Connecting With Your Baby Through Exercise

Monday, December 14, 2015

Good evening friends! This is something I've been thinking a lot about and talking with my clients about lately...the importance connecting with your unborn baby and how you can do that through exercise.

I get so excited about sharing the love, when it comes to the benefits of exercising during pregnancy. I want everyone to know how good it is for them and their baby!

The main benefits that moms hear, over and over again, revolve around decreased weight gain, easier labor and delivery, increased energy, boosting your childs intellectual and athletic potential, and positive effects on your immune system...just to name a few.

While those are so important...the one benefit that is rarely addressed is how exercising allows you to connect deeply with your unborn baby.
In the Fit for Birth Pre and Postnatal certification course I went through, we talked about this topic a lot. It's growing quickly as the world is starting to really grasp how emotional wellness is directly connected to physical and mental well being, and successful relationships in all area's of life.

This is actually one of my favorite benefits, but is often sidelined to all the other goodies.

From the moment a baby is conceived, all of the mothers thoughts, feelings and emotions are communicated through neurohormones to her unborn baby. Positive feelings and emotions have been proven to advance the physical and mental health of an unborn child. While negative feelings and stress can wire a baby to have a quick firing stress response and behavioral challenges later in life.

All of our thoughts and feelings affect baby's future coping mechanisms, behavior, stress response and baby's relationships with the world around him. Communicating an intentional sense of love contributes greatly to their development.

Exercise can be a great way to connect with your unborn baby.

1. Exercise produces endorphins, which turn into positive feelings, distributed directly to mom and baby. Additionally, those endorphins which affect mom's overall well being and attitude even after exercise, continue being directly communicated to baby throughout the day.

2. Physical exercises is a natural de-stressor and can reduce tension in the muscles, in turn reducing tension in the mind. A relaxed mind creates a relaxed home for baby.

3. Nature and fresh air naturally make us feel awake and alive. Take advantage of that and get out for a walk with your belly.

4. Exercise is a safe place for releasing frustration, stress and negative feelings. After a workout you feel good. Even beyond the endorphins, emotionally and mentally you feel clear. Whatever tension you were holding on to was released through you workout, in a healthy way, rather than bottling up and being released in an unhealthy way.

Have a great night everyone! Be sure to get moving today for yourself and for baby!

How do you like to connect with your baby? 

What's your favorite reason to exercise during pregnancy?


  1. There are so many great reasons to exercise throughout pregnancy. One of the biggest benefits for me is that its been a great outlet to release any stress from the day. I've had to really cut back over the past couple of weeks due to some complications, and its making me more eager than ever for my little guy to arrive so that I can get back to exercising more routinely.

    1. I feel you Kathryn!!! Some days I need a hard workout so bad that I could crawl out of my skin! I just can't do that at this point.
      I'm sorry to hear you are having some complications. I hope you're able to find some peace and relaxation in these last weeks. You've kicked butt through your pregnancy and you're going to do amazing afterwards!!! I think of you a lot. You're getting so close!


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