38 Weeks

Monday, December 14, 2015
Monday funday is upon us. It's another two post day! Be sure to check in later for a post on connecting with your unborn baby through exercise.

How was the weekend? Ours was uneventful. The prenatal massage I was so looking forward to, was rescheduled to this coming Thursday. Other than that, there wasn't much on the docket.

When you find yourself in the last 2 weeks until your due date, your schedule tends to get a little lighter. Partially because you're hopeful you'll go early...and partially because you're too dang tired to do anything.

Baby's Size: 19.75 in, the size of a leek. I'm going to go ahead and just say it...she's the size of a newborn baby now. We no longer need to speak in vegetable terms.

Overall: Every day I feel different. Some day's I wake up feeling so good that I know there's no way she's coming anytime soon. Then other days I feel so awful that I'm sure she's coming that day. I am incredibly tired and the energetic bouts are very short lived. Chasing a toddler all day doesn't leave much time for resting, so I'm sure I'm in desperate need of rest.

Symptoms: Still a ton of cramping. I'm also still having a lot of braxton hicks contractions. I've had a couple of bouts of loose stools...which can be an indication of the shift in hormones prior to labor.

It's actually pretty interesting...the shift in hormones that brings on labor, can also affect your bowels, in order to rid your body of any waste. That way once labor starts, your body can concentrate solely on the very important task of birthing your baby.

Cravings: Smoothies. I want smoothies all day every day. More than food.

Emotions: I am incredibly emotional right now. It's a bizarre feeling because normally (when not pregnant) I'm so even keeled. I've been crying a lot and getting super frustrated with my well meaning husband a lot. I may also be a little bit irrational.

Exercise: I have gotten in a couple of short intense workouts the past few days, but I'm mostly doing stretching and yoga.

I'm really looking forward to working hard and getting back in shape.

Upcoming week: This week my Mom and step Dad come up to visit for an entire week, which I'm thrilled about. It'll be wonderful to see them, and it'll also be wonderful to have an extra couple of hands to wrangle my sweet toddler beast.

Clothes: I am really looking forward to burning all of my maternity clothes. Okay, maybe that was a little extreme. I'm just so tired of wearing maternity clothes. I cannot wait to get rid of them forever.

Last Minute Prep for Baby: Bags are packed, cosleeper is ready, both sets of parents are on standby, carseat is installed...what could possibly be left?

Making the list of things (for PJ) to remember to do/get when labor starts. Before things get rolling too intensely, there are a few things that the both of us will need to do to make sure that when it get's to be time to leave, we can just go.
When labor starts, whether it starts fast or slow, everyones adrenaline tends to ramp up. It makes it very easy to forget things. I'd like to think I'll have time to help prep everything along side PJ, but just incase I can't, it's helpful for him to know what's left to be done without having to ask.

There wasn't so much to prep last minute for our last rodeo...but since Aria will stay with either set of our parents, we have to make sure everything is ready for her to be taken care of for a day, so we don't interrupt her schedule too much. She'll have plenty of that once we bring Zoe home. There's also the placenta materials that will need to be gathered and packed. And making sure the dogs are loved and walked enough while were gone.

Maybe this will be the last weekly update...but probably not :)

See you guys later on post #2! Have a great day!


  1. I'm having similar symptoms! Feeling anxious and super excited...Wishing you all the best! Hopefully we'll meet our babes soon :)


    1. Ahhh! Thank you! When's your due date? Congratulations :)
      Yes, hopefully these babies come soon!!!

  2. You look so great!! My last two weeks with my first I did ALL THE THINGS to get him out. He came 9 days early, so something had to have worked. So smart to make a list for when things start to get crazy. My water broke (mostly) out of the blue when we weren't quite sure if I actually was in labor, and it was definitely crazy!

    1. Thanks Morgan! I'm not quite doing all the things yet...just some of the things :) Since Aria came at 39 weeks I may find myself doing EVERYTHING if she doesn't come this week.


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