If We Met For Lunch...

Monday, November 2, 2015

If we met for lunch today...

I'd probably order way more food than is reasonable, because I'm that hungry. This baby is burning through food at an incredible rate.
I'd also probably ask you if I could sniff your wine.

If we met for lunch today...

I'd tell you how unbelievably happy I am to sit down to a conversation with another adult. These past two weeks I've been feeling a little mom lonely. It's so interesting how you can literally never actually be by yourself, but still feel that twinge of loneliness.
It's also PJ's busy time of year at work, which means he has long hours, and when he get's home he still has some work to do. I appreciate how hard he works for our family but I miss him a lot this time of year.

I don't need much...just some good food, good conversation, and a few laughs. And to sniff your wine. So thanks for joining me!

If we met for lunch today...

I'd tell you how much fun we had on Halloween. Aria had her first trick or treating experience and it was a blast. And I'd pull out my phone to show you just ONE picture.

I'd also tell you how much I love Halloween and reminisce about our Halloween parties and costumes of past years. I'd tell you about all of the embarrassing costumes I used to wear in my younger days...and by embarrassing I mean completely inappropriate and I would die if my daughter ever tried to wear anything like that. There's nothing like those early twenties where you feel like you're hot enough shit to actually wear just underwear.
Ugh. I cringe thinking about the photo evidence.

If we met for lunch today, I'd tell you...

I made a new friend this week! There's another mom at Aria's gymnastics class that I talk to a lot and we are planning to get together with the girls, so they can play and we can chat.
When we were getting each others information I couldn't figure out how to add a contact to my phone. It has been that long since I added a new person to my phone.

If we met for lunch today, I'd tell you...

It's scary how much kids pick up on. Aria mirrors everything I do. Most things she imitates are adorable, but some really make me think twice.
Back before I was pregnant, I would always look at myself sideways in the mirror to see how I looked. In all honesty I was completely judging whether or not my mom tummy was pudging out. I would stand there looking and judging.
One day I saw her do the same thing. Obviously at a year old, she didn't really know what I was doing. But seeing her stand there sideways, patting her tummy, made me feel so sad.

That was the last time I ever did that.

That day I decided that loving myself meant loving every part of me! Even my mom tummy! I focus on how strong I am and what an amazing thing the human body is. I don't look at and judge myself from the side at myself anymore. And you know what...Aria hasn't done it either.

I've come a long way in terms of loving myself over the past 33 years...and that was the final push I needed to really start acting like it.

If we met for lunch today, I'd tell you...

Harper has started following me to the bathroom. So not only do I have a tiny human creeping on me in there...but Harper stands at the door and sticks her head in as I use the bathroom. It's like they think something amazing is going to happen in there.

If we had lunch today, I'd tell you...

That I feel like I fit perfectly in this role that I never even knew I wanted. I'd tell you that before meeting my PJ I was never sure I even wanted to have kids. I always thought I was missing that instinct. And the thought of being a stay at home mom definitely never crossed my mind.
Now here I find myself, 10 years later, and for the first time in my life I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

I'm a strong mama bear. That's who I am.

If we had lunch today, I'd tell you...

That I'm falling in love with yoga. It's challenging me and forcing me to pay attention to my body in a way that I never have before. I feel like I'm building strength in a whole new way.

If we had lunch today, I'd tell you...

That one of our lovable creatures threw up on my pillow a few days ago...but no one is talking. I'm pretty sure it was the cat. When she starts meowing in my ear at 4am and I don't immediately get up to tend to her every beckon call, she can get pretty vindictive.

If we had lunch today, I'd tell you...

That it was so awesome getting together like this and we should do it more often!

What would you want to talk about over lunch?


  1. Really lovely post, Tami. :) Love that you are such an amazing mom and are so committed to teaching your girls to love themselves. And the photo of them in their costumes is too cute! Hope your kitty is feeling better! Have a great Monday!

    1. Thanks Beth :) Our kitty is feeling much better. She's back to sticking her nose in my ear while I sleep. :) Enjoy your night!


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