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Thursday, December 3, 2015
Happy Thursday friends. How is everyone today?

I was thinking of doing a Holiday Gift Guide post...but I honestly have no idea what to get anyone this year. I haven't even started Holiday shopping.

That's not true. I did buy my husband a card that says "Dat Ass" "I like it".
Hey. I just want to remind him.

So instead of a beautifully composed post about fabulous gifts you could buy your loved ones, I'm writing about the random happenings inside my head and around my house. It has been a while since I unloaded my crazy on you guys.

1. Sometimes I'm yearning to get back to training so intensely, that I could literally crawl out of my skin. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and respect my body and the very important work it's doing. I'm taking care to and give it what it needs right now...which seems to be limited to prenatal yoga and squats. But, I do miss serious sweat sessions. Those ones that hurt so good.

2. I'm getting really excited for launching some fun things in the New Year that I've been working very hard on!

I'll be offering online individualized personal training, individualized postnatal fitness, and health and fitness group training. The first health and fitness group training will start mid February, once I am cleared to exercise...because I'll be doing it with the group! I'm super excited! As a long time athlete and fitness lover, I truly believe that the support of your tribe is one of the huge key's to success in health and I want to be able to provide that!

The group program will include the workouts, encouragement, group motivation, health and wellness tips, fitness tips, nutrition information, and tons more. I'll be releasing more on all of these exciting upcoming additions, in the coming months.

3. These last few months I've finally reached a place where I'm doing a really good job at taking care of myself, amidst the insanity that is life. No matter how long my "to do" list is every day, or what kind of craziness we've encountered, I take time out for myself, to connect with me, and get in touch with my needs. It has become second nature, which is great because it's so important for balance.

4. I recently stocked up on all of our YL essential oil needs for the winter and the new baby. We use oils every day in our house. I started using them here and there, when Aria was born. Now we don't go a day without using them. They are so powerful and really can be used for EVERYTHING. They're my natural medicine cabinet.
I've ordered a few new ones that I didn't have when Aria was tiny and I'm really excited to try them.

5. I'm so pumped about the Ninja Blender I go on black Friday for 60% off. It's so much better than the blender we had. We've really stepped up our smoothie game with this new blender.
Expect more smoothie recipes coming your way!

6. I can't stop thinking about labor....and gasp!.... I'm kind of looking forward to it.
My last labor was fast, scary and intense. This labor will likely also be very fast and intense, but I'm hoping to eliminate (or at least dial down) the scary part.

This time around I am more experienced in birth, as a mother and as a doula, and most importantly...I have a super support team. With experience and the preparations we've made, I'm hopeful for a more peaceful and intuitive experience. I know my body and have confidence my body. I trust it to do what it is meant to do.

7. Yesterday PJ slyly put a tupperware in the sink that had been in his car for a couple of days, with the lid on...completely sealed up. I discovered it when I was doing dishes. Without a second thought, I just threw it away. Didn't even try to open that beast.

If we didn't share a bed, I'd take those gross tupperwares, that he leaves in his car and bag for days, and put them under his pillow. I just can't even deal with the smell. It kills me.
That may or may not be one of my pet peeves. :)

I hope you guys have a great day! We're headed out for gymnastics and 465 errands.

What's going on with you today? 

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