thing I want to do after a long ass day...but it is one of the best things I can do to ensure that we start off the day on a positive note. I take 20 minutes at the end of the night to buzz around the house and straighten everything up. It makes waking up and starting the day so much nicer, when I walk downstairs to a clean house and an empty sink.

I feel much more ready to tackle the day when it doesn't start with me mentally adding things to my "to do" list, as I walk through the house first thing in the morning! 

10. Have something that excites you. 
It's important to have something just for you. Some sort of outlet to express yourself. For me it's blogging and teaching/personal training in fitness, health and wellness.

I absolutely love writing, sharing, and creating on this blog!
I also love being able to help women find their healthy place through fitness, wellness and food. To help them find the tools to be empowered to make the decisions that are right for them! It's no secret that I truly believe in the extraordinary strength of women and I am so passionate about using that strength to be the best version of ourselves...and kick a little ass along the way.

How do you manage things as a SAHM?

How was your transition to being home? 


  1. All of these tips are spot on! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for reading :)

  2. So much yes to ALL of this! I never ever used to make the bed, but now that I spend the vast majority at home, passing by our room and seeing a messy bed really brings me down. It's such a simple mess to clean! Also, nap time should always equal mommy time. Yesterday I spent almost an hour and a half on the phone with the insurance company, rushed my lunch and then Ryan woke up and the day felt SO long and I felt really overwhelmed.

    1. Ugh! I hate when that happens!!! There should be a universal rule that when you have to make non personal phone calls, your kid automatically sleeps that much longer!

  3. Love your blog! Miss you lots! My CCG partner­čś× Sounds like you really have this "Mom" job down pat, although I always knew you would! Although my baby is now 13 (yes-time flies-enjoy ALL of the moments !). And I learned the make the bed thing from my mom ! Even if I don't have time to clean as much due to work or back pain... I ALWAYS MAKE THE BED!! Just something about getting into a fresh made bed! Would love to see you one of these days. I'll text you. Usually Thursday morning is best for me!! xoxo

    1. Thanks Chris :) I miss you guys too!!! Those fresh made beds are the bomb :) Yes, let's get together!!!!


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