34 Weeks

Monday, November 16, 2015
Good morning! How was everyones weekend? Ours was nice...but a little funky. We have a cold running through our house. While PJ and I can tough it out, it has knocked Aria on her butt. She's pretty miserable. Poor thing. 
We've been having lots of soup and lots of rest. 

The good news is it should have moved it's way though the house and out, by Thanksgiving. 
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Baby's size: 17.75 inches, the size of a cantaloupe. I'd be willing to bet, this beast is actually the size of a litter of puppies.

Weight gained: 27 pounds. With Aria I gained 33 pounds total. I think I'll be surpassing that this time. I have a healthy diet. I exercise. But man I just keep putting on the pounds.

Overall: The third trimester exhaustion has set in. Aria has been waking up a lot at night lately, as well. She's old enough now that her imagination is running wild. The minute she wakes up at night, instead of putting herself back to sleep, she tiptoes into our room, like the night stalker, and get's 2 inches from my face to start whispering "Mommy". I'll pull her up into our bed to see what's going on. Sometimes she yammers on about something on her mind or a dream she had. Then boom, she's asleep again. Occasionally I'll get up and go lay with her in her bed, but most of the time I'm so tired that rolling my walrus self out of bed is out of the question.

Symptoms: Heartburn. Oh the heartburn. My breasts have started to hurt as well. I can tell that my hormones are starting to shift because of the changes in some of the things my body is producing. I know that's probably so disgusting that I just said that...but I'm just being real with ya'll.
Each time your hormones shift during pregnancy, that's one surefire way to tell.
I'm having a lot of random cramping and tightening. My uterus seems to be practicing for the big event.

Emotions: My emotions have been up and down lately. I've cried a lot more than usual about all kinds of strange things. I'm also feeling overwhelmed a lot, which is indicative of hormone shifts for me.

Cravings: Orange Juice all the time. For the first time this pregnancy, I actually asked PJ to go out to get something to satisfy a craving. I just couldn't go on another minute without a giant glass of orange juice on Saturday night.
I've also been craving eggs benedict.

Aversions: The smell of parmesan cheese.

Exercise: My exercise has changed the past week. I mentioned the other day that I had a funky run. The baby has had a bit of a growth spurt and that put my body over the edge. On my run, last Wednesday, I started having contractions. Real contractions that started in my uterus and extended down into my legs. I stopped running and walked back to my in-laws. PJ and I sat outside together, while I breathed and centered my mind...and drank a lot of water. After a few minutes they subsided.

I've replaced runs with walks. Lots of walking. I'm still doing yoga, strength training and pilates regularly.

My body feels so big and really stiff right now. Stretching and yoga feel the best during this stage of change. Aside from whatever my workout is during the day, I also stretch before bed.

Movement: Zoe moves like crazy. She is so much more active than Aria was, and I thought Aria was very active. Her butt is up so high, and she's constantly kicking and punching. Sometimes it feels like she's doing her own triathlon in there.
I may or may not have daydreams of Aria, Zoe and I doing triathlons together in 15 years.

Nursery: Zoe's room is finally coming together. We moved the furniture in this weekend. Aria was very excited to help. She brought in her little wooden tool kit and helped PJ put the crib together. When they were finished, she even brought her pillow and one of her blankets in for Zoe. It was so sweet.

Intuition? I don't know what it is...but I just have a "feeling" about this baby. I think the feeling may be that she will come early. Obviously I'm not completely sure... It's something though. She's up to something.

I had a "feeling" when I was pregnant with Aria, as well, and it ended up being that she was planning to literally sprint out of my womb in less than 5 hours, a week early.

Enjoy your Monday friends. We're off to the grocery stores.


  1. Whoa scary about the contractions! I'm glad you were able to make them stop. Keep that sweet baby cooking a little bit longer! You look fantastic!

  2. I'm with you on the heartburn. I've been dealing with it pretty consistently for the past several months, but its been much stronger over the past week or two. We're both in the home stretch, and pretty soon we'll both have little babies in our arms!


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